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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kael'thas-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Fairyn OOBKael'thas-US15939
2Philarious HubrisKael'thas-US15308
3Loveshock IntegrityKael'thas-US14656Not updated
4Goolatza Westfall Fight ClubKael'thas-US14643Not updated
5Niacin  Kael'thas-US14578Not updated
6Death KarmaKael'thas-US14441
7Keren  Kael'thas-US14133Not updated
8Kÿthe Just One More BossKael'thas-US14103
9Bathorie  Kael'thas-US13873Not updated
10Boj Citius Altius FortiusKael'thas-US13702Not updated
11Blackwalker Defense of AzerothKael'thas-US13570Not updated
12Chronicpain IntegrityKael'thas-US12724Not updated
13Palice Legion of the ValkyrieKael'thas-US12434Not updated
14Sanchera soul caliburKael'thas-US12429Not updated
15Drakie Ilsik HaucilKael'thas-US12167
16Popco  Kael'thas-US11831Not updated
17Kelendo Iron FistKael'thas-US11164Not updated
18Prestochajo Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US11113Not updated
19Knonfodder BlacklistedKael'thas-US11029Not updated
20Gwynie Dragon GuardiansKael'thas-US10938Not updated
21Kinnavieve ParallelKael'thas-US10873Not updated
22Meggle ParallelKael'thas-US10804Not updated
23Ferrax Star of LifeKael'thas-US10795Not updated
24Agingknight  Kael'thas-US10657
25Adding Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US10596Not updated
26Californea BlackLabelKael'thas-US10566Not updated
27Bearyfun ProfitKael'thas-US10514Not updated
28Shinte PeripheryKael'thas-US10498Not updated
29Sheeraah BARBIESKael'thas-US10446Not updated
30Asmodai  Kael'thas-US10428Not updated
31Sagala Dem Back Peddlers DoeKael'thas-US10269Not updated
32Annorrow Warrior NationKael'thas-US10115Not updated
33Bulkily Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US10098Not updated
34Mayiah TenacityKael'thas-US10093Not updated
35Chataya Iron FistKael'thas-US10059Not updated
36Azuerell Disorderly MisconductKael'thas-US9975Not updated
37Ninie Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US9944Not updated
38Durrak HubrisKael'thas-US9934Not updated
39Terrorbul Reaped Up XDKael'thas-US9916Not updated
40Tâiyr  Kael'thas-US9860Not updated
41Mardhuk Angels Of DestructionKael'thas-US9844Not updated
42Pickens PwnstarsKael'thas-US9802Not updated
43Silvus BlacklistedKael'thas-US9738
44Xoutcojj PeripheryKael'thas-US9711Not updated
45Lemonwang  Kael'thas-US9686Not updated
46Tesla Legion of the ValkyrieKael'thas-US9291Not updated
47Gid HubrisKael'thas-US9261Not updated
48Yovi OOBKael'thas-US9158Not updated
49Wickeddogg Azerothz FinestKael'thas-US9130Not updated
50Zalec wicked and crazy wildKael'thas-US9036Not updated
51Sakima  Kael'thas-US9011Not updated
52Deseatia IntegrityKael'thas-US8948Not updated
53Kickingbird daBeersKael'thas-US8947Not updated
53Wyl daBeersKael'thas-US8947Not updated
53Bootsy daBeersKael'thas-US8947Not updated
53Tocho daBeersKael'thas-US8947Not updated
57Krevsun daBeersKael'thas-US8946Not updated
57Hookemhorns daBeersKael'thas-US8946Not updated
57Dourif daBeersKael'thas-US8946Not updated
57Koshka daBeersKael'thas-US8946Not updated
61Celestiah PeripheryKael'thas-US8915Not updated
61Hernachu PeripheryKael'thas-US8915Not updated
63Sylvanthe Dark Lotus EmpireKael'thas-US8874
64Derpology PeripheryKael'thas-US8872Not updated
65Kabukii EternityKael'thas-US8847Not updated
66Chillax Millenium Falcon RidersKael'thas-US8705Not updated
67Tumahab Killer AngelsKael'thas-US8694Not updated
68Klergy TenacityKael'thas-US8507Not updated
69Digitel DiGiTAL GHOULSKael'thas-US8497Not updated
70Garfielda PwnstarsKael'thas-US8478Not updated
71Sunthsheep  Kael'thas-US8465Not updated
72Savageblade SacredSoulsKael'thas-US8462Not updated
73Wickedsxy wicked and crazy wildKael'thas-US8413Not updated
74Harbourne Tomorrows WrathKael'thas-US8391Not updated
75Abrakadabra Killer AngelsKael'thas-US8380Not updated
76Breaux  Kael'thas-US8373Not updated
77Raihne OOBKael'thas-US8366
78Valkrei Nine Bracelet BoogeymenKael'thas-US8356Not updated
79Freespace veritas sed equitasKael'thas-US8349Not updated
80Velarose The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US8336Not updated
81Themule Horde HerosKael'thas-US8300Not updated
82Notaclue Forbidden OnesKael'thas-US8272Not updated
83Riva Ok Who PulledKael'thas-US8248Not updated
84Spyrittalker The Dragon TamersKael'thas-US8230Not updated
85Orbweaver  Kael'thas-US8205Not updated
86Nagini DysfunkionalKael'thas-US8187Not updated
87Ryoli DysfunkionalKael'thas-US8184Not updated
88Milanna The CovenantKael'thas-US8138Not updated
89Zoolla The Zug InitiativeKael'thas-US8124Not updated
90Annavalerios Kaldorei GuardiansKael'thas-US8122Not updated
91Celesté Kaldorei GuardiansKael'thas-US8082Not updated
92Madamskully BlacklistedKael'thas-US8049
93Shardrin Scarlet BrotherhoodKael'thas-US7995
94Snowdog Divine ReckoningKael'thas-US7946Not updated
95Fidget BARBIESKael'thas-US7872Not updated
95Nichollas BARBIESKael'thas-US7872Not updated
95Mieghlah BARBIESKael'thas-US7872Not updated
95Jalariane You Are So DeadKael'thas-US7872Not updated

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