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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Invictuss Children of DestructionKil'jaeden-US19593Not updated
2Stardren P Town Gnome StompersKil'jaeden-US19273Not updated
3Hellblazin Forget About ItKil'jaeden-US16251Not updated
4Angelwingz Moth Wing FeelingsKil'jaeden-US15882Not updated
5Xeonh Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US15518Not updated
6Alicyn OverraidedKil'jaeden-US15310Not updated
7Yenene RoKKKil'jaeden-US15100Not updated
7Lissette  Kil'jaeden-US15100Not updated
9Domini RoKKKil'jaeden-US15075Not updated
10Kenzy  Kil'jaeden-US15016Not updated
11Totemtootz Rage Pillage MurderKil'jaeden-US14905Not updated
12Cìara Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US14728Not updated
13Marcïn CTKil'jaeden-US14722Not updated
14Maleezy VictoryKil'jaeden-US14470Not updated
15Leoshan SimicKil'jaeden-US14324Not updated
16Mugmanimus Village IdiotKil'jaeden-US14165Not updated
17Xwu  Kil'jaeden-US14129Not updated
18Adumbledore The GamblersKil'jaeden-US14115Not updated
19Mudak ARENA DEATHKil'jaeden-US14100Not updated
20Megohunt RuinousKil'jaeden-US13940Not updated
21Bludbarf MediocrityKil'jaeden-US13533Not updated
22Imscaredofme Acquired TasteKil'jaeden-US13394Not updated
23Furr Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US13392Not updated
24Kiyanda The Other Green MeatKil'jaeden-US13362Not updated
25Kaishe Guârdiâns of FireKil'jaeden-US13068Not updated
26Ishkaru Knights of the ForsakenKil'jaeden-US12874Not updated
27Dinghy Bloody VengeanceKil'jaeden-US12841Not updated
28Creejios l The Departed lKil'jaeden-US12349Not updated
29Jodokaster Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US12193Not updated
30Dairypotter Village IdiotKil'jaeden-US11925Not updated
31Emily Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US11844Not updated
32Radish Village IdiotKil'jaeden-US11779Not updated
33Merllie stay small NERDSKil'jaeden-US11630Not updated
34Thyda Third Shock ArmyKil'jaeden-US11627Not updated
34Thydä Shadow EliteKil'jaeden-US11627Not updated
36Pebblleess Dead to RightsKil'jaeden-US11592Not updated
37Dreadeyes Lords of NoiseKil'jaeden-US11502Not updated
38Annwvn Deadly SinKil'jaeden-US11370Not updated
39Maxpowérs OverthrowKil'jaeden-US11077Not updated
40Springbane KeltoiKil'jaeden-US11023Not updated
41Starcracker RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US10981Not updated
42Shamidavisii Fourth WallKil'jaeden-US10960Not updated
43Minzi The All Seeing EyeKil'jaeden-US10942Not updated
44Truskin  Kil'jaeden-US10784Not updated
45Fipronil ReqKil'jaeden-US10714Not updated
46Leoness Super Smashed BrosKil'jaeden-US10421Not updated
47Ibogan BloodbathedKil'jaeden-US10221Not updated
48Wildlocke Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US10170Not updated
49Aurdeux Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US10159Not updated
50Mojomeister SHUT UP AND KISS MEKil'jaeden-US10109Not updated
51Mooniedapooh RoKKKil'jaeden-US10021Not updated
52Ayamechan Elite PvPKil'jaeden-US10001Not updated
53Muffinpies  Kil'jaeden-US9974Not updated
54Loako MÿthKil'jaeden-US9938Not updated
55Brokendreams Most HatedKil'jaeden-US9904Not updated
56Perkalator Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US9837Not updated
57Jocklich No RemorseKil'jaeden-US9780Not updated
58Darkguardia NOSTRA VINDICTAKil'jaeden-US9769Not updated
59Aalyy Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US9731Not updated
60Sesamee AshesKil'jaeden-US9698Not updated
61Flappyclam BloodbathedKil'jaeden-US9620Not updated
62Arcane DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US9571Not updated
63Totori The Manhattan ProjectKil'jaeden-US9517Not updated
64Dorsai SchïsmKil'jaeden-US9476Not updated
65Dkmmkay Clan McNastyKil'jaeden-US9463Not updated
66Flùttershy KILL EM ALLKil'jaeden-US9329Not updated
67Gun DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US9320Not updated
68Deementia  Kil'jaeden-US9309Not updated
69Aimerts patio gorillasKil'jaeden-US9305Not updated
70Yourstalker Like A BossKil'jaeden-US9298Not updated
71Khaleeda L u c i dKil'jaeden-US9293Not updated
72Krucifer CognitionKil'jaeden-US9248Not updated
73Ahroo RitualKil'jaeden-US9233Not updated
74Flux  Kil'jaeden-US9176Not updated
74Kupchá Another Day In QuicksandKil'jaeden-US9176Not updated
76Roguespierre Worlds ApartKil'jaeden-US9103Not updated
77Aggamon TestamentKil'jaeden-US9085Not updated
78Shiles  Kil'jaeden-US9031Not updated
79Winkens Forged in FuryKil'jaeden-US9018Not updated
80Greenfira Clan McNastyKil'jaeden-US9008Not updated
81Verlei Lords of NoiseKil'jaeden-US8988Not updated
82Swampaz Ramen RaidersKil'jaeden-US8943Not updated
83Alexjones NationKil'jaeden-US8940Not updated
84Pyrhus My PreciousKil'jaeden-US8910Not updated
85Mischeiful  Kil'jaeden-US8904Not updated
86Farmerjohn Progression in VideoGameKil'jaeden-US8863Not updated
87Schnoikies LethalKil'jaeden-US8831Not updated
88Cuniculi Village IdiotKil'jaeden-US8826Not updated
89Tinbender AnguishKil'jaeden-US8793Not updated
90Sonyà DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US8788Not updated
91Palomitis VersusKil'jaeden-US8781Not updated
92Flagged Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US8720Not updated
93Arìes Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US8712Not updated
94Dårkdeåth VeteransKil'jaeden-US8687Not updated
95Procession Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US8663Not updated
96Kapug ImmortalSoulsKil'jaeden-US8662Not updated
97Gangryl Good FortuneKil'jaeden-US8648Not updated
98Ashtomoth Old School RebelsKil'jaeden-US8637Not updated
99Starpatch Skyshattered AbyssKil'jaeden-US8633Not updated
100Nystandria My Lip Gloss is PoppinKil'jaeden-US8631Not updated

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