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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Judessi TFHyjal-US20307Not updated
2Ðarkseid Flavor of The MonthHyjal-US17653Not updated
3Tarsomanna  Hyjal-US16532Not updated
4Armagoblin Seriously ClassyHyjal-US15879Not updated
5Deadlyclaw Hyjal Social ClubHyjal-US15482Not updated
6Sylkk Squirrel LegionHyjal-US15476Not updated
7Fraïl Advent FuryHyjal-US15232Not updated
8Amirron Who Is John GaltHyjal-US15070Not updated
9Tzinago Advent FuryHyjal-US14863Not updated
10Gobrek ThunderfuryHyjal-US14744Not updated
11Greymung Squirrel LegionHyjal-US14598Not updated
12Niceness UnderhillHyjal-US14312Not updated
13Ahmilleh IntegrityHyjal-US14098Not updated
14Psellia MomentiHyjal-US13903Not updated
15Teltanara DarkfallHyjal-US13886Not updated
16Porcupette MomentiHyjal-US13685Not updated
17Zzryx DefianceHyjal-US13558Not updated
18Venomess Seriously ClassyHyjal-US13521Not updated
19Kristèn Hyjals HerosHyjal-US13516Not updated
20Carmageddon Driven By DistractionHyjal-US13471Not updated
21Mercatia LividHyjal-US13333Not updated
22Perryl UnderhillHyjal-US13118Not updated
23Morghala BLITZKRIEGHyjal-US13015Not updated
24Oheart NeverlifeHyjal-US12994Not updated
25Brightburger Squirrel LegionHyjal-US12776Not updated
26Sataynia AshesHyjal-US12699Not updated
27Gritta Assassins of the NightHyjal-US12400Not updated
28Polymorphest GambìtHyjal-US12133Not updated
29Excoriate L E G E N DHyjal-US12054Not updated
30Todesblatt Lucky CharmsHyjal-US11986Not updated
31Magenemesis TrialandErrorHyjal-US11864Not updated
32Papapox Seriously ClassyHyjal-US11813Not updated
33Heilzya Gnomes Shall ServeHyjal-US11611Not updated
34Doomba Kick Their DarnassusHyjal-US11473Not updated
35Shadowbeauty Free BootersHyjal-US11469Not updated
36Onceaday Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US11453Not updated
37Deyalin  Hyjal-US11390Not updated
38Eruptive The Wolves of WarHyjal-US11346Not updated
39Beanah Death By DesignHyjal-US11265Not updated
40Felindris BLITZKRIEGHyjal-US11218Not updated
40Earthsinger BLITZKRIEGHyjal-US11218Not updated
40Amelynna BLITZKRIEGHyjal-US11218Not updated
40Vellektra BLITZKRIEGHyjal-US11218Not updated
44Gyrren Seriously ClassyHyjal-US11205Not updated
45Haights Paying it ForwardHyjal-US11200Not updated
46Goodherbmon BedlamHyjal-US11181Not updated
47Xiolla AsesinosHyjal-US11058Not updated
48Crne Antisocial ClubHyjal-US10864Not updated
49Sonikill Flavor of The MonthHyjal-US10838Not updated
50Senza The CompanyHyjal-US10827Not updated
51Jecasa TrivialHyjal-US10629Not updated
52Shelaena TrivialHyjal-US10578Not updated
53Scotty MidpullHyjal-US10529Not updated
54Zaebos CastaliaHyjal-US10503Not updated
55Lookinboy The AinurHyjal-US10499Not updated
56Kahthunk Taco Stand BanditsHyjal-US10480Not updated
57Haelstorm Legion of the NightHyjal-US10429Not updated
58Debbiedoo  Hyjal-US10366Not updated
59Kaelios Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US10319Not updated
60Woye UnderhillHyjal-US10261Not updated
61Instramental  Hyjal-US10243Not updated
62Kirahh Reckless AmbitionHyjal-US10229Not updated
63Daitis Paying it ForwardHyjal-US10199Not updated
64Avenestra BenevolentHyjal-US10174Not updated
65Mistìc AsylumHyjal-US10104Not updated
65Thundark ThunderfuryHyjal-US10104Not updated
67Stríke Last PullHyjal-US10081Not updated
68Frye DrivenHyjal-US10065Not updated
69Elexsea The Wolves of WarHyjal-US9911Not updated
70Zency L E G E N DHyjal-US9868Not updated
71Azuredevil Fun With FriendsHyjal-US9865Not updated
72Spooldaria ThunderfuryHyjal-US9836Not updated
73Katraa TrialandErrorHyjal-US9834Not updated
74Gaddget Vile BladeHyjal-US9797Not updated
75Battlingmrb Legends of the WestHyjal-US9762Not updated
76Diamondeye  Hyjal-US9732Not updated
77Bovoxen Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US9728Not updated
78Panzerone Seriously ClassyHyjal-US9716Not updated
79Vicvinegar Antisocial ClubHyjal-US9691Not updated

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