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Lightning's Blade-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Abednegoo Pantheons EliteLightning's Blade-US15621
2Hagseed HawtnessLightning's Blade-US13854Not updated
3Glazíngink Masta BuildasLightning's Blade-US13566
4Glazingink  Lightning's Blade-US13499Not updated
5Kidney General GoodsLightning's Blade-US12617Not updated
6Scraplin VanïtyLightning's Blade-US11118
7Zhoul Creeping DeathLightning's Blade-US10295Not updated
8Sabbath LatitudeLightning's Blade-US9904Not updated
9Xanlock AscendedLightning's Blade-US9412Not updated
10Joyi The WorstLightning's Blade-US9183
11Charventer Taotao MonaLightning's Blade-US8959Not updated
12Ludey DefenestrationLightning's Blade-US8942
13Lasthope Eternal RedemptionLightning's Blade-US8921Not updated
14Chanteuse So NastyLightning's Blade-US8911Not updated
15Shivnasty Creeping DeathLightning's Blade-US8764Not updated
16Rarara  Lightning's Blade-US8731
17Elisabelle Québec GoldLightning's Blade-US8680
18Swetpertater High RollersLightning's Blade-US8614
19Xiaoling Pitches Love VibratoLightning's Blade-US8605
20Coppedsteez Masta BuildasLightning's Blade-US8572
21Pawblocka HawtnessLightning's Blade-US8558
22Jorunar  Lightning's Blade-US8489Not updated
23Dalgard Oblivions GraspLightning's Blade-US8259
24Kinson ImbaLightning's Blade-US8226
25Urphate House Iron MaidenLightning's Blade-US8224
26Vallara Bara no SenshiLightning's Blade-US8219Not updated
27Kageyoshii AscendedLightning's Blade-US8058Not updated
28Vaderbear Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US8038
29Itzybitzy OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US7919
30Veyron NitrousLightning's Blade-US7880Not updated
31Craize Storm ChasersLightning's Blade-US7874
32Rellik OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US7854Not updated
33Pèachès HawtnessLightning's Blade-US7849Not updated
34Pachar DOMLightning's Blade-US7847
35Tashar Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US7678Not updated
36Sansá Zombie WarfareLightning's Blade-US7667
37Babykitten  Lightning's Blade-US7634Not updated
39Ukfaua LatitudeLightning's Blade-US7566
40Masheen ImbaLightning's Blade-US7349
41Malrune ImbaLightning's Blade-US7287
42Demolisshh UltimatumLightning's Blade-US7277
43Maxen LatitudeLightning's Blade-US7220Not updated
44Valythria infinitas lemniscusLightning's Blade-US7176Not updated
45Gaiasgift  Lightning's Blade-US7158Not updated
46Adeliandra  Lightning's Blade-US7114Not updated
47Sapha Dark LordsLightning's Blade-US7083
48Kerz Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US6981Not updated
49Hemolyze ImbaLightning's Blade-US6980
50Dragazooboo A Few Good MenLightning's Blade-US6831
51Elne HawtnessLightning's Blade-US6823Not updated
52Mikeular DOMLightning's Blade-US6820
53Zoloo MICLightning's Blade-US6810
54Milley OpLightning's Blade-US6799
55Damiean DOMLightning's Blade-US6773
56Asta The GenesisLightning's Blade-US6722Not updated
57Gallieda Québec GoldLightning's Blade-US6675
58Milfalert Boston D PartyLightning's Blade-US6671Not updated
59Lysterai The GenesisLightning's Blade-US6630Not updated
60Momokan ImbaLightning's Blade-US6621Not updated
61Pathology MICLightning's Blade-US6574
62Deilia  Lightning's Blade-US6551Not updated
63Baap AncientsLightning's Blade-US6526
64Jinkies Bara no SenshiLightning's Blade-US6523Not updated
65Vhaeraun Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US6516Not updated
66Brazengirl Guilty CrownLightning's Blade-US6504Not updated
67Hikku The Emerald DreamLightning's Blade-US6492Not updated
68Aesc HawtnessLightning's Blade-US6478
68Laeta Sleeping GiantsLightning's Blade-US6478Not updated
68Savings Sleeping GiantsLightning's Blade-US6478
68Atropos HawtnessLightning's Blade-US6478Not updated
68Savingsbank Sleeping GiantsLightning's Blade-US6478Not updated
73Slîck The WorstLightning's Blade-US6476
74Moonshades ZodiacLightning's Blade-US6436Not updated
75Lenay Bara no SenshiLightning's Blade-US6433Not updated
76Garggamel AddictedLightning's Blade-US6351
77Irontotem Phoenix LegionLightning's Blade-US6312Not updated
78Elementôs Pitches Love VibratoLightning's Blade-US6241
79Ashya OpLightning's Blade-US6235Not updated
80Jadezstorm OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US6211Not updated
81Taravi Sindorei SyndicateLightning's Blade-US6155Not updated
82Azryl Baptized ìn FireLightning's Blade-US6147Not updated
83Azazele LatitudeLightning's Blade-US6141
84Coriadin Critical MassLightning's Blade-US6103Not updated
85Trulak Los TigresLightning's Blade-US6035Not updated
86Leathercream IS RAGINGLightning's Blade-US6029Not updated
87Mekoi Creeping DeathLightning's Blade-US5979Not updated

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