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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellfire-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Amorita  Hellfire-EU21668Not updated
2Malfious DeliriumHellfire-EU17851Not updated
3Moql Burst MeHellfire-EU17692Not updated
4Ohfusknoes Masters of MayhemHellfire-EU16754Not updated
5Guapita ImmortalsHellfire-EU15782Not updated
6Saidie MineHellfire-EU14181Not updated
7Fhwz The Death TribeHellfire-EU13658Not updated
8Diyiiy The Knights of StormwindHellfire-EU13545Not updated
9Fhwd Death TribeHellfire-EU13322Not updated
10Worgenlina Tre LowenHellfire-EU12969Not updated
11Kamokerre Czech HordeHellfire-EU12095Not updated
12Nadilli RealityHellfire-EU11985Not updated
13Navinosoul Carpe DiemHellfire-EU11886Not updated
14Glangar Dragons WeyrHellfire-EU11247Not updated
15Pennicia GalacticaHellfire-EU10921Not updated
16Nuranshean legalizeHellfire-EU10850Not updated
17Castillian Tre LowenHellfire-EU10808Not updated
18Ioannhs Me And My GnomiezHellfire-EU10708Not updated
19Haven DiscombobulatedHellfire-EU10675Not updated
20Aliyia Knights of StormwindHellfire-EU10661Not updated
21Syrop Night WatchHellfire-EU10598Not updated
22Collossuss Tre LowenHellfire-EU10531Not updated
23Byschita RektHellfire-EU10163Not updated
24Rydía A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU10107Not updated
25Tiye Immortal and FearlessHellfire-EU10083Not updated
26Thjalfe The Death TribeHellfire-EU9766Not updated
27Futaba Champions of the nightHellfire-EU9705Not updated
28Culaita Alea iacta estHellfire-EU9695Not updated
29Hellrok First ProphecyHellfire-EU9686Not updated
30Agat Vitam et MortemHellfire-EU9679Not updated
31Muopen Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU9676Not updated
32Tottenham Norwegian mafiaHellfire-EU9667Not updated
33Looc Ye Olde GitsHellfire-EU9554Not updated
33Sprinkhaan Knights of HollandHellfire-EU9554Not updated
35Morrf The UnfetteredHellfire-EU9366Not updated
36Chocomoes Creme Egg ProtectorsHellfire-EU9313Not updated
37Adelinutza  Hellfire-EU9274Not updated
38Magento Knights of HollandHellfire-EU9228Not updated
39Diavla The Death TribeHellfire-EU9182Not updated
40Jainaproud Tre LowenHellfire-EU8997Not updated
41Labutes Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU8977Not updated
42Quickdèath BeepHellfire-EU8958Not updated
43Desstroyer Crusade TemplarHellfire-EU8951Not updated
44Phédre EuphoriaHellfire-EU8860Not updated
45Brewyy ImmortalsHellfire-EU8845Not updated
46Traskus The Death TribeHellfire-EU8760Not updated
47Corvixcor Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU8754Not updated
48Caedesa MabinogionHellfire-EU8725Not updated
49Heruc The Dark SideHellfire-EU8705Not updated
50Clothilde EnterpriseHellfire-EU8702Not updated
51Tutoria Side EffectHellfire-EU8581Not updated
52Izanhami Blood MoonHellfire-EU8528Not updated
53Ratusratus The NuGen HordeHellfire-EU8368Not updated
54Jilpicard DefiniumHellfire-EU8313Not updated
55Cristinutza dark serpentsHellfire-EU8308Not updated
56Sveijk CaligulaHellfire-EU8251Not updated
57Hellthrone VehemenceHellfire-EU8187Not updated
58Bloodlake  Hellfire-EU8185Not updated
59Palapopeye  Hellfire-EU8146Not updated
60Oxymortesai A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU8144Not updated
61Ravinia Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU8137Not updated
62Qyzoxzylix The Panderian Tea ClubHellfire-EU8119Not updated
63Náin Rude AwakeningHellfire-EU8099Not updated
64Twinkletoes WorldClassHellfire-EU8087Not updated
65Deszus GDIHellfire-EU8019Not updated
66Beylor The Death TribeHellfire-EU8009Not updated
67Dewrath Death GateHellfire-EU7968Not updated
68Catspaw DiscombobulatedHellfire-EU7941Not updated
69Florá Danish GuardiansHellfire-EU7900Not updated
70Stampergrey Pie FlavourHellfire-EU7859Not updated
71Megàmind A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU7844Not updated
72Hentrance Legends of OldHellfire-EU7837Not updated
73Ruelf New kids on WoWHellfire-EU7826Not updated
74Toadwart The PuffariniosHellfire-EU7817Not updated
75Jackil Shards of FaithHellfire-EU7663Not updated
76Xetorp Tre LowenHellfire-EU7656Not updated
77Andromedi Easy RidersHellfire-EU7650Not updated
78Nestor The Death TribeHellfire-EU7643Not updated
79Shadowywrath Tre LowenHellfire-EU7640Not updated
80Deelightful The Death TribeHellfire-EU7614Not updated
81Jenairus Tre LowenHellfire-EU7587Not updated
82Questus  Hellfire-EU7554Not updated
83Chodec  Hellfire-EU7548Not updated
84Nòókie RevontuletHellfire-EU7539Not updated
85Jamesdouglas Side EffectHellfire-EU7536Not updated
86Andromida Blind FaithHellfire-EU7504Not updated
87Tarukmaktoe The Yak PakHellfire-EU7498Not updated
88Ormewizzard Dads ArmyHellfire-EU7492Not updated
89Kiarakat Rubber DuckHellfire-EU7429Not updated
90Harpha RedDragonsHellfire-EU7393Not updated
91Ysildur Exclusive VIPHellfire-EU7390Not updated
92Lladyhawk DefiniumHellfire-EU7389Not updated

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