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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jubei'Thos-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Vampiri HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US19267Not updated
2Locktroll FractionateJubei'Thos-US17121Not updated
3Wipebringer HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US17111Not updated
4Gazilavar PRESS START TO CONTINUEJubei'Thos-US15796Not updated
4Snyder PRESS START TO CONTINUEJubei'Thos-US15796Not updated
6Baconhunter PRESS START TO CONTINUEJubei'Thos-US15752Not updated
7Netural Shadow RavensJubei'Thos-US15312Not updated
8Avarre Lamemen BrothersJubei'Thos-US15118Not updated
9Dannica GIRL WITHOUT A MICJubei'Thos-US14877Not updated
10Totemtoots Tempest IceJubei'Thos-US14556Not updated
11Purplemage CrushersJubei'Thos-US14272Not updated
12Neworc Ngon Nhào ZôJubei'Thos-US14200Not updated
13Ariastark Power Word GravyJubei'Thos-US13509Not updated
14Lilrathrath RevelationsJubei'Thos-US12395Not updated
15Chareg NemesisJubei'Thos-US11870Not updated
16Babybob Far QueJubei'Thos-US11772Not updated
17Rozzo Dark HandJubei'Thos-US11485Not updated
18Mercìless Fatal VisionJubei'Thos-US11328Not updated
19Pokebackside  Jubei'Thos-US11299Not updated
20Jackorcz Ngon Nhào ZôJubei'Thos-US10954Not updated
21Kiyomeru FarseerJubei'Thos-US10710Not updated
22Yazilla Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US10453Not updated
23Critmespears Heretics of DuneJubei'Thos-US10085Not updated
24Yazalicious  Jubei'Thos-US10055Not updated
25Valhala Kia OraJubei'Thos-US9982Not updated
26Kaznia Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US9890Not updated
27Itchyfoot RevelationsJubei'Thos-US9797Not updated
28Dommyrose Blood FuryJubei'Thos-US9642Not updated
29Voodroód Kings PillarJubei'Thos-US9588Not updated
30Morcfromorc DilemmaJubei'Thos-US9406Not updated
31Satanachia StrifeJubei'Thos-US9172Not updated
32Iqd KNsJubei'Thos-US9133Not updated
33Appolin StrifeJubei'Thos-US9116Not updated
34Oswardo GIRL WITHOUT A MICJubei'Thos-US9046Not updated
35Toliman Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US8869Not updated
36Misswhipper PermanentJubei'Thos-US8853Not updated
37Rûby How We RollJubei'Thos-US8731Not updated
38Kneehii Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US8636Not updated
39Veovisk Heretics of DuneJubei'Thos-US8578Not updated
40Sheepagnome True BloodJubei'Thos-US8504Not updated
41Vanderfallen THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US8457Not updated
42Selarna Sundering SurvivorsJubei'Thos-US8408Not updated
43Ortaurron OdiumJubei'Thos-US8344Not updated
43Vikrozzarn War for TerritoryJubei'Thos-US8344Not updated
45Akiyo A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US8327Not updated
46Chaotic DownfallJubei'Thos-US8318Not updated
47Grogga OverloadJubei'Thos-US8314Not updated
48Demindrys War for TerritoryJubei'Thos-US8303Not updated
49Whyulittle War for TerritoryJubei'Thos-US8286Not updated
50Neevaah  Jubei'Thos-US8250Not updated
51Kopowapanda Ngon Nhào ZôJubei'Thos-US8245Not updated
52Elivari The Brotherhood of NoddyJubei'Thos-US8234Not updated
53Blixs Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US8230Not updated
53Bixy Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US8230Not updated
55Unleeshed  Jubei'Thos-US8215Not updated
56Morelove GIRL WITHOUT A MICJubei'Thos-US8204Not updated
57Shantlyn  Jubei'Thos-US8163Not updated
58Pete Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US8149Not updated
59Rothstein QuadrantJubei'Thos-US8147Not updated
60Magicgremlin Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US8125Not updated
61Pochama OriginalJubei'Thos-US8099Not updated
62Lostheplot  Jubei'Thos-US8086Not updated
63Scarletta  Jubei'Thos-US8063Not updated
64Fàmîne Pirates of KalimdorJubei'Thos-US8035Not updated
65Kalma DilemmaJubei'Thos-US7983Not updated
66Grapejuices iFårmJubei'Thos-US7953Not updated
67Bobbistarr AsgardJubei'Thos-US7942Not updated
68Taxfraud DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US7937Not updated
69Spoke graveyard shiftJubei'Thos-US7928Not updated
70Nonkee Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US7906Not updated
71Thetaxman DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US7889Not updated
72Calmless Underworld Õf WarcraftJubei'Thos-US7878Not updated
73Rorqual Rise of The TyrantJubei'Thos-US7854Not updated
74Terribull KNsJubei'Thos-US7846Not updated
75Laperrã Gundleus GamingJubei'Thos-US7844Not updated
76Augidgetty Kia OraJubei'Thos-US7830Not updated
77Peggysui Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US7773Not updated
78Mojoeh SausageFest IIJubei'Thos-US7768Not updated
79Aliceinhell Semper InvictaJubei'Thos-US7763Not updated
80Ibutho War for TerritoryJubei'Thos-US7746Not updated
81Qaal TOG LootzorsJubei'Thos-US7658Not updated
82Batlhazar ShadowscourgeJubei'Thos-US7560Not updated
83Zazoon  Jubei'Thos-US7553Not updated
84Bullmate DilemmaJubei'Thos-US7546Not updated
85Denky ShadowscourgeJubei'Thos-US7537Not updated
86Cañdy TOG LootzorsJubei'Thos-US7519Not updated

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