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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khadgar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Hjebnoseran The EndlessKhadgar-US16072Not updated
2Jonstark Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US14532Not updated
3Animus HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Lipps HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Thefaceofboe HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Valyntine HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Garrix HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Rhllor HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Annabeel HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Judecca HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
3Wonghungloo HavocKhadgar-US14248Not updated
12Witwicky HavocKhadgar-US14243Not updated
13Wyglaaf Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US14225Not updated
14Etérnal  Khadgar-US13892Not updated
15Ultradthsaus Hopes EternalKhadgar-US13421Not updated
16Lilavati  Khadgar-US12851Not updated
17Feny Resurrected FewKhadgar-US12554Not updated
18Neeah Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US11547Not updated
18Prissey Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US11547Not updated
18Salit Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US11547Not updated
18Ceress Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US11547Not updated
18Minute Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US11547Not updated
23Multiplicity Lords of KhadgarKhadgar-US11256Not updated
24Kyyisanoob The Raging Pink BunniesKhadgar-US11015Not updated
25Peilke Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US10647Not updated
26Narila Fear NothingKhadgar-US10528Not updated
27Osirus SunderedKhadgar-US10443Not updated
28Kriller FallenKhadgar-US10409Not updated
29Xernbrez Apocalypse MeowKhadgar-US9961Not updated
30Gravie Fluffy BunniesKhadgar-US9856Not updated
31Meateatincow Rulers of cataclysm altsKhadgar-US9806Not updated
32Xantythicus Souls of TimeKhadgar-US9638Not updated
33Caspion  Khadgar-US9578Not updated
34Saelyda DrakkenKhadgar-US9529Not updated
35Sylvansoul GECKOKhadgar-US9421Not updated
35Tomfoolleree GECKOKhadgar-US9421Not updated
37Stormfang GECKOKhadgar-US9420Not updated
37Madmartigann GECKOKhadgar-US9420Not updated
37Yatiri GECKOKhadgar-US9420Not updated
37Stormgrim GECKOKhadgar-US9420Not updated
41Hottblack GECKOKhadgar-US9416Not updated
42Nytwyt  Khadgar-US9242Not updated
43Fearsoften Apocalypse MeowKhadgar-US9211Not updated
44Gordone Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US9172Not updated
45Garabaldi Khadgar KrusadersKhadgar-US9171Not updated
46Sharklock  Khadgar-US9141Not updated
47Redhunter Obsidian BladesKhadgar-US9004Not updated
48Unktwo BG Death DealersKhadgar-US8951Not updated
49Faelwen ApatheiaKhadgar-US8904Not updated
50Zulton Damaged GoodsKhadgar-US8753Not updated
51Edruid ApatheiaKhadgar-US8738Not updated
52Adrenalynne The StormwatchKhadgar-US8722Not updated
53Tenish DestinyKhadgar-US8665Not updated
54Shawnnah  Khadgar-US8603Not updated
55Gularon DestinyKhadgar-US8572Not updated
56Truewarrior BG Death DealersKhadgar-US8564Not updated
57Edicin ApatheiaKhadgar-US8529Not updated
58Saintgabrial Vara tel SeldarineKhadgar-US8512Not updated
59Airdd ApatheiaKhadgar-US8482Not updated
60Allexia One Among The FenceKhadgar-US8474Not updated
61Jackko Little RascalsKhadgar-US8408Not updated
62Agramon Vara tel SeldarineKhadgar-US8375Not updated
63Vorrien Fluffy BunniesKhadgar-US8315Not updated
64Wholycow Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US8213Not updated
65Kreaser RelentlessKhadgar-US8082Not updated
66Ashenshaama Hopes EternalKhadgar-US8048Not updated
66Jackobean Adamas SocietasKhadgar-US8048Not updated
68Warrme SemperFidelisKhadgar-US8016Not updated
69Fanciful VoltageKhadgar-US7937Not updated
70Elliemae RubyKhadgar-US7920Not updated
71Lunier LineageKhadgar-US7897Not updated
72Underated The UnionKhadgar-US7871Not updated
73Vatte RemnantKhadgar-US7834Not updated
74Prajnamind No Stinkin BadgesKhadgar-US7811Not updated
75Elabelly Peoples FrontKhadgar-US7731Not updated
76Fangoria Crits and GigglesKhadgar-US7642Not updated
77Koszar  Khadgar-US7620Not updated
78Schvartz GECKOKhadgar-US7606Not updated
79Shivar Syndicate Avant GardeKhadgar-US7599Not updated
80Gamewarden TheBrethrenKhadgar-US7566Not updated
81Spiritshuntr Obsidian BladesKhadgar-US7550Not updated
82Ghostwar ApatheiaKhadgar-US7531Not updated
83Handofargus Little RascalsKhadgar-US7517Not updated
84Thad Epic DisorderKhadgar-US7472Not updated
85Ormar HavocKhadgar-US7455Not updated
86Hylvala Wareham ClanKhadgar-US7438Not updated
87Jacka Vara tel SeldarineKhadgar-US7302Not updated
88Lybohske VoltageKhadgar-US7280Not updated
89Cristarala Guardians of the LightKhadgar-US7265Not updated
90Zooce Dusk Til DawnKhadgar-US7217Not updated
91Dashant Damaged GoodsKhadgar-US7211Not updated
92Tossmenot RubyKhadgar-US7162Not updated
93Badjohnson ITS BEEN A HORDE LIFEKhadgar-US7120Not updated
94Alamo RubyKhadgar-US7109Not updated
95Vraggen Council of EldersKhadgar-US7098Not updated
95Mightyherk Council of EldersKhadgar-US7098Not updated
97Blueberrie No Stinkin BadgesKhadgar-US7082Not updated
98Paenzia Age of ReasonKhadgar-US7059Not updated
99Tinyflinx Lions of JudahKhadgar-US7039Not updated
100Rowanravyn RoughStuffKhadgar-US7020Not updated

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