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Fizzcrank-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Myrlissam Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US16517
2Digem ExodusFizzcrank-US15704
3Releaf TriumphFizzcrank-US13580Not updated
4Fla  Fizzcrank-US13188Not updated
5Aylea ExodusFizzcrank-US12923
6Badpierre Valiant EnforcersFizzcrank-US12620
7Wilsonsnow Horde KillahsFizzcrank-US11905Not updated
8Shaunmark MaraudersFizzcrank-US11494
9Aliandrin Disciples of the LyceumFizzcrank-US10398Not updated
10Dianna Beltway BanditsFizzcrank-US10375
11Vorqck Legion of The UnforgivenFizzcrank-US10347
12Rozou Mace to the FaceFizzcrank-US10137Not updated
13Linsay  Fizzcrank-US10000Not updated
14Talinthyr  Fizzcrank-US9955
15Sella InappropriateFizzcrank-US9825
16Prøfane The HauntedFizzcrank-US9568
17Shadespawn The HauntedFizzcrank-US9566Not updated
18Griath blood hawksFizzcrank-US9520Not updated
19Dëathnell  Fizzcrank-US9506Not updated
20Cyradis Horde KillahsFizzcrank-US9448
21Huolon Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US9316
22Maines Mischief MafiaFizzcrank-US9215
23Nimuetae InappropriateFizzcrank-US9083Not updated
24Deprofundis  Fizzcrank-US9066Not updated
25Misskillsyou  Fizzcrank-US8972Not updated
26Phermona  Fizzcrank-US8952Not updated
27Roserowene Best In Both SlotsFizzcrank-US8951
28Misçhievious Victorious SecretFizzcrank-US8946Not updated
29Onewhohunts Horde KillahsFizzcrank-US8938Not updated
30Crashdawg The Divine InquisitionFizzcrank-US8936Not updated
31Ciscokid NukemallFizzcrank-US8855Not updated
32Fozo Reign of GloryFizzcrank-US8680
33Spazzie RemnantsFizzcrank-US8663
34Unclecreepee Mists of PwndariaFizzcrank-US8616
35Debboralex Reign of GloryFizzcrank-US8605
36Onii Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US8590
37Peanotte The HauntedFizzcrank-US8508Not updated
37Missfreezem Inner CircleFizzcrank-US8508Not updated
39Telo ExodusFizzcrank-US8498
40Eclypsse The HauntedFizzcrank-US8478Not updated
41Zackthegnome Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US8475Not updated
42Kittermarand InappropriateFizzcrank-US8400
43Chinook The HauntedFizzcrank-US8372
44Maximborni Hells GloryFizzcrank-US8253
45Tralaladedaa Staff In Your EyeFizzcrank-US8175
46Lenlor Staff In Your EyeFizzcrank-US8118
46Latimer Thunderbluff SteakhouseFizzcrank-US8118Not updated
48Hooplaa  Fizzcrank-US8080Not updated
49Noitä The Freedom FightersFizzcrank-US8045Not updated
50Ferenc The Dark DragonsFizzcrank-US8039Not updated
51Sargentspaz InappropriateFizzcrank-US8010Not updated
52Darkdestiny Watchers of the ValeFizzcrank-US7994Not updated
53Libertyy Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US7951Not updated
54Shambone InappropriateFizzcrank-US7930Not updated
55Ångel END OF DAYSFizzcrank-US7923Not updated
56Shroomfive  Fizzcrank-US7831Not updated
57Goulpas The UnitedFizzcrank-US7792Not updated
57Wokalon Seraphim of MourningFizzcrank-US7792Not updated
57Ragarass  Fizzcrank-US7792Not updated
60Oobi Exiles of Caer DarrowFizzcrank-US7763Not updated
61Ostrack Keepers of Raging LightFizzcrank-US7732Not updated
62Mistyri The Dark DragonsFizzcrank-US7700Not updated
63Shenandoah Mystical ChaosFizzcrank-US7646Not updated
64Kiora Women of WarcraftFizzcrank-US7574
65Goblus Inner CircleFizzcrank-US7540Not updated
66Jaandius  Fizzcrank-US7538
67Warmhrted Blood of the HordeFizzcrank-US7528Not updated
68Litehawk UnsungFizzcrank-US7497Not updated
69Ojiimage Glorious FuryFizzcrank-US7484Not updated
70Ojiitajhw Seraphim of MourningFizzcrank-US7483Not updated
71Danei Midnight MafiaFizzcrank-US7471Not updated
72Taoyin Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US7422Not updated
73Sylvestor  Fizzcrank-US7360Not updated
74Gundehar ExodusFizzcrank-US7348
75Leïleï Keep Moving ForwardFizzcrank-US7326
76Darkkittycat candy and kittensFizzcrank-US7252Not updated
77Cownan From the AshesFizzcrank-US7238
78Denaelor Legion of The UnforgivenFizzcrank-US7231
79Crowhop The Azerothian GuardsFizzcrank-US7210
80Gimetin ExodusFizzcrank-US7206Not updated
81Lodii  Fizzcrank-US7199Not updated
82Tendrielle Circle of NobilityFizzcrank-US7197Not updated
83Stubbiemax Mischief MafiaFizzcrank-US7194
84Daphyne The HauntedFizzcrank-US7192Not updated
85Bellinii The HauntedFizzcrank-US7187
86Tunkamanin VanguardFizzcrank-US7185Not updated
87Cooties Super Happy Fun TimeFizzcrank-US7179Not updated
88Taisayu Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US7177Not updated
89Gunthbert Room Four MoreFizzcrank-US7102Not updated
90Girgori Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US7073

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