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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Amandine Armored JusticeHellscream-US16082Not updated
2Rakawa Carpe NoctemHellscream-US15840Not updated
3Seediver EntropyHellscream-US15692Not updated
4Vally WeBringDeathHellscream-US14814Not updated
5Mastrcadaver Booty HuntersHellscream-US14800Not updated
6Beargogrr  Hellscream-US14378Not updated
7Drogoslade SovereigntyHellscream-US14277Not updated
8Daedin EhrenguardHellscream-US13608Not updated
9Juggernuat Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US13197Not updated
10Karlayne Carpe NoctemHellscream-US13029Not updated
11Improbabull Carpe NoctemHellscream-US12993Not updated
12Mòònlight Appetite for DestructionHellscream-US12400Not updated
13Chalingalas Dude Wheres My MurlocHellscream-US12210Not updated
14Druzy  Hellscream-US12013Not updated
15Celzavi Knights of ArathorHellscream-US11741Not updated
16Leothius EhrenguardHellscream-US11531Not updated
17Deathbyblood Knights of OblivionHellscream-US11451Not updated
18Barfy KuGHellscream-US11115Not updated
19Wammo  Hellscream-US10797Not updated
20Schadenfreud PhoenixHellscream-US10136Not updated
21Kuramis Appetite for DestructionHellscream-US9960Not updated
22Malicant Mooing ChaosHellscream-US9929Not updated
23Acewar FearlessHellscream-US9920Not updated
24Fanasia Faded DreamsHellscream-US9911Not updated
25Javilla Appetite for DestructionHellscream-US9871Not updated
26Phepha Blood of MedivhHellscream-US9823Not updated
27Exitwound  Hellscream-US9699Not updated
28Rotran SovereigntyHellscream-US9633Not updated
29Xenawarrior WeBringDeathHellscream-US9603Not updated
30Madmardigen TaintedHellscream-US9536Not updated
31Nielol CorruptedHellscream-US9533Not updated
32Devilsdaddy Death For BreakfastHellscream-US9498Not updated
33Jerber SeraphimHellscream-US9487Not updated
34Whilin Slow BurnHellscream-US9431Not updated
35Inapropriate Iron ParadoxHellscream-US9275Not updated
36Wyatterp  Hellscream-US9240Not updated
37Jesejames  Hellscream-US9237Not updated
37Phuzzy Hogger Ate My SandwichHellscream-US9237Not updated
39Mythed NoumenoNHellscream-US9160Not updated
40Zamphir We Kill For CopperHellscream-US9117Not updated
41Estralyta Hells RejectsHellscream-US9091Not updated
42Backfromhell The Dead RabbitsHellscream-US8992Not updated
43Prospeçt Project NightmareHellscream-US8920Not updated
44Líme Unbowed Unbent UnbrokenHellscream-US8919Not updated
45Díme  Hellscream-US8914Not updated
46Synteç The Elite FewHellscream-US8910Not updated
47Olíve EnthronedHellscream-US8845Not updated
48Maareis LegacyHellscream-US8834Not updated
49Jasminsparks Knights of KeeblerHellscream-US8798Not updated
50Ianal Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US8728Not updated
51Bloodwork  Hellscream-US8624Not updated
52Tirastina Harmony in ChaosHellscream-US8615Not updated
53Meritae EntropyHellscream-US8557Not updated
54Másego Crushing DawnHellscream-US8522Not updated
55Twinkkie  Hellscream-US8491Not updated
56Pïntsize The Nimbus of IrregularsHellscream-US8487Not updated
57Krieg Eternal ReverenceHellscream-US8479Not updated
58Hellhawk Hell IncHellscream-US8430Not updated
59Amadia Armored JusticeHellscream-US8369Not updated
60Rhissa Faded DreamsHellscream-US8340Not updated
61Mostel Azeroth War ExtremistsHellscream-US8331Not updated
62Brokenchair Carpe NoctemHellscream-US8293Not updated
63Krystlelynn BankaiHellscream-US8291Not updated
64Bergen Nightmare WalkingHellscream-US8290Not updated
65Mallak Carebear StareHellscream-US8288Not updated
66Alterbachem  Hellscream-US8176Not updated
67Roethyll Absent ElementHellscream-US8149Not updated
68Honeybear Deviance and DebaucheryHellscream-US8114Not updated
69Arahguren CorruptedHellscream-US8089Not updated
70Ackbah  Hellscream-US8052Not updated
71Beebenbo House of InsanityHellscream-US8045Not updated
72Whitesugar Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US8039Not updated
73Rangefinder Legione VietatoHellscream-US8035Not updated
74Dormok Coven of the Veiled SeaHellscream-US8024Not updated
75Hoboh  Hellscream-US7979Not updated
76Tealke Coven of the Veiled SeaHellscream-US7947Not updated
77Pinball MethodHellscream-US7936Not updated
78Mojolicious Carpe NoctemHellscream-US7930Not updated
79Thanamortisa Spite and MaliceHellscream-US7923Not updated
80Perillous  Hellscream-US7914Not updated
81Bakobako MethodHellscream-US7902Not updated
82Moriella VanguardHellscream-US7899Not updated
83Liylie  Hellscream-US7852Not updated
84Rainmyst Appetite for DestructionHellscream-US7815Not updated
85Majikhandz Celestial BloodlineHellscream-US7800Not updated
86Charese  Hellscream-US7779Not updated
87Lukéwarm Déjà VuHellscream-US7774Not updated
88Angál Celestial BloodlineHellscream-US7770Not updated
89Amarysse  Hellscream-US7720Not updated
90Vixxius LF Raid GuildHellscream-US7715Not updated
91Watchyoudie  Hellscream-US7707Not updated
92Elaynemb KILLER BUNNIES OF DööMHellscream-US7662Not updated
93Babygurrl WarforgedHellscream-US7650Not updated
94Yoü Coming In DryHellscream-US7607Not updated
95Guccii  Hellscream-US7604Not updated
96Biscutz EhrenguardHellscream-US7580Not updated
97Estral AscensionHellscream-US7553Not updated
98Grorgkar BirkanaHellscream-US7550Not updated
99Deadalus Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US7524Not updated
100Whitehorse TaintedHellscream-US7523Not updated

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