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Korialstrasz-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Danelfinrod Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US14486Not updated
2Pdori FirebrandsKorialstrasz-US14442Not updated
3Dooda Mad GringosKorialstrasz-US13643Not updated
4Bloodskar Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US12320Not updated
5Mylife The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US11713
6Bial GranataKorialstrasz-US11576
7Thunderlaugh Order of the XKorialstrasz-US11135Not updated
8Pwrbolt Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US10900
9Maelfeus Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US10671
10Emdasha Magic PensKorialstrasz-US10643Not updated
11Arcodile The AinurKorialstrasz-US10577Not updated
12Zasu MercilessKorialstrasz-US10450
13Brassicaceae  Korialstrasz-US10158
14Moondancér La Révolution NueKorialstrasz-US10129Not updated
15Mandargus Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US10115
16Mccauthon Dragonshire EliteKorialstrasz-US10099Not updated
17Purrsephonie Middle Aged MayhemKorialstrasz-US9501
18Averlune PandemicKorialstrasz-US9045
19Warmage TwInKsKorialstrasz-US9028Not updated
20Dontlook TwInKsKorialstrasz-US8943Not updated
21Zoriida The RevolutionKorialstrasz-US8754Not updated
22Fatearl Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US8746Not updated
23Leiaskywlker FadedKorialstrasz-US8587Not updated
24Augura The Council of SixKorialstrasz-US8552Not updated
25Twylla  Korialstrasz-US8495Not updated
26Catness Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US8476
27Sunthseed  Korialstrasz-US8416Not updated
28Huntearin ANGUISHED SOULSKorialstrasz-US8414
29Maglite Broken ArrowKorialstrasz-US8401Not updated
30Dknigh Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US8287Not updated
31Austinr OverAchieversKorialstrasz-US8249Not updated
32Azzneeded Chaotic SoulsKorialstrasz-US8166
33Dillock P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US8162
34Ghoku Rockstarz RebornKorialstrasz-US8141
35Aevaris The Council of SixKorialstrasz-US8126Not updated
36Sashä F I L T HKorialstrasz-US7986
37Tuku Gulas MinionKorialstrasz-US7979
38Floranda Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US7922
39Bearniece and My Imaginary FriendsKorialstrasz-US7914Not updated
40Seun The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US7907Not updated
41Squidder Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US7887Not updated
42Alyssia The Last StandKorialstrasz-US7880
42Naturestar The Last StandKorialstrasz-US7880Not updated
44Aumakua Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US7867Not updated
45Hooter MisfitsKorialstrasz-US7848Not updated
46Shev Warrior SaintsKorialstrasz-US7799Not updated
47Offensivenam MalfunctionKorialstrasz-US7792Not updated
48Gizo The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US7724Not updated
49Valetha  Korialstrasz-US7722Not updated
50Killakon FadedKorialstrasz-US7576
51Desarey TwInKsKorialstrasz-US7567Not updated
52Kelevera I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US7554Not updated
53Stormscorch Squid FishersKorialstrasz-US7539Not updated
54Nytwing FadedKorialstrasz-US7527
55Redazure Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US7503
56Cèlestina  Korialstrasz-US7484Not updated
57Skoblade Kiss Our DarnassusKorialstrasz-US7463Not updated
58Benjaman Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US7428Not updated
59Dah The Misfits RaidersKorialstrasz-US7424
60Diencecht The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US7402
61Zipacna The PequodKorialstrasz-US7366Not updated
62Emeline Raving RenegadesKorialstrasz-US7347
63Cradani The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US7316
64Phantom shenanigansKorialstrasz-US7308Not updated
65Thedandra P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US7280
65Aphera P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US7280
67Caitrenn Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US7275Not updated
68Millstipe P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US7268Not updated
68Alline P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US7268Not updated
70Ishna SovereigntyKorialstrasz-US7264Not updated
71Halrem The Last StandKorialstrasz-US7241
72Pandooky F I L T HKorialstrasz-US7235Not updated
73Jjsupercat  Korialstrasz-US7201
73Jjthundercat  Korialstrasz-US7201
73Jjtigercat  Korialstrasz-US7201
76Noodlenoggin WinterStormKorialstrasz-US7184Not updated
77Mowswolfhunt The TradesmenKorialstrasz-US7168Not updated
78Buckhunter Rize of the FallenKorialstrasz-US7145
79Shadowstream The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US7119Not updated
80Puffanddot PVPKorialstrasz-US7115Not updated
81Starsknight WipeKorialstrasz-US7107Not updated
82Bladeofhope TwInKsKorialstrasz-US7050Not updated
83Stasee TwInKsKorialstrasz-US7036Not updated
84Zhul  Korialstrasz-US7012Not updated
85Zigugiz Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US6989
86Ohno Motley CrewKorialstrasz-US6967Not updated
87Sanae Divine InterventionKorialstrasz-US6964
88Palalanbo Motley CrewKorialstrasz-US6942Not updated
89Babishka Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US6920
90Krawn The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US6901Not updated
91Nocturnal P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US6889
92Kunas Save a seal Club a GnomeKorialstrasz-US6866Not updated
93Endenwaith Knights of ValorKorialstrasz-US6860
94Dragonzz DarkloreKorialstrasz-US6838
95Aristomache HexedKorialstrasz-US6835Not updated
96Icerider  Korialstrasz-US6830Not updated
97Daddius Epic GuardiansKorialstrasz-US6814Not updated
98Jori  Korialstrasz-US6799Not updated
99Deliella  Korialstrasz-US6792Not updated
100Caydee The Knights That Say NiKorialstrasz-US6775Not updated

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