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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Faebay Vi VeriGhostlands-EU16879Not updated
2Forteun  Ghostlands-EU16293Not updated
3Bootilicious GhostRídersGhostlands-EU16208Not updated
4Trìstan  Ghostlands-EU15423Not updated
5Quellaa EspritGhostlands-EU14925Not updated
6Thylinne EspritGhostlands-EU14902Not updated
7Rheatte EspritGhostlands-EU14774Not updated
7Larielle EspritGhostlands-EU14774Not updated
7Catabelle EspritGhostlands-EU14774Not updated
10Celilie EspritGhostlands-EU14771Not updated
11Ellinne EspritGhostlands-EU14751Not updated
11Lornaa EspritGhostlands-EU14751Not updated
11Nyraa EspritGhostlands-EU14751Not updated
11Liulae EspritGhostlands-EU14751Not updated
15Zivá  Ghostlands-EU14347Not updated
16Hyunaa The Shadow CompanyGhostlands-EU14214Not updated
17Babychantres Danish RaidersGhostlands-EU14126Not updated
18Hesketh The War MachineGhostlands-EU13860Not updated
19Stikk ExitGhostlands-EU13499Not updated
20Javdan Wild HogsGhostlands-EU13473Not updated
21Sholy Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU12785Not updated
22Wolfmagic Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU12197Not updated
23Fuentes friends onlyGhostlands-EU12110Not updated
24Desoya Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU11706Not updated
25Xtracool  Ghostlands-EU11622Not updated
26Urm  Ghostlands-EU11474Not updated
27Diligence ANCIENT JUSTICEGhostlands-EU11338Not updated
28Dallascowboy KingsguardGhostlands-EU11228Not updated
29Delsolboy VintageGhostlands-EU11093Not updated
30Yarema Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU11008Not updated
31Spiritbomb Fusion StormGhostlands-EU11002Not updated
32Damienz  Ghostlands-EU10991Not updated
33Babypuf  Ghostlands-EU10955Not updated
34Koperenketel killer teamGhostlands-EU10897Not updated
35Erustyl SanctuaryGhostlands-EU10736Not updated
36Morphieria Crimson GuardGhostlands-EU10669Not updated
37Denira VintageGhostlands-EU10465Not updated
38Rantan Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU10054Not updated
39Hornier Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU9919Not updated
40Alsoloves The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU9853Not updated
41Bullbar Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU9832Not updated
42Bbiea Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU9823Not updated
43Fastfeet Fighters of TroyGhostlands-EU9749Not updated
44Morphiac Crimson GuardGhostlands-EU9666Not updated
45Junis The UndertakersGhostlands-EU9570Not updated
46Skinshifter The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU9468Not updated
47Uzasapanda Three FiddyGhostlands-EU9382Not updated
48Helaren Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU9359Not updated
49Pandasia Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU9292Not updated
50Megabeast The KingslayersGhostlands-EU9227Not updated
51Biancha Vi VeriGhostlands-EU9194Not updated
52Jaqual Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU9107Not updated
53Merridur  Ghostlands-EU9077Not updated
54Nemihunt Hell n DamnationGhostlands-EU9069Not updated
55Dàrkmaster GhostRídersGhostlands-EU8958Not updated
56Mageminor Reign of ChaosGhostlands-EU8931Not updated
57Dismissed SwordArtOnlineGhostlands-EU8908Not updated
58Elfuego Fusion StormGhostlands-EU8894Not updated
59Steppeslite I Just Crit My PantsGhostlands-EU8828Not updated
60Svoky ReunionGhostlands-EU8775Not updated
61Smellyknight Sons of AgonyGhostlands-EU8763Not updated
62Torbendk ProphecyGhostlands-EU8760Not updated
63Vinniev The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU8720Not updated
64Harvazh Fusion StormGhostlands-EU8660Not updated
65Treldor  Ghostlands-EU8654Not updated
66Maariusz Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU8643Not updated
67Ammaras Dark LegionGhostlands-EU8605Not updated
68Daisfirstmag Dark LegionGhostlands-EU8585Not updated
69Scóttzór Ice CrownGhostlands-EU8571Not updated
70Sicela AmazingGhostlands-EU8568Not updated
71Schizov Malfurions MilitiaGhostlands-EU8513Not updated
72Igotnerfed SoLGhostlands-EU8506Not updated
73Elisha Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU8502Not updated
74Hiranmay ProphecyGhostlands-EU8500Not updated
75Blondygirl BrokenGhostlands-EU8457Not updated
76Tenmen AnyThingButSeriousGhostlands-EU8438Not updated
77Stenroar The Danish SoldiersGhostlands-EU8383Not updated
78Amirasa VintageGhostlands-EU8324Not updated
79Awella The UndertakersGhostlands-EU8322Not updated
80Madelief Knights of the LightGhostlands-EU8295Not updated
81Gabriëlle ReunionGhostlands-EU8281Not updated
82Sorforger WarcraftGhostlands-EU8262Not updated
83Jéf AnarchyMastersGhostlands-EU8246Not updated
84Dankert UltimateGhostlands-EU8229Not updated
85Tazzí United in DeathGhostlands-EU8217Not updated
86Tazmina United in DeathGhostlands-EU8216Not updated
87Kitas Grand Theft KodoGhostlands-EU8205Not updated
88Cleatten Legacy of the AllianceGhostlands-EU8157Not updated
89Nynasauce Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU8111Not updated
90Crakkz  Ghostlands-EU8100Not updated
90Jakkz The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU8100Not updated
92Zakkz Monty PythonGhostlands-EU8098Not updated
93Kalorian SerenityGhostlands-EU8064Not updated
94Helafix  Ghostlands-EU8060Not updated
95Pinkbunnie Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU8056Not updated
96Josipcavar Vi VeriGhostlands-EU8055Not updated

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