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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kel'Thuzad-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Minze Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU17711Not updated
2Auwen IronHammerKel'Thuzad-EU14167Not updated
3Kalifa Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU14043Not updated
4Mctastey NoirKel'Thuzad-EU14039Not updated
5Mortiferus excubitoris ex lucernaKel'Thuzad-EU13781Not updated
6Donnerschrei DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU13779Not updated
7Krankl Legends of KalimdorKel'Thuzad-EU11726Not updated
8Razus MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU11572Not updated
9Knálli ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU11095Not updated
10Steelclaw THE FORCEKel'Thuzad-EU11073Not updated
11Steeldemon THE FORCEKel'Thuzad-EU11021Not updated
12Wowheal  Kel'Thuzad-EU10435Not updated
13Silin Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU10434Not updated
14Prianos Suum CuiqueKel'Thuzad-EU9610Not updated
15Aditú NoirKel'Thuzad-EU9594Not updated
16Tashina Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU9082Not updated
17Todésengel IronHammerKel'Thuzad-EU9065Not updated
18Okunum Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU9010Not updated
19Kerozzin Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU8899Not updated
20Aìre Dark PhoenixKel'Thuzad-EU8573Not updated
21Shifthappens Freunde des AtomsKel'Thuzad-EU8541Not updated
22Grünline Freunde des AtomsKel'Thuzad-EU8391Not updated
23Furball InsuperabilisKel'Thuzad-EU8336Not updated
24Grando riseKel'Thuzad-EU8285Not updated
25Wog RevéngeKel'Thuzad-EU8229Not updated
26Ðynea OsirisKel'Thuzad-EU8220Not updated
27Flîpflop SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU8118Not updated
28Düsendrieb SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU8112Not updated
29Rudnor Gear CheckKel'Thuzad-EU8107Not updated
30Tharjin NebelwölfeKel'Thuzad-EU8054Not updated
31Jackxpala RevéngeKel'Thuzad-EU8050Not updated
32Kerozinn WTB TrinketKel'Thuzad-EU8013Not updated
33Jstpshd ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU7971Not updated
34Kirban  Kel'Thuzad-EU7961Not updated
35Mindchen NoirKel'Thuzad-EU7881Not updated
36Linsch SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU7852Not updated
37Klepu Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU7822Not updated
38Pwent Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU7774Not updated
39Xethesh NoirKel'Thuzad-EU7659Not updated
40Jamye ExanimalisKel'Thuzad-EU7650Not updated
41Cruellina RazingLegionKel'Thuzad-EU7636Not updated
42Morcvomorc Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU7623Not updated
43Darkius  Kel'Thuzad-EU7572Not updated
44Purgatorium NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU7544Not updated
45Aice Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU7493Not updated
46Yojalahe Wipe GangKel'Thuzad-EU7399Not updated
47Zeynep MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU7384Not updated
48Gustano Der Sechste AspektKel'Thuzad-EU7341Not updated
49Badorgg The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU7325Not updated
50Metbart MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU7305Not updated
51Gargov Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU7304Not updated
52Kallîsto Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU7273Not updated
53Tsukurz One PercentKel'Thuzad-EU7259Not updated
54Garlogg indelebilisKel'Thuzad-EU7237Not updated
55Seeédymonk Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU7216Not updated
56Peznbump Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU7204Not updated
57Käsedieb NoirKel'Thuzad-EU7191Not updated
58Marmelada SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU7165Not updated
59Jellosubmari SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU7161Not updated
60Leeô Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU7146Not updated
61Ampatis ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU7132Not updated
62Florixx SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU7083Not updated
63Becher NoirKel'Thuzad-EU7075Not updated
64Lilrose ShadowrunKel'Thuzad-EU7065Not updated
65Rüstman AwakenKel'Thuzad-EU7040Not updated
66Profreestyle  Kel'Thuzad-EU7035Not updated
67Greenisha CoreKel'Thuzad-EU7022Not updated
68Knuddel ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU6958Not updated
68Dekona Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU6958Not updated
70Axiom Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU6944Not updated
71Nuky ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU6943Not updated
72Tarania Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU6926Not updated
73Sylphia RazingLegionKel'Thuzad-EU6923Not updated
74Caidis SilentiumKel'Thuzad-EU6917Not updated
75Sasala The good old boysKel'Thuzad-EU6888Not updated
76Redzâck  Kel'Thuzad-EU6870Not updated
77Sonuka Söhne OdinsKel'Thuzad-EU6861Not updated
78Alecia  Kel'Thuzad-EU6845Not updated
79Scâla Legends of KalimdorKel'Thuzad-EU6840Not updated
80Alanâ The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU6825Not updated
81Elloya Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU6821Not updated
82Sharkie Bund der MachtKel'Thuzad-EU6820Not updated
83Lightbull Freunde des AtomsKel'Thuzad-EU6797Not updated
84Chewi  Kel'Thuzad-EU6754Not updated

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