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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightbringer-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Practikill CamelotLightbringer-US19272Not updated
2Chedder The GroupLightbringer-US18141Not updated
3Sheyba Crown The EmpireLightbringer-US18122Not updated
4Keldrannas Ready Set GamingLightbringer-US17632Not updated
5Nihiladra Iocaine Powder PalsLightbringer-US17543Not updated
6Smøkë Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US16882Not updated
7Bellaposh IntrigueLightbringer-US16495Not updated
8Gassad TenThousandDaysLightbringer-US16370Not updated
9Abutabah Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US15445Not updated
10Alazya Eternal ReignLightbringer-US15041Not updated
11Ultramanx No SympathyLightbringer-US14753Not updated
12Anduri No OptionsLightbringer-US14546Not updated
13Danicalo PathogenLightbringer-US14254Not updated
14Taras Hellbound AngelsLightbringer-US14123Not updated
15Wedggie Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US13935Not updated
16Lunararies The CoalitionLightbringer-US13912Not updated
17Tyneegeek Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US13902Not updated
18Amundsen Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US13837Not updated
19Nescee HeroLightbringer-US13560Not updated
20Acquiescence  Lightbringer-US13426Not updated
21Noir We Aim to MisbehaveLightbringer-US13321Not updated
22Xizong Animus InvictusLightbringer-US13280Not updated
23Impervium Animus InvictusLightbringer-US13209Not updated
24Lilac  Lightbringer-US13186Not updated
25Cychic No OptionsLightbringer-US13063Not updated
26Snarfblat The Builders of AzerothLightbringer-US13010Not updated
27Loiseinhorn Eternal ReignLightbringer-US12752Not updated
28Tiirin Faded ChaosLightbringer-US12335Not updated
29Pownce Animus InvictusLightbringer-US12296Not updated
30Kanana The Crimson CovenLightbringer-US12164Not updated
31Pathye The Warrior WithinLightbringer-US12041Not updated
32Korrenor Coffee AddictsLightbringer-US12014Not updated
33Trollmania Darkest at DawnLightbringer-US11899Not updated
34Gladysnight The LightswornLightbringer-US11882Not updated
35Adeska SeishiLightbringer-US11820Not updated
36Binjin The Crimson CovenLightbringer-US11767Not updated
37Timberwulf ForgivenLightbringer-US11762Not updated
38Fadu UndergroundLightbringer-US11666Not updated
39Quinnman Aegis of EnmityLightbringer-US11661Not updated
40Hardaman UndergroundLightbringer-US11618Not updated
41Ancientheals  Lightbringer-US11583Not updated
42Torrann AfflictionLightbringer-US11396Not updated
43Motokò EnvyUsLightbringer-US11394Not updated
44Fathe  Lightbringer-US11337Not updated
45Mutant Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US11018Not updated
46Felesity The Old FellasLightbringer-US10987Not updated
47Emilymoonz Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US10709Not updated
48Bullethead Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US10706Not updated
49Crisì DawnbreakersLightbringer-US10633Not updated
50Knobe Squeaky ToysLightbringer-US10622Not updated
51Pamzilla  Lightbringer-US10480Not updated
52Jongee  Lightbringer-US10432Not updated
53Alyxstrasza Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US10344Not updated
54Fozze VigilantiaLightbringer-US10205Not updated
55Aurlune Max ThreatLightbringer-US10159Not updated
56Midewicca  Lightbringer-US10155Not updated
57Sylvanir Social WarfareLightbringer-US10099Not updated
58Tiruos Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US10067Not updated
59Artras  Lightbringer-US10061Not updated
60Ophelea Eternal ReignLightbringer-US10002Not updated
61Teardrops ApotheosisLightbringer-US9941Not updated
62Warlor  Lightbringer-US9904Not updated
63Dotster Secret Agent ClanLightbringer-US9902Not updated
64Zyriva Risen AnarchyLightbringer-US9874Not updated
65Testakleese SeishiLightbringer-US9865Not updated
66Bikini The Crimson CovenLightbringer-US9827Not updated
67Seymourbumms Rise Of The DragonLightbringer-US9807Not updated
68Anúbis HalcyonLightbringer-US9781Not updated
69Karyu No OptionsLightbringer-US9757Not updated
70Riasea Silverdragon ClawLightbringer-US9753Not updated
71Brotherlove ToT RaidersLightbringer-US9735Not updated
72Lhuu The EvolvedLightbringer-US9719Not updated
73Eatmograpes  Lightbringer-US9683Not updated
74Bertilla  Lightbringer-US9655Not updated
75Anyhlia Party All The TimeLightbringer-US9631Not updated
76Nizard PathogenLightbringer-US9619Not updated
77Neryl The Warrior WithinLightbringer-US9611Not updated
78Evili Carebear LegionLightbringer-US9600Not updated
79Dergyn Rise Of The DragonLightbringer-US9584Not updated
80Calasaige Roll for BlameLightbringer-US9501Not updated
81Mtnwolf WreckdLightbringer-US9457Not updated
82Melanies Rising PhoenixLightbringer-US9456Not updated
83Rîpley DeorumLightbringer-US9420Not updated
84Spott  Lightbringer-US9404Not updated
85Rabid EnvyUsLightbringer-US9390Not updated
86Arthedian EnvyUsLightbringer-US9349Not updated
87Mysteriana  Lightbringer-US9327Not updated
88Homebrew AfflictionLightbringer-US9324Not updated
89Forestelf DoJLightbringer-US9284Not updated
90Bannet AeternusLightbringer-US9279Not updated
91Deemonic East Coast RaidersLightbringer-US9254Not updated
92Marrlle Silverdragon ClawLightbringer-US9241Not updated
93Wegie ExplicitLightbringer-US9235Not updated
94Muskfayv Bendy StrawsLightbringer-US9232Not updated

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