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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwhisper-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Electrica Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU14236Not updated
2Dannywaus VanquishFrostwhisper-EU14204Not updated
3Coozy VanquishFrostwhisper-EU13857Not updated
4Håki RescueFrostwhisper-EU11647Not updated
5Shaimy Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU10990Not updated
6Eriklas HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU10305Not updated
7Shirel VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU10177Not updated
8Ikuisuus DesolateFrostwhisper-EU9456Not updated
9Denievex No Guts No GloryFrostwhisper-EU9380Not updated
10Kabouterhoof Horde der Lage LandenFrostwhisper-EU8846Not updated
11Pofuduque Golden LotusFrostwhisper-EU8725Not updated
12Darkpowerx VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU8649Not updated
13Deathsoph Touch of HadesFrostwhisper-EU8642Not updated
14Chavez The Scarlet CrusadeFrostwhisper-EU8636Not updated
15Krynniac ChemistryFrostwhisper-EU8553Not updated
16Emochuck VanquishFrostwhisper-EU8420Not updated
17Rubber VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU8393Not updated
18Kowak Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU8300Not updated
19Nzini Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU8190Not updated
20Kaci  Frostwhisper-EU7931Not updated
21Zombiyoda Onyxia SoldiersFrostwhisper-EU7837Not updated
22Peazes ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU7833Not updated
23Stalfos ShaolinFrostwhisper-EU7796Not updated
24Raigor  Frostwhisper-EU7787Not updated
25Kiry  Frostwhisper-EU7768Not updated
26Sis Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU7744Not updated
27Dalpas Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU7723Not updated
28Ðino Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU7680Not updated
29Shamblês HordivoresFrostwhisper-EU7460Not updated
30Boredagain The Phoenix BrotherhoodFrostwhisper-EU7448Not updated
31Shiyanming Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU7423Not updated
32Chriscross Halo PrimeFrostwhisper-EU7418Not updated
33Enzondaxz CruxFrostwhisper-EU7341Not updated
34Maccros Paddy IrishmanFrostwhisper-EU7231Not updated
35Legolasali The DestinyFrostwhisper-EU7214Not updated
36Hightelf  Frostwhisper-EU7204Not updated
37Questalot M a l i c eFrostwhisper-EU7200Not updated
38Vanhoof  Frostwhisper-EU7193Not updated
39Sealyan Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU7139Not updated
40Zinnukka Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU7121Not updated
40Thisisnotpad Golden LotusFrostwhisper-EU7121Not updated
42Darba Rest In PiecesFrostwhisper-EU7091Not updated
43Riots Ctrl Alt ElíteFrostwhisper-EU7075Not updated
44Imlek VanquishFrostwhisper-EU7064Not updated
45Kelradium  Frostwhisper-EU7054Not updated
46Olapottit Ring ÅklagarnFrostwhisper-EU7053Not updated
47Gostraider Ottoman MilitaryFrostwhisper-EU6980Not updated
48Oglok Paddy IrishmanFrostwhisper-EU6970Not updated
49Taloch Is AmbiguousFrostwhisper-EU6942Not updated
50Zuglie  Frostwhisper-EU6916Not updated
51Lupín  Frostwhisper-EU6810Not updated
52Borchid HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU6711Not updated
53Xindra MalumFrostwhisper-EU6704Not updated
54Qiwilynn Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU6699Not updated
55Skyela VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU6663Not updated
56Ironmann The Frost HordeFrostwhisper-EU6647Not updated
57Ryota Nobody Important DiedFrostwhisper-EU6643Not updated
58Yól Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU6635Not updated
59Xhalh PunishedFrostwhisper-EU6629Not updated
60Thémistocles VetusFrostwhisper-EU6570Not updated
61Zezuz To the skyFrostwhisper-EU6551Not updated
62Nallekarkki Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU6523Not updated
63Samæl Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU6509Not updated
64Muckman  Frostwhisper-EU6484Not updated
65Mullster LunacyFrostwhisper-EU6477Not updated
66Zahlia Solar FieldsFrostwhisper-EU6463Not updated
67Chyaku Storm GuardFrostwhisper-EU6457Not updated
67Jaemes Storm GuardFrostwhisper-EU6457Not updated
69Snuggywoogy PerpetualFrostwhisper-EU6407Not updated
70Coupdegrace RomeFrostwhisper-EU6396Not updated
71Stenie MalumFrostwhisper-EU6388Not updated
72Arcanesia Vita NovaFrostwhisper-EU6379Not updated
73Framerate  Frostwhisper-EU6378Not updated
74Clowntusks The Scarlet CrusadeFrostwhisper-EU6374Not updated
75Fapmaestro OverkillFrostwhisper-EU6357Not updated
76Kändisen All InFrostwhisper-EU6348Not updated
77Marioza Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU6316Not updated
78Wóden Looking for GroupFrostwhisper-EU6314Not updated
79Nahval Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU6307Not updated
80Sixzero RefusionFrostwhisper-EU6305Not updated
81Káminari UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU6304Not updated
82Earthinator ConstipationFrostwhisper-EU6297Not updated
83Matheutza Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU6279Not updated
84Kjutic Deadman WonderlandFrostwhisper-EU6269Not updated
85Monikay HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU6254Not updated
86Pappabjornen Hunters of MenFrostwhisper-EU6253Not updated
87Entto VanquishFrostwhisper-EU6252Not updated
88Bitzer HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU6251Not updated
89Kalzor  Frostwhisper-EU6244Not updated
90Gauntlett RefusionFrostwhisper-EU6239Not updated
91Pignut  Frostwhisper-EU6229Not updated
92Epicbunny The RestiusFrostwhisper-EU6228Not updated
92Tacto Ordine dei LupoFrostwhisper-EU6228Not updated
94Onacci IntuitionFrostwhisper-EU6227Not updated
95Unilelu Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU6224Not updated
96Swattyolo  Frostwhisper-EU6188Not updated
97Ebonslit All InFrostwhisper-EU6158Not updated
98Mintos  Frostwhisper-EU6146Not updated
99Hawkgremlin Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU6143Not updated

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