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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kaylac Cognitive DissonanceIllidan-US23490Not updated
2Cebdk The RebellionIllidan-US20317Not updated
3Jasminê ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US18186Not updated
4Apalla Warforged BattalionIllidan-US18147Not updated
5Nobufusa RefugeesIllidan-US17962Not updated
6Mahjito Accidentally AwesomeIllidan-US17813Not updated
7Mneme Living VicariouslyIllidan-US17605Not updated
8Valgardiàn Sllib Is BadIllidan-US16325Not updated
9Mahgda Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US16100Not updated
10Valgardían TempéstIllidan-US16084Not updated
11Orcpheus Living VicariouslyIllidan-US16068Not updated
12Keylogga Twisted IntentIllidan-US15892Not updated
13Setti Unleash the DragonIllidan-US15778Not updated
14Akie  Illidan-US15658Not updated
15Misscorpse  Illidan-US15630Not updated
16Spacetrader Eternal RageIllidan-US15464Not updated
17Farsha Steam RolledIllidan-US15363Not updated
18Neruum Sllib Is BadIllidan-US15218Not updated
19Necloj  Illidan-US15216Not updated
20Haroldbaines HauntedIllidan-US15174Not updated
21Avarre I Am The BossIllidan-US15118Not updated
22Feeasco DeliriumIllidan-US14953Not updated
23Alawynn Rowdy GentlemenIllidan-US14925Not updated
24Padmal StrifeIllidan-US14888Not updated
25Serekefour Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US14875Not updated
26Rihannafae Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US14871Not updated
27Epicilon Immortal ChaosIllidan-US14732Not updated
28Kazumitsu  Illidan-US14725Not updated
29Milliss For ScienceIllidan-US14475Not updated
30Nerzhuu TempéstIllidan-US14426Not updated
30Nerzhum TempéstIllidan-US14426Not updated
32Munghks Sonic Death MonkeyIllidan-US14420Not updated
33Termakna Hordehound GangIllidan-US14411Not updated
34Cueballer Explicit ContentIllidan-US14336Not updated
35Raeb  Illidan-US14326Not updated
36Baltazara The Crimson LotusIllidan-US14285Not updated
37Ddm EulogyIllidan-US14224Not updated
38Zapnaranrand Im PvPingIllidan-US14204Not updated
39Darkabbot Unknown CovenIllidan-US14194Not updated
40Graverob  Illidan-US14100Not updated
41Irtarded VengeanceIllidan-US13885Not updated
42Akdeathchamp  Illidan-US13827Not updated
43Bernhardtt Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US13804Not updated
44Viliee Living VicariouslyIllidan-US13672Not updated
45Syrious Deus MessorIllidan-US13370Not updated
46Axeformer SanctorumIllidan-US13067Not updated
47Bownear Elites of AzerothIllidan-US12987Not updated
48Sfaok  Illidan-US12857Not updated
49Odocoileus illogicalIllidan-US12723Not updated
50Bodasity Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US12223Not updated
51Silversayan  Illidan-US12204Not updated
52Haggorn Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US12191Not updated
53Mortagona VengeanceIllidan-US12138Not updated
54Nosummons Hordes MinionsIllidan-US12072Not updated
55Erthuzad FoTMIllidan-US12041Not updated
56Pèach  Illidan-US11930Not updated
57Notzoo Mouse PotatoesIllidan-US11924Not updated
58Jilarii Call to ArmsIllidan-US11909Not updated
59Nakama DreamTeamIllidan-US11869Not updated
60Ellumina EncoreIllidan-US11845Not updated
61Nymphis ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US11804Not updated
62Tiz Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US11769Not updated
63Krrewl Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US11611Not updated
64Nåfiy StyleIllidan-US11609Not updated
65Dahlonega MOVIN OUR HIPS LIKE YEAAIllidan-US11578Not updated
66Maegara AlteredIllidan-US11546Not updated
66Lateara Aspect of FaithIllidan-US11546Not updated
68Nasenan FantasiaIllidan-US11516Not updated
69Jasminima Disciples of the ChuckIllidan-US11458Not updated
69Mialucia FoTMIllidan-US11458Not updated
71Éel Eternal WinterIllidan-US11323Not updated
72Gâto SchadenfreudeIllidan-US11309Not updated
73Qyunas Safety FirstIllidan-US11302Not updated
74Kawaii Serious GamingIllidan-US11298Not updated
75Pwnderz USMCIllidan-US11280Not updated
76Snydez  Illidan-US11210Not updated
77Awsomeness Wake of ChaosIllidan-US11181Not updated
78Robotix RefractionIllidan-US11173Not updated
79Schone  Illidan-US11170Not updated
80Môrphinei USMCIllidan-US11127Not updated
81Testicus The Magisterium VanguardIllidan-US11123Not updated
82Berdine Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US11090Not updated
83Aaliyáh We Strictly PVPIllidan-US11028Not updated
84Vomoomoo  Illidan-US11015Not updated
85Freezér Kings of OldIllidan-US10813Not updated
86Zguru The Blood CouncilIllidan-US10733Not updated
87Corpsesucks Somethin CleverIllidan-US10661Not updated
88Epozine EulogyIllidan-US10619Not updated

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