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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorefiend-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kryta ExilesGorefiend-US24718Not updated
2Ludra BlackheartGorefiend-US23893Not updated
3Nugget VexGorefiend-US18126Not updated
4Dordak VexGorefiend-US17313Not updated
5Quintelle Cool Story BroGorefiend-US16541Not updated
6Ginno Fellowship of the KegGorefiend-US14282Not updated
7Nunziobella Purple LotusGorefiend-US13866Not updated
8Sofakingnunz Mooki MookisGorefiend-US13616Not updated
9Demonesque The DeceptaclesGorefiend-US11436Not updated
10Buehla The High AchieversGorefiend-US11303Not updated
11Clary Love me harderGorefiend-US11233Not updated
12Edgarlestud Fellowship of the KegGorefiend-US11072Not updated
13Sinnara  Gorefiend-US10997Not updated
14Eichhörnchen Hard CasualGorefiend-US10907Not updated
15Galadthor The SalibanGorefiend-US10814Not updated
16Maxxdoc The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US10651Not updated
17Jyoto AsylumGorefiend-US10359Not updated
18Darkstone Purple LotusGorefiend-US10072Not updated
19Grumbashi The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US9585Not updated
20Aghero AsylumGorefiend-US9345Not updated
21Sectionate CreativeGorefiend-US9086Not updated
22Laydyhauk Heart Of The WildGorefiend-US8913Not updated
23Karros Purple LotusGorefiend-US8538Not updated
24Cesaro Foot ClanGorefiend-US8255Not updated
25Kendilocks The CompanyGorefiend-US8235Not updated
26Jaymae  Gorefiend-US8228Not updated
27Sophorn Gryphon army of QuébecGorefiend-US8212Not updated
28Soothe  Gorefiend-US8005Not updated
29Lucas GoodFellasGorefiend-US7967Not updated
30Demonselene Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US7944Not updated
31Benick  Gorefiend-US7923Not updated
32Zinket Hard CasualGorefiend-US7888Not updated
33Toinfinity Hard CasualGorefiend-US7885Not updated
34Kittenpants Hard CasualGorefiend-US7883Not updated
35Iwanabrogue  Gorefiend-US7845Not updated
36Dovah To the StarsGorefiend-US7811Not updated
37Bear  Gorefiend-US7797Not updated
38Lezzy AsylumGorefiend-US7791Not updated
39Kajukenbo Purple LotusGorefiend-US7573Not updated
40Miusterga VexGorefiend-US7536Not updated
41Ghettohoof HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US7507Not updated
42Hectard  Gorefiend-US7498Not updated
43Lacrimas AsylumGorefiend-US7460Not updated
44Theref Zero MercyGorefiend-US7445Not updated
45Cynterkyms La nouvelle CamelotGorefiend-US7380Not updated
46Voltzaregud Love me harderGorefiend-US7282Not updated
47Yoruichi AsylumGorefiend-US7203Not updated
48Hodie Purple LotusGorefiend-US7186Not updated
49Ginormass Love me harderGorefiend-US7157Not updated
50Jorinn Purple LotusGorefiend-US7138Not updated
50Mystyra Purple LotusGorefiend-US7138Not updated
52Buzzie  Gorefiend-US7132Not updated
53Mear Hard CasualGorefiend-US7087Not updated
54Shy  Gorefiend-US7058Not updated
55Cøntaminate Hard CasualGorefiend-US7027Not updated
56Drakull  Gorefiend-US7008Not updated
57Junjunjab Purple LotusGorefiend-US6982Not updated
58Fatherphat GateKeepersGorefiend-US6941Not updated
59Tirith DeadwingGorefiend-US6847Not updated
60Kameryn Purple LotusGorefiend-US6814Not updated
61Shotakan Purple LotusGorefiend-US6787Not updated
62Trogi VexGorefiend-US6733Not updated
63Tiala Purple LotusGorefiend-US6682Not updated
64Slayback The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US6673Not updated
65Holydrakull  Gorefiend-US6591Not updated
66Hybridftw Hard CasualGorefiend-US6576Not updated
67Mirek  Gorefiend-US6564Not updated
68Zenz FJ IncGorefiend-US6547Not updated
69Equallizer Shadow ProphecyGorefiend-US6475Not updated
70Kandalon AcheronGorefiend-US6439Not updated
71Freckles VexGorefiend-US6428Not updated
72Lackadaisic  Gorefiend-US6396Not updated
73Virisa Army of DarknessGorefiend-US6330Not updated
74Suialthor The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US6314Not updated
75Qrc HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US6278Not updated
76Rustymax Angry MobGorefiend-US6267Not updated
77Gipfelsfeuer Hard CasualGorefiend-US6210Not updated
78Prophet  Gorefiend-US6204Not updated
79Clyemne Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US6159Not updated
80Ervil Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US6156Not updated
81Tonyshalhoub VexGorefiend-US6154Not updated
82Arashicage VexGorefiend-US6149Not updated
83Torment OmenGorefiend-US6128Not updated
84Jygrain Purple LotusGorefiend-US6106Not updated
85Brimstone FacepalmGorefiend-US6098Not updated
86Asherri JTCBGorefiend-US6091Not updated
87Gohma IllegitimiGorefiend-US6051Not updated
88Danarun Purple LotusGorefiend-US6004Not updated
89Peacefull Has IssuesGorefiend-US5948Not updated
90Azif Yokaí AcademyGorefiend-US5931Not updated
91Maybon HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US5884Not updated
92Salviatrip Lords of the HordeGorefiend-US5874Not updated

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