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Kirin Tor-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Cubbhawk  Kirin Tor-US16951Not updated
2Phillippa CovenantKirin Tor-US15319
3Josephine  Kirin Tor-US14497
4Morganis  Kirin Tor-US14381Not updated
5Quinci DeliriumKirin Tor-US14302
5Slyde DeliriumKirin Tor-US14302
7Widowmakr Order of the SpiderKirin Tor-US14131
8Sosibe Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US13913
9Shybella Shadow WordKirin Tor-US12988Not updated
10Alsike AntagonistKirin Tor-US12915Not updated
11Dartsilver Dawn of the WarKirin Tor-US12537Not updated
12Moozzles Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US11461
13Thrazgash Worlds End RegularsKirin Tor-US11122
14Faithkeeper Through A Mirror DarklyKirin Tor-US11077Not updated
15Colinnx  Kirin Tor-US10780Not updated
16Surgical  Kirin Tor-US10779
17Ariannã VigilantKirin Tor-US10757Not updated
18Smackage DishonoredKirin Tor-US10377Not updated
19Rynah SalvationKirin Tor-US10143
20Olfson Riddles of SteelKirin Tor-US9955
21Lightwonder Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US9944
22Adorixia JourneyKirin Tor-US9867
23Coriel Children of the TemplarsKirin Tor-US9708Not updated
24Ruinhale The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US9689
25Zoraa DeliriumKirin Tor-US9600
26Aedala DragonKnightsKirin Tor-US9596Not updated
27Dragonwyck  Kirin Tor-US9387Not updated
28Loithi The Shadowpaw SharpclawsKirin Tor-US9284Not updated
29Moonráven Pig and Whistle SocietyKirin Tor-US9188
30Owenbelefort The Order of Arch IndarKirin Tor-US9140
31Jangdhari  Kirin Tor-US9126Not updated
32Cloudia DoomsdayKirin Tor-US9051
33Whipax DragonKnightsKirin Tor-US8943
34Jimmabanks RequiémKirin Tor-US8907
35Sairys TBSGKirin Tor-US8872
36Myist Council of FateKirin Tor-US8835
37Stardragon The LibrarianKirin Tor-US8811Not updated
38Norine Evil League of EvilKirin Tor-US8796Not updated
39Stableboy Council of FateKirin Tor-US8713
40Averion Divine CallingKirin Tor-US8698
41Ninshubur DoomsdayKirin Tor-US8642
42Hiroime TerminusKirin Tor-US8638
43Moonfïre The Harlequin SyndicateKirin Tor-US8634Not updated
44Razbunare TBSGKirin Tor-US8619
45Rollankrapz Knights of AmberKirin Tor-US8533
46Fangly ArrancarKirin Tor-US8528Not updated
47Ryxl EardstapanKirin Tor-US8482Not updated
48Oscarny Anti MatterKirin Tor-US8466Not updated
49Halafu Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US8405
50Apolis Fifth ColumnKirin Tor-US8403Not updated
51Zenthrindor AlberscotiaKirin Tor-US8397
52Aquitaine Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US8386
53Frostfur RenascentKirin Tor-US8272
54Eøs  Kirin Tor-US8214Not updated
55Devereaux Pig and Whistle SocietyKirin Tor-US8172
56Vakillos UnbrokenKirin Tor-US8166Not updated
57Dracul  Kirin Tor-US8052Not updated
58Afanasiia Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US7976
59Demaunik DoomsdayKirin Tor-US7973
60Iggysas Old FartsKirin Tor-US7971
61Devisha TBSGKirin Tor-US7964
62Talonna Wicked WenchesKirin Tor-US7956
63Zulandra Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US7955
64Chubbie  Kirin Tor-US7936
65Lexra AlberscotiaKirin Tor-US7914
66Cazeril DoomsdayKirin Tor-US7888
67Garza QuicksilverKirin Tor-US7877Not updated
68Lovasha Through A Mirror DarklyKirin Tor-US7829Not updated
69Pedey  Kirin Tor-US7820Not updated
70Doash Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US7784Not updated
71Orbervo Blessed CheesemakersKirin Tor-US7648
72Mortimus InsomniaKirin Tor-US7634Not updated
73Atlamillia The Harlequin SyndicateKirin Tor-US7575Not updated
74Sylpheria Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US7553Not updated
75Aetherna Council of FateKirin Tor-US7532Not updated
76Dîvad Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US7505
77Kelladree Through A Mirror DarklyKirin Tor-US7499
78Ryderly VigilantKirin Tor-US7497Not updated
79Belion Midsummer Knights DreamKirin Tor-US7486Not updated

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