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Frostmane-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Ironboxy War FrontFrostmane-US14401
2Kalyck  Frostmane-US14375
3Piow War FrontFrostmane-US14354
4Gaerlan Shar HellvenFrostmane-US13329
5Adalys War FrontFrostmane-US12926
6Foulú Dark SunFrostmane-US12229
7Kaustos ReclamationsFrostmane-US10485
8Maudebe DarkLightFrostmane-US10379Not updated
9Brolance DescendantFrostmane-US8839Not updated
10Redcity Shar HellvenFrostmane-US8676Not updated
11Melkkor VengefulFrostmane-US8503
12Klimdar War FrontFrostmane-US8458
13Darmanion StolasFrostmane-US8406Not updated
14Beldan Shar HellvenFrostmane-US8291
15Joliana The AchievablesFrostmane-US8285Not updated
16Viverry AsphyxiaFrostmane-US8206
17Thuudd Forged By FireFrostmane-US8191
18Syfiel CatalystsFrostmane-US8188Not updated
19Kaible  Frostmane-US8119Not updated
20Ixos Shar HellvenFrostmane-US8025Not updated
21Autoshot  Frostmane-US7971Not updated
22Ipm The One Who KnocksFrostmane-US7952Not updated
23Raeyn Shar HellvenFrostmane-US7812
24Calax The AscendancyFrostmane-US7688Not updated
25Honoka AsphyxiaFrostmane-US7682
26Shadowfist ParagonFrostmane-US7602Not updated
27Gauguin LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US7596
28Lightkilla LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US7588
29Mulvane DescendantFrostmane-US7573Not updated
30Puxpanda War FrontFrostmane-US7448
31Sereneangel  Frostmane-US7416
32Astariaa ForgottenFrostmane-US7412Not updated
33Nightsmudge CatalystsFrostmane-US7406
34Ranthoria The Iron CrusadeFrostmane-US7228
35Dawnmyst  Frostmane-US7181Not updated
36Maulra LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US7161Not updated
37Pharticus Im the GMFrostmane-US7159Not updated
38Emii Shar HellvenFrostmane-US7116
39Ezekiah Wheres my Grape DrankFrostmane-US7106Not updated
40Azimut Fast AsleepFrostmane-US7068
41Kulutues The Horsemen EliteFrostmane-US7028
42Intentionz  Frostmane-US7003Not updated
43Keighleirun ConvergeFrostmane-US6920
44Jynxxed MîNËRVÄFrostmane-US6896Not updated
45Stìg Straight Outta TirisfalFrostmane-US6879
46Akalia Shar HellvenFrostmane-US6837Not updated
47Surepally X RatedFrostmane-US6796Not updated
48Gnite Shar HellvenFrostmane-US6772Not updated
49Hto  Frostmane-US6764Not updated
50Anteia  Frostmane-US6753Not updated
51Artemis Trust me Im a DoctorFrostmane-US6718
52Katka Shar HellvenFrostmane-US6717
52Fearoshema  Frostmane-US6717Not updated
54Revuledroh  Frostmane-US6668Not updated
55Thirstyhoe The GodsFrostmane-US6659Not updated
56Tuesdayducks SMOKERS ND TOKERSFrostmane-US6645
57Ceriane CorruptFrostmane-US6620Not updated
58Indigena  Frostmane-US6586Not updated
59Arwenferus  Frostmane-US6581Not updated
60Peskyferret ForgottenFrostmane-US6577Not updated
60Dailie CorruptFrostmane-US6577Not updated
62Wolfvillage The Art of WarFrostmane-US6576
63Purgatorie War FrontFrostmane-US6575
64Evilcow Holmgard and BeyondFrostmane-US6566Not updated
65Masakazu War FrontFrostmane-US6556
66Doomclan  Frostmane-US6520
66Spellblade  Frostmane-US6520Not updated
68Chaossage  Frostmane-US6510Not updated
69Jerlynn AsphyxiaFrostmane-US6494Not updated
70Pixifreak Something WyckedFrostmane-US6481Not updated
71Razorfish LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US6460
72Jaustice Just Ganked You LOLFrostmane-US6445Not updated
73Insence AuthorityFrostmane-US6399
74Collardgreen Dying BreedFrostmane-US6396
75Jenevier  Frostmane-US6383Not updated
76Coupei Murderous BastàrdsFrostmane-US6382Not updated
77Mthrscrane The Iron CrusadeFrostmane-US6374Not updated
78Amirite  Frostmane-US6372Not updated
79Lemalie  Frostmane-US6348Not updated
80Feralsoul War FrontFrostmane-US6342Not updated
81Kryptikk  Frostmane-US6336
82Sifting DRINKS POOL CHEMICALSFrostmane-US6323Not updated
83Kharax ProphecyFrostmane-US6312Not updated
84Arhea  Frostmane-US6290Not updated
85Tsarra Crimson FusionFrostmane-US6249Not updated
86Threesixty  Frostmane-US6232Not updated
87Palandra Muffin CupFrostmane-US6217Not updated
88Immortalsend Pernicious IntentFrostmane-US6208Not updated

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