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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garrosh-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Criket  Garrosh-US19352Not updated
2Annikill WåntèdGarrosh-US18049Not updated
3Zhufí Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US17501Not updated
4Rankster Drop ShockGarrosh-US15436Not updated
5Tribbles  Garrosh-US14643Not updated
6Amalynn Emerald DawnGarrosh-US14602Not updated
7Gunkz AudacityGarrosh-US13945Not updated
8Grindhouse  Garrosh-US13934Not updated
9Ohichì ImmortalGarrosh-US13325Not updated
10Laturalus  Garrosh-US13015Not updated
11Achillelauro Olympus RaidersGarrosh-US12614Not updated
12Timiath Emerald DawnGarrosh-US12431Not updated
13Mashimewwo RebellionGarrosh-US11608Not updated
14Dorkslayer Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US11542Not updated
15Penraven Crit HappensGarrosh-US11354Not updated
16Berna  Garrosh-US11234Not updated
17Themøuntain Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US11174Not updated
18Valerion Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US11029Not updated
19Norim Psycho CircusGarrosh-US10710Not updated
20Clove  Garrosh-US10483Not updated
21Delikate The TribeGarrosh-US10357Not updated
22Suluca  Garrosh-US10306Not updated
23Brewse Crits N GigglesGarrosh-US10262Not updated
24Tomasoul  Garrosh-US10198Not updated
25Goldenvoff Vengeance IncGarrosh-US10144Not updated
26Tomaski The ÅvengersGarrosh-US10041Not updated
27Oraini Angry NativesGarrosh-US9857Not updated
28Bizman immortal kingsGarrosh-US9786Not updated
29Felion When Lemmings AttackGarrosh-US9746Not updated
30Fargus  Garrosh-US9727Not updated
31Gafgarion FoundationGarrosh-US9603Not updated
32Virulentht Emerald DawnGarrosh-US9589Not updated
33Hozzarn  Garrosh-US9489Not updated
34Virulentmb The Great GuildGarrosh-US9441Not updated
34Virulentop When Lemmings AttackGarrosh-US9441Not updated
36Zlicious Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US9440Not updated
37Morella The Great GuildGarrosh-US9343Not updated
38Tahra  Garrosh-US9199Not updated
39Sharrie Not from DOWNUNDERGarrosh-US9185Not updated
40Shizzie Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US9159Not updated
41Neqthestaff  Garrosh-US8991Not updated
42Laximus Old PeopleGarrosh-US8986Not updated
43Ceridin Emerald DawnGarrosh-US8947Not updated
44Jertis Dark Side of the MoonGarrosh-US8909Not updated
45Themountaiin  Garrosh-US8874Not updated
46Erjanna League of HeroesGarrosh-US8863Not updated
47Degreezy Midnight MayhemGarrosh-US8850Not updated
48Calethin League of HeroesGarrosh-US8815Not updated
49Eldinda  Garrosh-US8711Not updated
50Dkosmama  Garrosh-US8685Not updated
51Kranberry Angry NativesGarrosh-US8602Not updated
52Hooflunngpoo west coast wanderersGarrosh-US8556Not updated
53Lunanescence  Garrosh-US8547Not updated
54Valmaria  Garrosh-US8541Not updated
55Hwoarang DeityGarrosh-US8478Not updated
56Aponivi The Permian ExtinctionGarrosh-US8455Not updated
57Struggle  Garrosh-US8426Not updated
58Xesi Night PhoenixGarrosh-US8399Not updated
58Hellins Night PhoenixGarrosh-US8399Not updated
60Foneas Night PhoenixGarrosh-US8392Not updated
60Xesisdude Night PhoenixGarrosh-US8392Not updated
62Jodli Night PhoenixGarrosh-US8386Not updated
63Jesy Insane AsylumGarrosh-US8364Not updated
64Bädäzzdk Misfits of the HordeGarrosh-US8318Not updated
65Raell Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US8257Not updated
66Bojest Too Big To FailGarrosh-US8255Not updated
67Arisal  Garrosh-US8210Not updated
68Merciboom Imaginary EpicsGarrosh-US8196Not updated
69Israèl BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US8156Not updated
70Stitten Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US8155Not updated
70Panpoker Wrath Of The TitansGarrosh-US8155Not updated
72Wooj Defying GravityGarrosh-US8146Not updated
73Bountyhuntër Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US8119Not updated
74Gracepanda  Garrosh-US8110Not updated
75Tejasgeek  Garrosh-US8090Not updated
76Sardric  Garrosh-US8077Not updated
77Hakra CliqueGarrosh-US8066Not updated
77Castael  Garrosh-US8066Not updated
79Caralinda Vengeance IncGarrosh-US8060Not updated
80Staix Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US8056Not updated
81Alriic  Garrosh-US8040Not updated
82Marjean  Garrosh-US8038Not updated
83Seraangel the devils cutGarrosh-US8017Not updated
84Panduhmonium CliqueGarrosh-US8013Not updated
85Shogan The DragonsGarrosh-US8012Not updated
86Grrargh Legionaires of AzerothGarrosh-US8005Not updated
87Bomi Imaginary EpicsGarrosh-US7996Not updated
88Naetasha  Garrosh-US7972Not updated
89Davesakiller Old PeopleGarrosh-US7958Not updated
90Kwil Imaginary EpicsGarrosh-US7952Not updated
91Doozerz The FirmGarrosh-US7945Not updated
92Akyva Old PeopleGarrosh-US7924Not updated
93Stit Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US7914Not updated
94Rhadamanthus Insane AsylumGarrosh-US7905Not updated
95Kuakuwatsu  Garrosh-US7891Not updated
96Forthelight The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US7883Not updated
97Mobie Azeroths Most WantedGarrosh-US7876Not updated
98Ozztok  Garrosh-US7858Not updated
99Silentstarr Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US7811Not updated
100Starbrite Super GirlsGarrosh-US7802Not updated

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