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Gul'dan-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gargoyle  Gul'dan-US15556
2Glyord Legio NexGul'dan-US13064Not updated
4Rawhide Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US12480
5Bartmavrick Knights of BloodsteelGul'dan-US12075Not updated
6Serdona Hogans HeroesGul'dan-US11972Not updated
7Lightle Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US11205Not updated
8Rhules We Are All OneGul'dan-US10419Not updated
9Grimboom RezurrectedGul'dan-US10121
10Darkmaigk AptitudeGul'dan-US10116Not updated
11Darthsandy Prima NoctaGul'dan-US9697Not updated
12Bowtomywill IniquityGul'dan-US9111Not updated
13Tendonitis AptitudeGul'dan-US9017
14Diablerie  Gul'dan-US8879Not updated
15Elrick Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US8711Not updated
16Lasy REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US8417Not updated
17Sohn  Gul'dan-US8380Not updated
18Elhcanaes Casus BelliGul'dan-US8296Not updated
19Chillz ContemptGul'dan-US7996Not updated
20Chromatism Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US7945
21Seething Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US7887
22Quickstick Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US7841
23Infamiss Shady ShenanigansGul'dan-US7830Not updated
24Undeadled EverLongGul'dan-US7700Not updated
25Burleybandit  Gul'dan-US7643Not updated
26Basridire REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US7521
27Wulkofblood The EpitomeGul'dan-US7425
28Deadblue Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US7257
29Paventia Shady ShenanigansGul'dan-US7181
30Jadzia The Knights TemplarGul'dan-US7122
31Blackshire The Knights TemplarGul'dan-US7053
32Jubblejubble Recipe for DisasterGul'dan-US6988Not updated
33Richardde  Gul'dan-US6963
34Raenlord  Gul'dan-US6922Not updated
35Wafflehoof  Gul'dan-US6887
36Tèlikø  Gul'dan-US6831Not updated
37Aerawyn Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US6607
38Warwickri RezurrectedGul'dan-US6585
39Angelofhell IniquityGul'dan-US6560
40Cpthook EverLongGul'dan-US6526
41Hectard Damage NetworksGul'dan-US6506
42Vomitas Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US6400
43Hakuba VindicatedGul'dan-US6349Not updated
44Evilspark EverLongGul'dan-US6245
45Nìckì Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US6233
46Taigesios ContemptGul'dan-US6064
47Doogsy EverLongGul'dan-US6040Not updated
48Clemintine  Gul'dan-US6027Not updated
49Hochstetter EverLongGul'dan-US5885
50Westvleteren Risen From AshesGul'dan-US5843
51Spritzjr Lords of the NightGul'dan-US5836Not updated
52Eironei  Gul'dan-US5820
53Aldasa  Gul'dan-US5817Not updated
54Karti Wipe Repair RepeatGul'dan-US5814
55Swoboo  Gul'dan-US5806Not updated
56Tiananmen Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US5803
57Shawing Hands of The ForgottenGul'dan-US5779Not updated
58Drakkos EverLongGul'dan-US5766Not updated
59Parthos Parliament of AllianceGul'dan-US5765Not updated
60Kruellagh Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US5709
61Saayuk IniquityGul'dan-US5695
62Lilzavy The Usual SuspectsGul'dan-US5663Not updated
63Noraeria Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US5619
64Altgoldnrain Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US5536
65Voncarstein Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US5443Not updated
66Shardora Aptitude GamingGul'dan-US5416Not updated
67Laramarr The Seventh SinGul'dan-US5385Not updated
68Kuincy  Gul'dan-US5306Not updated
69Sowat AptitudeGul'dan-US5305Not updated
70Trovek  Gul'dan-US5274Not updated
71Aranuat ContemptGul'dan-US5255
72Tylerdurdön  Gul'dan-US5241Not updated
73Bloodybath  Gul'dan-US5230Not updated
74Deless Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US5193
75Asil Damage NetworksGul'dan-US5183
76Swingloo Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US5171
77Esdala Casus BelliGul'dan-US5156
78Amordien Shady ShenanigansGul'dan-US5136Not updated
79Lyzzah We Are All OneGul'dan-US5108Not updated
80Gilraen RezurrectedGul'dan-US5103
81Deefusion WarbornGul'dan-US5079Not updated
82Deminna Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US5063Not updated
83Miristrina Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US5045Not updated
84Innocênt REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US5018
85Maginacian Parliament of AllianceGul'dan-US4969Not updated
86Athenaria  Gul'dan-US4924Not updated
87Paintraín ContemptGul'dan-US4848Not updated
87Umalo Hands of The ForgottenGul'dan-US4848Not updated
89Grelsch  Gul'dan-US4823Not updated
90Pyroclastic Ramen Noodle BrigadeGul'dan-US4814Not updated
91Robertgrifin  Gul'dan-US4812Not updated
92Liebchen REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US4804Not updated
93Sissyjol InvalidGul'dan-US4790Not updated
94Mintymoo IniquityGul'dan-US4787
95Zapel IniquityGul'dan-US4781
96Goobergob WarbornGul'dan-US4753

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