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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gundrak-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Blackball AconiteGundrak-US13401Not updated
2Miancy The InvinciblesGundrak-US11452Not updated
3Slorp Hell HordesGundrak-US11300Not updated
4Voni  Gundrak-US11237Not updated
5Verin  Gundrak-US10710Not updated
6Ssamm  Gundrak-US10644Not updated
7Accidentt UNDISPUTEDGundrak-US10486Not updated
8Joshw ShadowzGundrak-US10291Not updated
9Camelcup Hell HordesGundrak-US10232Not updated
10Kelgore  Gundrak-US10129Not updated
11Roxíe Death Metal UnicornsGundrak-US10078Not updated
12Monkimajiiq EquinoctisGundrak-US10075Not updated
13Zeirathsyaz SyndicateGundrak-US10048Not updated
14Firefrosty AmidoinitriteGundrak-US9381Not updated
15Demonwitch  Gundrak-US9205Not updated
16Valrian  Gundrak-US8907Not updated
17Rienvair UnderBellyGundrak-US8821Not updated
18Squigglles RelinquoGundrak-US8560Not updated
19Sabyne  Gundrak-US8282Not updated
20Constangua Wolf GuardGundrak-US8276Not updated
21Chanmarshall EquinoctisGundrak-US8246Not updated
22Herbivore  Gundrak-US8227Not updated
23Fredly  Gundrak-US8202Not updated
24Catoblepas EquinoctisGundrak-US8137Not updated
25Rìta Perpetual FuryGundrak-US8091Not updated
26Mùdcake EquinoctisGundrak-US7586Not updated
27Distruction PurgatoryGundrak-US7491Not updated
28Mathusalemn  Gundrak-US7489Not updated
29Tìgerwoods  Gundrak-US7278Not updated
30Pallida Brotherhood of AllianceGundrak-US7277Not updated
31Spîtfire  Gundrak-US7217Not updated
32Pretentious  Gundrak-US7124Not updated
33Andashan AscendancyGundrak-US7058Not updated
34Qurl JesusishotGundrak-US6952Not updated
35Grievious Hell HordesGundrak-US6854Not updated
36Skady Tang DynastyGundrak-US6746Not updated
37Phalan Brotherhood of AllianceGundrak-US6727Not updated
38Eyeofwrath EvilutionGundrak-US6690Not updated
39Lunk  Gundrak-US6677Not updated
40Speedphreek  Gundrak-US6641Not updated
41Dismembering  Gundrak-US6618Not updated
42Hairymage ChuckyNorrisGundrak-US6614Not updated
43Snowspirit Perpetual FuryGundrak-US6535Not updated
44Oenomaus eVolutionGundrak-US6502Not updated
45Valthos WhySoSeriousGundrak-US6425Not updated
46Fiive  Gundrak-US6400Not updated
47Monkiusi Actus ReusGundrak-US6367Not updated
48Shabako DeathforceGundrak-US6308Not updated
49Sneakybuu Hell HordesGundrak-US6258Not updated
50Defient  Gundrak-US6181Not updated
51Tràse Perpetual FuryGundrak-US6087Not updated
52Cheekynite  Gundrak-US6028Not updated
53Paramoore UNDISPUTEDGundrak-US5988Not updated
54Chaoticlight ReforgedGundrak-US5969Not updated
55Lysandas VengefulGundrak-US5898Not updated
56Sayeri Perpetual FuryGundrak-US5871Not updated
57Sanctuarý StashGundrak-US5863Not updated
58Frazzled Insanity LaneGundrak-US5856Not updated
59Murderrface AconiteGundrak-US5838Not updated
60Wandastryder DeathforceGundrak-US5822Not updated
60Guenot DeathforceGundrak-US5822Not updated
62Slydin StashGundrak-US5768Not updated
63Bayliee  Gundrak-US5736Not updated
64Beadie The Echo ChambersGundrak-US5717Not updated
65Kajinn Perpetual FuryGundrak-US5664Not updated
66Curacha PinoyGundrak-US5621Not updated
67Heavenli ChataclysmGundrak-US5578Not updated
68Calessa Shadow PanGundrak-US5534Not updated
69Zztankzz  Gundrak-US5527Not updated
70Tehhaxorz EquinoctisGundrak-US5526Not updated
71Luppey Perpetual FuryGundrak-US5518Not updated
72Biggash Emerald Hill GanksterZzGundrak-US5450Not updated
73Muppie  Gundrak-US5425Not updated
74Lockmeup  Gundrak-US5422Not updated
75Ella Incites MayhemGundrak-US5415Not updated
76Hellriana ølskøølGundrak-US5402Not updated
77Vaes  Gundrak-US5394Not updated
78Lycanthro Perpetual FuryGundrak-US5357Not updated
79Snowshoe ShadowzGundrak-US5350Not updated
80Faythlesca EquinoctisGundrak-US5331Not updated
81Felflame  Gundrak-US5327Not updated
82Mattonfire  Gundrak-US5319Not updated
82Mattchoo  Gundrak-US5319Not updated
84Màttchu Teletubbie sippycup SWAGGundrak-US5304Not updated
85Moonkissed  Gundrak-US5301Not updated
86Gables Limited EditionGundrak-US5291Not updated
87Amarisa  Gundrak-US5262Not updated
88Juules  Gundrak-US5223Not updated
89Carevin Limited EditionGundrak-US5204Not updated
90Nightonfire  Gundrak-US5182Not updated
91Kattean  Gundrak-US5170Not updated
91Seishin FuriouslyGundrak-US5170Not updated
93Ashaella Limited EditionGundrak-US5169Not updated
94Deastar RebellionGundrak-US5143Not updated
95Sythia Teletubbie sippycup SWAGGundrak-US5126Not updated
96Healingjuju RebellionGundrak-US5121Not updated
97Rdo  Gundrak-US5109Not updated
98Aelamun The Brew CrewGundrak-US5105Not updated
99Tompala ChataclysmGundrak-US5086Not updated

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