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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Febia eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU16615Not updated
1Ladanis eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU16615Not updated
3Diotíma eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU16605Not updated
4Hanar eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU16347Not updated
5Ziyal StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14850Not updated
5Aegon StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14850Not updated
5Gurkenmelee StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14850Not updated
8Cersei StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14826Not updated
8Auril StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14826Not updated
10Caladnei StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14825Not updated
11Marilith StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU14800Not updated
12Ceriny Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU14651Not updated
13Powerofdoom Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU12355Not updated
14Malícia Under Jolly RogerKil'jaeden-EU12187Not updated
15Chianna Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU11913Not updated
16Aite  Kil'jaeden-EU10663Not updated
17Knülch IncredibleKil'jaeden-EU10535Not updated
18Watteballen PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU10491Not updated
19Knixi Communio ImmortaliumKil'jaeden-EU10095Not updated
20Ianeel StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU10001Not updated
21Loz A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
21Karligula A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
21Zenturio  Kil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
21Tinnedmend A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
21Gantus  Kil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
21Verbalkint  Kil'jaeden-EU9751Not updated
27Morphias FinitasKil'jaeden-EU9388Not updated
28Nightdraen LEGIONKil'jaeden-EU8924Not updated
29Bêko DiVerseKil'jaeden-EU8776Not updated
30Wordo Los ángeles de la muerteKil'jaeden-EU8759Not updated
31Urgaluf Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU8758Not updated
32Harzi Dark EternityKil'jaeden-EU8659Not updated
33Elsensor W H FKil'jaeden-EU8633Not updated
34Notfouryou A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU8593Not updated
35Topgun Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU8532Not updated
36Muramasá First StrikeKil'jaeden-EU8456Not updated
37Punka Gunans HordeKil'jaeden-EU8419Not updated
38Pincopallina Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU8375Not updated
39Hulkmoor DIE BRUTKil'jaeden-EU8272Not updated
40Najuna AlamoKil'jaeden-EU8195Not updated
41Tergordon Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU8123Not updated
42Aesculapius FinitasKil'jaeden-EU8121Not updated
43Bambum European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU8048Not updated
44Diclonius Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU7989Not updated
45Xantscha Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU7798Not updated
46Azurana Bøøndock SaintsKil'jaeden-EU7732Not updated
47Lohschkill Randír nuin ElenathKil'jaeden-EU7724Not updated
48Velimir StormspireKil'jaeden-EU7684Not updated
49Noregsgard Mystery LegendsKil'jaeden-EU7676Not updated
50Bélarián Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU7667Not updated
51Teronix StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Hadès MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Varag MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Râven MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Maddoc MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Meridis MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Avaris MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
51Salador MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7652Not updated
59Nocturnal MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7651Not updated
60Zalera MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7611Not updated
61Dreanas StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU7602Not updated
62Tallynus FinitasKil'jaeden-EU7574Not updated
63Bredtia Booty BaywatchKil'jaeden-EU7562Not updated
64Flâsh COME GET SOMEKil'jaeden-EU7521Not updated
65Imaldur MidgardKil'jaeden-EU7518Not updated
66Dörthe LEGIONKil'jaeden-EU7488Not updated
67Agamenon in animi unitasKil'jaeden-EU7447Not updated
68Mellthas FinitasKil'jaeden-EU7436Not updated
69Aixtwo Silver LegionKil'jaeden-EU7386Not updated
70Giocatore Bøøndock SaintsKil'jaeden-EU7265Not updated
71Lyanna StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU7242Not updated
72Schneeschatz European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU7202Not updated
73Agrael StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU7195Not updated
74Mystral StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU7192Not updated
74Eskel StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU7192Not updated
76Glodar Randoms FinestKil'jaeden-EU7143Not updated
77Erestør Randoms FinestKil'jaeden-EU7076Not updated
78Libitina Shadow HuntersKil'jaeden-EU7063Not updated
79Elishea HellboundKil'jaeden-EU6950Not updated
80Crafter SadgasmKil'jaeden-EU6942Not updated
81Kymiko Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU6933Not updated
82Ishkalîa IncredibleKil'jaeden-EU6862Not updated
83Ithãx FourTwentyKil'jaeden-EU6856Not updated
84Adenei CriticaLKil'jaeden-EU6830Not updated
85Menjána FinitasKil'jaeden-EU6804Not updated
86Saji NucleusKil'jaeden-EU6686Not updated
87Nfgmagier Patrioten der HordeKil'jaeden-EU6647Not updated
88Shivi Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU6643Not updated
89Aíleen FinitasKil'jaeden-EU6634Not updated
90Setter JagdHundeKil'jaeden-EU6604Not updated
91Velok SUN TZUKil'jaeden-EU6543Not updated
92Karrakh  Kil'jaeden-EU6542Not updated
93Blackbow ArsNecandiKil'jaeden-EU6522Not updated
94Ajune Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU6504Not updated
95Rohini FanaticaKil'jaeden-EU6486Not updated
96Waldkatze Wächter AzerothsKil'jaeden-EU6483Not updated
97Hendel StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU6423Not updated
98Lutzin Communio ImmortaliumKil'jaeden-EU6393Not updated
99Alektá Reisegruppe SonnenscheinKil'jaeden-EU6369Not updated
100Lucreccia Die Gefährten des LichtsKil'jaeden-EU6338Not updated

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