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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Galakrond-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Coldolmer THORS GUILD OF WARGalakrond-US18150Not updated
2Mirnok Til DeathGalakrond-US17525Not updated
3Pocketheal Tigre GéantGalakrond-US14253Not updated
4Souji  Galakrond-US14183Not updated
5Moonshîne ExcaliburGalakrond-US13080Not updated
6Stripe Fears EmbraceGalakrond-US12806Not updated
7Lycopene Ortus VoxGalakrond-US12801Not updated
7Chiroptera Fears EmbraceGalakrond-US12801Not updated
9Elienn rez plsGalakrond-US12722Not updated
10Wravyn EnigmáGalakrond-US12612Not updated
11Kerrya EnigmáGalakrond-US12569Not updated
12Dragonale  Galakrond-US12383Not updated
13Braylea Warriors of LileroiceGalakrond-US11895Not updated
14Valley  Galakrond-US11513Not updated
15Foofighterz  Galakrond-US11508Not updated
16Gorophyle Death and DestructionGalakrond-US11490Not updated
17Daphne AegisGalakrond-US10874Not updated
18Theiceman Legendary TitansGalakrond-US10797Not updated
19Vespene Knights of Dragons KeepGalakrond-US10655Not updated
20Kumee VALHERUGalakrond-US10212Not updated
21Dirkdead  Galakrond-US10183Not updated
22Knucklles Damaged CorpsGalakrond-US10068Not updated
23Edge BlueMoonGalakrond-US10057Not updated
24Gluster Lordaeron OrderGalakrond-US9931Not updated
25Stevethesly BlueMoonGalakrond-US9844Not updated
26Morzhak Death and DestructionGalakrond-US9818Not updated
27Mazrimtaim HellrazersGalakrond-US9756Not updated
28Serdotsalot Dark TuesdayGalakrond-US9710Not updated
29Rumpleminzee Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US9697Not updated
30Glovemaker Lordaeron OrderGalakrond-US9657Not updated
31Konk TOOLZGalakrond-US9636Not updated
32Ohnonotme Shield BrothersGalakrond-US9602Not updated
33Crawl AegisGalakrond-US9596Not updated
34Darknightice Legendary TitansGalakrond-US9580Not updated
35Devinicit EnigmáGalakrond-US9530Not updated
36Kabitza Dirty Little HordeGalakrond-US9503Not updated
37Doomgravy Exalted With ChuckNorrisGalakrond-US9462Not updated
38Silhouettes Shadow HordeGalakrond-US9417Not updated
39Dinglehopper The SyndicateGalakrond-US9373Not updated
40Melynde Death and DestructionGalakrond-US9308Not updated
41Reddeye Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US9285Not updated
42Iloverob The SyndicateGalakrond-US9249Not updated
43Goraath Stolen TribeGalakrond-US9140Not updated
44Zuqi Sea of Myriad RiversGalakrond-US9073Not updated
45Pandoh Blåck TõwerGalakrond-US9037Not updated
46Dadrox Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US8991Not updated
47Poky  Galakrond-US8943Not updated
48Stormgate Lordz of AnarchyGalakrond-US8911Not updated
49Kaeliara EndgameGalakrond-US8875Not updated
50Eleigh rez plsGalakrond-US8712Not updated
51Satanette Stormwind DefendersGalakrond-US8648Not updated
52Jinshu The SyndicateGalakrond-US8625Not updated
53Soulscar SolemnGalakrond-US8596Not updated
54Keeke DOAGalakrond-US8595Not updated
55Lividia Dark TuesdayGalakrond-US8593Not updated
56Satansson Stormwind DefendersGalakrond-US8543Not updated
57Whose Prowess LegendsGalakrond-US8537Not updated
58Arlyy Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US8381Not updated
59Alyi AegisGalakrond-US8349Not updated
60Hature EndgameGalakrond-US8348Not updated
61Kors Knights of Dragons KeepGalakrond-US8347Not updated
61Alaunus Knights of Dragons KeepGalakrond-US8347Not updated
63Shazhamz Dungeon DwellersGalakrond-US8333Not updated
64Lexandrie rez plsGalakrond-US8313Not updated
65Lexsandra rez plsGalakrond-US8304Not updated
66Garuza The SyndicateGalakrond-US8237Not updated
67Arrôwjuana ExtinctionGalakrond-US8230Not updated
68Baretta Sha of BaconGalakrond-US8189Not updated
69Yashii Dark TuesdayGalakrond-US8145Not updated
70Crylenn JustifiedGalakrond-US8142Not updated
71Pantufa Sha of BaconGalakrond-US8103Not updated
72Webjibaro Stolen TribeGalakrond-US8067Not updated
73Lycaos Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US7966Not updated
74Yraed AegisGalakrond-US7960Not updated
75Jihura DeliriousGalakrond-US7953Not updated
76Grodan Team EliteGalakrond-US7932Not updated
77Moravin  Galakrond-US7903Not updated
78Kerbside Stormwind DefendersGalakrond-US7897Not updated
79Harytoteeth  Galakrond-US7881Not updated
80Breehit Fears EmbraceGalakrond-US7840Not updated
80Sindeath FractureGalakrond-US7840Not updated
82Norralaidi Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US7831Not updated
83Lupold Stolen TribeGalakrond-US7813Not updated
83Dingsdownn Flying Bier MonstersGalakrond-US7813Not updated
85Hellon Sea of Myriad RiversGalakrond-US7765Not updated
86Angrydragon  Galakrond-US7760Not updated

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