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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Turökk  Hyjal-EU24649Not updated
2Kyparite ApogéeHyjal-EU24436Not updated
3Lyloù ApogéeHyjal-EU24374Not updated
4Stracciatela ApogéeHyjal-EU22794Not updated
5Sarenah Les hamsters mécaniquesHyjal-EU17333Not updated
6Anteac Les hamsters mécaniquesHyjal-EU17308Not updated
7Shenwa  Hyjal-EU16673Not updated
8Ishundun AvalonHyjal-EU16461Not updated
9Unlockhï AvalonHyjal-EU16358Not updated
10Dunmorr EmpriseHyjal-EU15781Not updated
11Solveïg Night HeavenHyjal-EU15395Not updated
12Rortov RejectHyjal-EU15045Not updated
12Vortimonky RejectHyjal-EU15045Not updated
14Alun AvalonHyjal-EU14923Not updated
15Vortôr RejectHyjal-EU14896Not updated
16Malhiboux PandemøniumHyjal-EU14850Not updated
17Luqa We Are LegiønHyjal-EU14845Not updated
18Ashashine Nø Need RépaHyjal-EU14740Not updated
19Tôtor BioHaZarDHyjal-EU14736Not updated
20Lôôty SPARTANSHyjal-EU14612Not updated
21Isthanor  Hyjal-EU14555Not updated
22Zèph Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU14529Not updated
23Varim Next GaymerHyjal-EU14500Not updated
24Korpikaksi Casus BelliHyjal-EU14467Not updated
25Alake Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU14340Not updated
26Gabonne gros noobHyjal-EU14335Not updated
27Vonkhar Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU14325Not updated
28Klâshnöviâ Wype SpiritHyjal-EU14300Not updated
29Crocstan Seigneurs de GuerreHyjal-EU14222Not updated
30Ibara SilmarilHyjal-EU14221Not updated
31Sëbastien Amicitiam NocturnisHyjal-EU14217Not updated
32Harmiel Le Dernier RempartHyjal-EU14123Not updated
33Bisounouz EtherniumHyjal-EU14033Not updated
34Nololiin  Hyjal-EU13988Not updated
35Migou Les Gardiens du SecretHyjal-EU13884Not updated
36Akheon Ab NihiloHyjal-EU13809Not updated
37Ajababee Old Twisted MHyjal-EU13749Not updated
38Mamu Les rescapés des barbapaHyjal-EU13144Not updated
39Hellsoul  Hyjal-EU13041Not updated
40Blurpette Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU12608Not updated
41Frogg Au bonheur des croacroaHyjal-EU12528Not updated
42Thorgann AlunäeHyjal-EU12329Not updated
43Vihenrose FØØL MØØNHyjal-EU12270Not updated
44Hermód Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU12204Not updated
44Leikn Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU12204Not updated
46Cincint  Hyjal-EU12176Not updated
47Gladîe TenacityHyjal-EU12081Not updated
48Ðefiance  Hyjal-EU11939Not updated
49Ctedermage Le ValhallaHyjal-EU11918Not updated
50Aëphqua We Are LegiønHyjal-EU11854Not updated
51Tracerchas Ordre du Lys ArgentéHyjal-EU11759Not updated
52Oeildetigre World LegionHyjal-EU11581Not updated
53Tescomme Les Vengeurs d AzerothHyjal-EU11570Not updated
54Grumovalda Last AriaHyjal-EU11447Not updated
55Tamo Arkhaios KotnHyjal-EU11441Not updated
55Äghora Arkhaios KotnHyjal-EU11441Not updated
55Ekömaneim Arkhaios KotnHyjal-EU11441Not updated
58Naellae AuxiliumHyjal-EU11388Not updated
59Fëëlback La Rose PourpreHyjal-EU11259Not updated
60Azækk Herp DerpHyjal-EU11157Not updated
61Zøltakk  Hyjal-EU11154Not updated
62Arthania Ladies FirstHyjal-EU11093Not updated
63Oràcle WarhoonsHyjal-EU11013Not updated
64Luadolobo  Hyjal-EU11006Not updated
65Eskhandor  Hyjal-EU10865Not updated
66Mimorius Samuraï shodownHyjal-EU10802Not updated
66Folichon  Hyjal-EU10802Not updated
66Johndarc  Hyjal-EU10802Not updated
69Sarlis In Burst We TrustHyjal-EU10790Not updated
70ßingo  Hyjal-EU10775Not updated
71Gador EmpriseHyjal-EU10748Not updated
72Lyriana  Hyjal-EU10662Not updated
73Attena Le chevronHyjal-EU10632Not updated
74Maelanne Aman ThalionHyjal-EU10625Not updated
75Émeldis ChrønosHyjal-EU10615Not updated
76Whitedémon  Hyjal-EU10572Not updated
77Fonze NightstormHyjal-EU10520Not updated
78Dreidor les chevaliers d argentHyjal-EU10479Not updated
79Piuf Gloriana XIVHyjal-EU10414Not updated
80Xyleane HéphaïstosHyjal-EU10398Not updated
81Portefermaie Gød Of WärHyjal-EU10392Not updated
82Rokferh Royaumes déchusHyjal-EU10345Not updated
82Kaïlyn Killing SpreeHyjal-EU10345Not updated
84Demonyyâ  Hyjal-EU10327Not updated
85Sørnn PandemøniumHyjal-EU10226Not updated
86Razmar Eldar SacrificiumHyjal-EU10140Not updated
87Nethë  Hyjal-EU10102Not updated
88Deepsy ArchetypeHyjal-EU10077Not updated
89Ditha Les phoénix de SolarisHyjal-EU10066Not updated
90Sombreflan Office du tourismeHyjal-EU10042Not updated
91Asnul ValHallaRisingHyjal-EU10039Not updated
92Hulkinho La Cuisine à L ElfeHyjal-EU10029Not updated
93Gurito De Degeneration XHyjal-EU10012Not updated
94Bontìz Angeli TenebraeHyjal-EU9984Not updated
95Lomelïndi RenaissanceHyjal-EU9975Not updated
96Striky Dark BisounoursHyjal-EU9973Not updated
97Nikoleta  Hyjal-EU9940Not updated
98Divinamia  Hyjal-EU9928Not updated
99Nayosha ValHallaRisingHyjal-EU9907Not updated
100Rankzèrøx Arkhaios KotnHyjal-EU9900Not updated

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