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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Priestolord OriginFrostmane-EU17703Not updated
2Wtstab GoodGameFrostmane-EU17097Not updated
3Bosche Social Playing GuildFrostmane-EU16760Not updated
4Isolde ArcFrostmane-EU15423Not updated
5Shironu Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU15135Not updated
6Lullejhi  Frostmane-EU14925Not updated
7Ydefix RyfariFrostmane-EU14584Not updated
8Assässín Pax RomanaFrostmane-EU14526Not updated
9Jambi ValkyrieFrostmane-EU14427Not updated
10Miamaja Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU14358Not updated
11Gazston ValkyrieFrostmane-EU14300Not updated
12Xiliya ResilientFrostmane-EU13883Not updated
13Angelís Infinite EndFrostmane-EU13657Not updated
14Sephinè Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU13638Not updated
15Gavra Blue WhalesFrostmane-EU13609Not updated
16Kadran The VanguardFrostmane-EU13514Not updated
17Dreamcat Natural Born RogueFrostmane-EU13285Not updated
18Irisa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU12900Not updated
19Kururugi Super Phun ThymeFrostmane-EU12719Not updated
20Avory The IlluminatusFrostmane-EU11900Not updated
21Méow TurboFrostmane-EU11819Not updated
22Lulls Hello GnomyFrostmane-EU11734Not updated
22Minipuff Hello GnomyFrostmane-EU11734Not updated
24Kapela PaklydeliaiFrostmane-EU11548Not updated
25Shanio TrollsFrostmane-EU11461Not updated
26Maitri AnVFrostmane-EU11403Not updated
27Dunca ExqFrostmane-EU11332Not updated
28Slushe OriginFrostmane-EU11207Not updated
29Polty Switch OverFrostmane-EU11052Not updated
30Kalihanna  Frostmane-EU10965Not updated
31Narkotic RevolutionFrostmane-EU10868Not updated
32Calamîty Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU10790Not updated
33Ponurygosc ExqFrostmane-EU10714Not updated
34Stoma GoodGameFrostmane-EU10687Not updated
35Anarchas  Frostmane-EU10666Not updated
36Jegermajster VerktygslådanFrostmane-EU10371Not updated
37Amaryliss OriginFrostmane-EU10337Not updated
38Aarón The GreekzFrostmane-EU10320Not updated
39Heinähattu EnfeebleFrostmane-EU10312Not updated
40Marsios Warlords of Dark PortalFrostmane-EU10287Not updated
40Thejuggler The GreekzFrostmane-EU10287Not updated
40Dréamdéath  Frostmane-EU10287Not updated
43Sashinka Straitjacket EliteFrostmane-EU10285Not updated
44Malfia OriginFrostmane-EU10054Not updated
45Påtårskan InnocenceFrostmane-EU10043Not updated
46Wetice RyfariFrostmane-EU9903Not updated
47Pandarynka AwakenedFrostmane-EU9900Not updated
48Rakkertje  Frostmane-EU9798Not updated
49Brordeath  Frostmane-EU9583Not updated
50Malacasta ImmersionFrostmane-EU9576Not updated
51Khalta  Frostmane-EU9569Not updated
52Ptkitman StonefaceFrostmane-EU9564Not updated
53Lykkelita StyleFrostmane-EU9427Not updated
54Greefp  Frostmane-EU9192Not updated
55Loxylady GoodGameFrostmane-EU9126Not updated
56Shadedust EnfeebleFrostmane-EU9095Not updated
57Lytken Martial LawFrostmane-EU9081Not updated
58Kissmyaxe ImmersionFrostmane-EU9052Not updated
59Panowar Warlords of Dark PortalFrostmane-EU9014Not updated
60Hackerus IneptFrostmane-EU8976Not updated
61Truth  Frostmane-EU8937Not updated
62Hayoni STONEHEARTFrostmane-EU8856Not updated
63Batool DistractFrostmane-EU8747Not updated
64Bitybite StureplanFrostmane-EU8736Not updated
65Daggspike TrinitýFrostmane-EU8707Not updated
65Mindhunter AngelicalFrostmane-EU8707Not updated
67Elcasp Elf Preservation SocietyFrostmane-EU8701Not updated
68Díscordía  Frostmane-EU8689Not updated
69Vaala Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU8643Not updated
70Evillinna House LannisterFrostmane-EU8640Not updated
71Palantìr ValkyrieFrostmane-EU8627Not updated
72Souperman Fat PandazFrostmane-EU8512Not updated
73Pandrina Who Dares WinsFrostmane-EU8505Not updated
74Sirhighland MercifulFrostmane-EU8484Not updated
75Melrong  Frostmane-EU8474Not updated
76Lonetta ValkyrieFrostmane-EU8472Not updated
77Mgura Filthy GamingFrostmane-EU8448Not updated
78Tandem NemesísFrostmane-EU8428Not updated
79Moghizhar Undan för PundarnFrostmane-EU8427Not updated
80Zeni Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU8413Not updated
80Indes ContingentFrostmane-EU8413Not updated
82Dárkshaman ProclaimFrostmane-EU8408Not updated
83Teutza IngloriousFrostmane-EU8353Not updated
84Athelous EkipaFrostmane-EU8340Not updated
85Indìvidual ImmersionFrostmane-EU8334Not updated
86Salyn  Frostmane-EU8326Not updated
86Naleira  Frostmane-EU8326Not updated
88Zanozza Greatest HitsFrostmane-EU8293Not updated
89Lextor RyfariFrostmane-EU8258Not updated
90Minimona Gods Of DeathFrostmane-EU8254Not updated
91Elyva  Frostmane-EU8249Not updated

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