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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Knarko Mighty MidgetsGrim Batol-EU16474Not updated
2Malystrix InsanityGrim Batol-EU15189Not updated
3Lowheat Order of the White TigerGrim Batol-EU13707Not updated
4Imthepet SynergyoGrim Batol-EU13706Not updated
5Hexenmeister SpoonGrim Batol-EU13417Not updated
6Tymelord SolidarityGrim Batol-EU13031Not updated
7Maybehh IllusionGrim Batol-EU12700Not updated
8Kinamann GoldmakersGrim Batol-EU12679Not updated
9Irisia Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU12525Not updated
10Andysalt PiecesGrim Batol-EU12228Not updated
11Pyrrhic  Grim Batol-EU12222Not updated
12Ghwerig Order of the White TigerGrim Batol-EU12133Not updated
13Crazyladin The DivineGrim Batol-EU11852Not updated
14Silvertaxi Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU11608Not updated
15Totemiaczek Limo WreckGrim Batol-EU11603Not updated
16Shadowflamer Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU11487Not updated
17 qbGrim Batol-EU11306Not updated
18Krator QuarantineGrim Batol-EU10756Not updated
19Moonstrocity Thieves GuildGrim Batol-EU10607Not updated
20Botoxic Running On EmptyGrim Batol-EU10429Not updated
21Limestone E m p i r eGrim Batol-EU10404Not updated
22Darkhobbit Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU10122Not updated
23Stripador OvercomeGrim Batol-EU9889Not updated
24Chocolates DimensionalGrim Batol-EU9832Not updated
25Tyldara AngrenostGrim Batol-EU9446Not updated
26Lillesnupp XepheriaGrim Batol-EU9359Not updated
26Kute  Grim Batol-EU9359Not updated
28Kittie  Grim Batol-EU9297Not updated
29Holyjeez  Grim Batol-EU9234Not updated
30Ague Vex ThalGrim Batol-EU9221Not updated
31Buuhbuh ConundrumGrim Batol-EU9152Not updated
32Tuatha  Grim Batol-EU9051Not updated
33Evillady Os RenascentistasGrim Batol-EU9035Not updated
34Hoodina OoGrim Batol-EU9033Not updated
35Zukul DrunkGrim Batol-EU8978Not updated
36Zuldavoodoo  Grim Batol-EU8795Not updated
37Tìnkerbèll WiggleWiggleGrim Batol-EU8786Not updated
38Prowzen  Grim Batol-EU8750Not updated
39Giganttone DimensionalGrim Batol-EU8729Not updated
40Suntrip Riders on the StormGrim Batol-EU8658Not updated
41Sjufty DestilledGrim Batol-EU8642Not updated
42Cassondra  Grim Batol-EU8567Not updated
43Baianas Catas levling guildGrim Batol-EU8563Not updated
44Janostary VeritasGrim Batol-EU8487Not updated
45Clerick Grim Batol FightclubGrim Batol-EU8445Not updated
46Tarthex Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU8425Not updated
47Grasshoppér The FumpersGrim Batol-EU8397Not updated
48Sorryxoxo Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU8325Not updated
49Anheszenamon Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU8311Not updated
50Zakatos ShowtimeGrim Batol-EU8304Not updated
51Remida Two And A Half DwarfGrim Batol-EU8240Not updated
52Enero The BawBag SquadGrim Batol-EU8181Not updated
53Lara ToucH ITGrim Batol-EU8080Not updated
53Addìcted Very PvPGrim Batol-EU8080Not updated
55Behindyòu BEEP BEEP IM A JEEPGrim Batol-EU8059Not updated
56Harikiri ORDER Of BROTHERHOODGrim Batol-EU8004Not updated
57Tidalbreeze  Grim Batol-EU7970Not updated
58Sinch  Grim Batol-EU7963Not updated
59Mea AngrenostGrim Batol-EU7941Not updated
59Zeevah AngrenostGrim Batol-EU7941Not updated
59Eqoxx AntitheistGrim Batol-EU7941Not updated
62Marquês  Grim Batol-EU7937Not updated
63Gourry AngrenostGrim Batol-EU7918Not updated
64Moobear ExcelsiorGrim Batol-EU7897Not updated
65Lyykkelita Order of the White TigerGrim Batol-EU7865Not updated
66Edwardtheodd DimensionalGrim Batol-EU7846Not updated
67Prostico XtremeGrim Batol-EU7845Not updated
68Alerhian DimensionalGrim Batol-EU7843Not updated
69Angrykitty OvercomeGrim Batol-EU7738Not updated
70Brizolas Scripta ManéntGrim Batol-EU7733Not updated
71Caney PartyzanciGrim Batol-EU7695Not updated
72Nalynae  Grim Batol-EU7691Not updated
73Mourdots UndeadKnightsGrim Batol-EU7677Not updated
74Dragonskin Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU7666Not updated
75Boidabolha Plano BGrim Batol-EU7633Not updated
76Mooltibanco  Grim Batol-EU7632Not updated
77Alyssiá Family LegionGrim Batol-EU7609Not updated
78Trolladiejee Horde United ForcesGrim Batol-EU7594Not updated
79Wráth DimensionalGrim Batol-EU7591Not updated
80Leathergirl The Phoenix ProjectGrim Batol-EU7590Not updated
81Beauni Absolutum DominiumGrim Batol-EU7575Not updated
82Khâleesi Tauren Mîlkîng ClanGrim Batol-EU7550Not updated
83Qlo Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU7546Not updated
84Mskazaam Hall of FameGrim Batol-EU7544Not updated
85Pumlings Saltatio MortisGrim Batol-EU7535Not updated
86Zeninja  Grim Batol-EU7525Not updated
87Pyhaviha LobsterGrim Batol-EU7490Not updated
88Plopper TheorycraftGrim Batol-EU7488Not updated
89Gadfly OrthodoxGrim Batol-EU7460Not updated
90Awayn EpiphanyGrim Batol-EU7448Not updated
91Dudenis Yakuza ArmyGrim Batol-EU7418Not updated
91Warzongg PhalanxGrim Batol-EU7418Not updated
93Máfortion Thrift Shop EpixGrim Batol-EU7410Not updated
94Auoxia League of DuskGrim Batol-EU7408Not updated
95Cîndy Tauren Mîlkîng ClanGrim Batol-EU7403Not updated
96Esteväo Out on BailGrim Batol-EU7349Not updated
97Fullmëtal Cavaleiros do ApocalipseGrim Batol-EU7332Not updated
98Lightburst RiseOfTheFallenHeroesGrim Batol-EU7321Not updated
99Nanaìa FreelancersGrim Batol-EU7318Not updated
99Hightelf Lick My TotemGrim Batol-EU7318Not updated

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