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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krag'jin-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Lexass Hellfire of DarknessKrag'jin-EU15396Not updated
2Fryda roOXxKrag'jin-EU15237Not updated
3Ðarla Kitty InvasionKrag'jin-EU14853Not updated
4Zod Kitty InvasionKrag'jin-EU14838Not updated
5Fumaro noìrKrag'jin-EU13303Not updated
6Kâh roOXxKrag'jin-EU12902Not updated
7Milkywày CarrierKrag'jin-EU12855Not updated
8Blûm adrenalinKrag'jin-EU12773Not updated
9Xarda Twink UnionKrag'jin-EU11095Not updated
10Emofee Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU10507Not updated
11Gloinus  Krag'jin-EU10270Not updated
12Lazerowl Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU9480Not updated
13Kartoffelkop Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU9386Not updated
14Warmaid  Krag'jin-EU9332Not updated
15Rokerij Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU9247Not updated
16Stinkér Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU9235Not updated
17Kîerkegaard Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU9090Not updated
18Clard The GateKrag'jin-EU9089Not updated
19Wolfsherz I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU9034Not updated
20Bulliline CatacylismenKrag'jin-EU8558Not updated
21Giftie noìrKrag'jin-EU8472Not updated
22Keylana The GateKrag'jin-EU8465Not updated
23Gronk Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU8324Not updated
24Znakharka CarrierKrag'jin-EU8174Not updated
25Nofrethete Legion of fallen HopeKrag'jin-EU8165Not updated
26Furioso manus iraeKrag'jin-EU8073Not updated
27Winterswitch NightshiftKrag'jin-EU8006Not updated
28Amylia I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU7900Not updated
29Orodben The GateKrag'jin-EU7808Not updated
30Angstblase AchchazuKrag'jin-EU7742Not updated
31Ailuropodo Member LeftKrag'jin-EU7734Not updated
32Krawallerik Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU7520Not updated
33Laseruhu Guards of TimeKrag'jin-EU7394Not updated
34Atair I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU7365Not updated
35Gnolx  Krag'jin-EU7327Not updated
36Omnic Der weiße RatKrag'jin-EU7295Not updated
37Tesca noìrKrag'jin-EU7187Not updated
38Cherrylin nRageKrag'jin-EU7125Not updated
39Alék Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU6967Not updated
40Roda NukularKrag'jin-EU6935Not updated
41Liliprotect l Roots lKrag'jin-EU6905Not updated
42Clarysa noìrKrag'jin-EU6862Not updated
43Firestarterl I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU6806Not updated
44Roxos ValherønKrag'jin-EU6786Not updated
45Fuwei  Krag'jin-EU6783Not updated
46Miöbe Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU6739Not updated
47Heimatlos Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU6731Not updated
48Moschke Council of AzerothKrag'jin-EU6715Not updated
49Mihade Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU6704Not updated
50Hogri infusionKrag'jin-EU6694Not updated
51Miobe Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU6676Not updated
52Knirodon  Krag'jin-EU6646Not updated
53Ichheileeuch SunshîneKrag'jin-EU6644Not updated
54Lèstàt NukularKrag'jin-EU6603Not updated
55Tharsonius The GateKrag'jin-EU6564Not updated
56Necrôz Atrox RegisKrag'jin-EU6537Not updated
57Âsgard The Pride of AllianceKrag'jin-EU6525Not updated
58Kaikon noìrKrag'jin-EU6476Not updated
59Flaga UNITYKrag'jin-EU6467Not updated
60Madles  Krag'jin-EU6463Not updated
61Christone Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU6429Not updated
62Zooppii Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU6426Not updated
63Kodano AchchazuKrag'jin-EU6416Not updated
64Elainie semper fieKrag'jin-EU6376Not updated
65Prîva I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU6344Not updated
66Nalaá WOLFSBLUTKrag'jin-EU6291Not updated
67Krocus Little FightersKrag'jin-EU6259Not updated
68Chizûru  Krag'jin-EU6254Not updated
69Mystíque roOXxKrag'jin-EU6219Not updated
70Anxifa aus KonohaKrag'jin-EU6175Not updated
71Deathvamp roOXxKrag'jin-EU6137Not updated
72Chakline  Krag'jin-EU6104Not updated
73Regnor Vatos LocosKrag'jin-EU6082Not updated
74Yvyy  Krag'jin-EU6073Not updated
75Soulflood Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU6066Not updated
76Raithskar Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU6010Not updated
77Maíra Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU5994Not updated
78Arkasus Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU5991Not updated
79Jochie semper fieKrag'jin-EU5976Not updated
80Legolizz noìrKrag'jin-EU5956Not updated
81Dunmore noìrKrag'jin-EU5927Not updated
82Aaskeria Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU5921Not updated
83Celebel The GateKrag'jin-EU5904Not updated
84Spazinator Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU5893Not updated
85Risanie  Krag'jin-EU5872Not updated
86Dendroid  Krag'jin-EU5854Not updated
87Blumix Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU5852Not updated
88Chrissek I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU5847Not updated

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