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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Euphemìa Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU16423Not updated
2Solveïg SofaKingCoolIllidan-EU15390Not updated
3Ãodren  Illidan-EU14872Not updated
4Aõdren  Illidan-EU14727Not updated
5Sees RequiemIllidan-EU13870Not updated
6Moonee  Illidan-EU13152Not updated
7Melyn We Did ItIllidan-EU13005Not updated
8Missmymy La ConfIllidan-EU11804Not updated
9Nathyra Les Loutres Ki PoutrentIllidan-EU11614Not updated
10Rïkü TRINITYIllidan-EU11425Not updated
11Emraledémø MétempsycoseIllidan-EU11383Not updated
12Feelback  Illidan-EU11160Not updated
13Dhryanna Semper FiIllidan-EU11130Not updated
14Tapo  Illidan-EU10709Not updated
15Arguaelle Noble ArtIllidan-EU10397Not updated
16Heod HadésIllidan-EU10342Not updated
17Nalid Pyjama des TénèbresIllidan-EU10323Not updated
18Labhey MurlocIllidan-EU10185Not updated
19Kheph  Illidan-EU9979Not updated
20Karlith Ergo ProxyIllidan-EU9881Not updated
21Chinza  Illidan-EU9654Not updated
22Lécolo Soul PunchIllidan-EU9580Not updated
23Emys BlowIllidan-EU9520Not updated
24Fârm Bad WolfIllidan-EU9424Not updated
25Poldera  Illidan-EU9330Not updated
26Ekhze Moo TangIllidan-EU9271Not updated
27Upsa LegendesIllidan-EU9211Not updated
28Ehpets Heal me plizIllidan-EU9196Not updated
29Catastrophe InSiemIllidan-EU9192Not updated
30Rorzette KaminaIllidan-EU9023Not updated
31Allari Ordre De GuerreIllidan-EU8938Not updated
32Akupunktur  Illidan-EU8893Not updated
32Heavn  Illidan-EU8893Not updated
34Xoco LegendesIllidan-EU8808Not updated
35Allorax Ordre De GuerreIllidan-EU8802Not updated
36Arrønax HadésIllidan-EU8725Not updated
37Thethanos Loups de SangIllidan-EU8662Not updated
38Minikïss MurlocIllidan-EU8647Not updated
39Ghôost Kernells Of WabonIllidan-EU8638Not updated
40Alpe Les CroisésIllidan-EU8637Not updated
41Sharwynn Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU8610Not updated
42Kleen ExtaZeIllidan-EU8236Not updated
43Syphodiaz  Illidan-EU8142Not updated
44Pinkpantsu  Illidan-EU8116Not updated
45Jooss ØbscürIllidan-EU8054Not updated
46Astren EmpireIllidan-EU8050Not updated
47Gouzì Rage KitIllidan-EU8038Not updated
48Xanakis EmpireIllidan-EU8023Not updated
49Bjorin Semper FiIllidan-EU7998Not updated
50Dkverñ RenewalIllidan-EU7973Not updated
51Troyes The ExploitedIllidan-EU7965Not updated
52Kaméha Bad ClownIllidan-EU7883Not updated
53Chamix  Illidan-EU7859Not updated
54Dkvërn  Illidan-EU7853Not updated
55Moniolita ReverseIllidan-EU7833Not updated
56Chjmilia Pyjama des TénèbresIllidan-EU7803Not updated
57Moonglory Semper FiIllidan-EU7795Not updated
58Analine Frozen TearsIllidan-EU7792Not updated
59Lounat Les Devil BatsIllidan-EU7760Not updated
60Keyà Just PøwnedIllidan-EU7731Not updated
61Alucârd VersùsIllidan-EU7660Not updated
62Lauredanâ la legion des angesIllidan-EU7606Not updated
63Aklass Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU7559Not updated
64Hush MurlocIllidan-EU7521Not updated
65Agap SofaKingCoolIllidan-EU7502Not updated
66Tyloot  Illidan-EU7433Not updated
67Nuel  Illidan-EU7411Not updated
68Draarkness La ConfIllidan-EU7402Not updated
69Shaðow  Illidan-EU7395Not updated
70Storytime SofaKingCoolIllidan-EU7393Not updated
70Pihñg ReadyCheckIllidan-EU7393Not updated
72Metalman  Illidan-EU7332Not updated
73Justcow the rumsteack familyIllidan-EU7330Not updated
74Seyna  Illidan-EU7316Not updated
75Ptitfilou Post MortemIllidan-EU7308Not updated
75Macdeath Post MortemIllidan-EU7308Not updated
77Valunistar Post MortemIllidan-EU7300Not updated
78Synclol ExtaZeIllidan-EU7295Not updated
79Celulite  Illidan-EU7250Not updated
80Davius  Illidan-EU7208Not updated
81Sanytol les folles ailéesIllidan-EU7163Not updated
82Ataxie Les PhénixIllidan-EU7073Not updated
83Pikadwarf Sanctum SeisIllidan-EU7031Not updated
84Alénä TimelessIllidan-EU7013Not updated
85Nightsorrow Les No LifeIllidan-EU6993Not updated
86Tfoutü AnarchÿIllidan-EU6968Not updated
87Termînator Les loutres qui poutrentIllidan-EU6965Not updated
88Mönïa EvolutiønIllidan-EU6948Not updated
89Kïssmiss HadésIllidan-EU6938Not updated
90Raiv Ergo ProxyIllidan-EU6921Not updated
91Shinmaoh The AceIllidan-EU6884Not updated
92Deathmodius Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU6883Not updated
92Satyha  Illidan-EU6883Not updated
92Grimgrimdeux Battlestar Ogre SmashIllidan-EU6883Not updated
95Ursøl The AshbringerIllidan-EU6881Not updated
96Tarandia BlowIllidan-EU6878Not updated

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