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Icecrown-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Sinu MOVEIcecrown-US16225
2Koori Seventh CavalryIcecrown-US14934Not updated
3Bahzeh Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US14832
4Snuggly Peons No MoreIcecrown-US14644
5Dethstribute Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US14476
6Ragosa WHUIcecrown-US14350
7Larantar Dark JusticeIcecrown-US14296
8Desrike Often MisquotedIcecrown-US13912
9Evisorane Fatmas ForeverIcecrown-US13832
10Shakesbeard WHUIcecrown-US13709
11Saphari Stray CatsIcecrown-US13292Not updated
12Aeonesti Peons No MoreIcecrown-US12430
13Emmasbear Epic KinshipIcecrown-US12195Not updated
14Tribbles WyrmfoeIcecrown-US12025
15Mising Draconus NoirIcecrown-US11776Not updated
16Odo Peons No MoreIcecrown-US11541
17Jardian Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US11454
18Ozmodeus In For the KillIcecrown-US11433
19Emmamae Liars and CheatsIcecrown-US11101
20Onawhite DisciplesIcecrown-US10880Not updated
21Hutt WHUIcecrown-US10852
22Reistlin Knights who say NiIcecrown-US10737
23Tibatha ØfficialIcecrown-US10729
24Apricots Liars and CheatsIcecrown-US10584Not updated
25Intereo Deus InvictusIcecrown-US10522
26Bearlis Seventh CavalryIcecrown-US10513Not updated
27Emeralda WyrmfoeIcecrown-US10512
28Leksi Dark JusticeIcecrown-US10432Not updated
29Cometstar Chi No TensiIcecrown-US10258Not updated
30Voomer Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US10151
31Krondar In For the KillIcecrown-US10131
32Zostra FatalityIcecrown-US10117
33Failcreation Operation MindcrimeIcecrown-US10025Not updated
34Edeena Scales Of The DragonIcecrown-US10022
35Bellasiel InhumanusIcecrown-US10001Not updated
36Flopsyhunt Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US9768Not updated
37Battlefocus WyrmfoeIcecrown-US9757
38Megabattle WyrmfoeIcecrown-US9733
39Lunarshifter Liars and CheatsIcecrown-US9665Not updated
40Babaganouj Forbidden OrderIcecrown-US9662
41Nyka Forbidden OrderIcecrown-US9625
42Dilbo tôrmentIcecrown-US9530Not updated
43Kindre  Icecrown-US9516Not updated
44Nev ReminiscenceIcecrown-US9473
45Geschmack Blades of Sin DoreiIcecrown-US9455Not updated
46Rivershine WyrmfoeIcecrown-US9441
47Jontom Knights who say NiIcecrown-US9408
48Mysttery has Evil IntentIcecrown-US9407Not updated
49Sandmanmea Well of SoulsIcecrown-US9401
50Heyyou Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US9357
51Archego is Packin HeatIcecrown-US9356Not updated
52Tigerich SpartansIcecrown-US9347
53Kismet Ramming SpeedIcecrown-US9343Not updated
54Trollheim Meds After MidnightIcecrown-US9269Not updated
55Leadslinger Is EvilIcecrown-US9234
56Auntasia Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US9164
57Babybunny Liars and CheatsIcecrown-US9030Not updated
58Nakedwarrior Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8943
59Gobbleygook Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US8930
60Rithwic Knights who say NiIcecrown-US8882
61Icydeadhorde Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8872
61Huntardead Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8872
63Bassackwards Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8850
64Khalesee Forbidden OrderIcecrown-US8821
65Poesy Large Friendly GuildIcecrown-US8820
65Palatina Large Friendly GuildIcecrown-US8820
67Sherryberry Celtic CrusadersIcecrown-US8818Not updated
68Zombiesblood Exiled by NormalityIcecrown-US8816Not updated
69Euthinasia Peons No MoreIcecrown-US8810
70Fisherteli Unholy KnightsIcecrown-US8798Not updated
71Yorzi CANT HEAL STÜPIDIcecrown-US8754
72Sykopathetic Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8679
73Brazzap Bashin OrdurIcecrown-US8587Not updated
74Zaranmage Tea Party PatriotsIcecrown-US8388
75Chwerw Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US8316
76Alysstraae Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8294
77Redtoon FatalityIcecrown-US8266
78Margalaa Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US8243
79Quatria The Cha Cha ExpressIcecrown-US8237Not updated
80Asra Deus InvictusIcecrown-US8201
81Starstrúck Draconus NoirIcecrown-US8172
82Saintbrandon Dark AngelzIcecrown-US8169
83Popful Well of SoulsIcecrown-US8164
84Zarantank Tea Party PatriotsIcecrown-US8163Not updated
85Saphstar Fierce CreaturesIcecrown-US8147
86Eludeveren  Icecrown-US8140Not updated
87Silhouette Deus InvictusIcecrown-US8132
88Calitress Dark AngelzIcecrown-US8117

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