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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Firetree-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Nostrathomas Boom Goes the DynamiteFiretree-US19235Not updated
2Dyenna Team SlayerFiretree-US17641Not updated
3Phaidra InsomniaFiretree-US16091Not updated
4Jthm Kill On SiteFiretree-US14594Not updated
5Zalynna SuffrageFiretree-US14440Not updated
6Senormuerte Hells FinestFiretree-US13481Not updated
7Tankionous  Firetree-US12978Not updated
8Hinatta Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US11472Not updated
9Monkeyfreak CritheadsFiretree-US11127Not updated
10Pretis Lords of DestructionFiretree-US11011Not updated
11Condor World PvPFiretree-US10479Not updated
12Jawbuster Mature ContentFiretree-US9748Not updated
12Zarzaklek Mature ContentFiretree-US9748Not updated
14Cruix tlcFiretree-US9596Not updated
15Aedara Punishers ArmyFiretree-US9545Not updated
16Worgenbeaty Power FriendsFiretree-US9420Not updated
17Screamfire Vs the WorldFiretree-US9103Not updated
18Vicmagic The Wild GeeseFiretree-US8928Not updated
19Dregoon World PvPFiretree-US8827Not updated
20Kohbae WickedFiretree-US8614Not updated
21Dietrich WickedFiretree-US8612Not updated
22Darkell Fearless ChickensFiretree-US8431Not updated
23Xmenwolf Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US8183Not updated
24Vichealer The Wild GeeseFiretree-US8137Not updated
25Helzown VanquishFiretree-US8120Not updated
26Pronghorn Vs the WorldFiretree-US8097Not updated
27Vicario ONEFiretree-US8060Not updated
28Tankk  Firetree-US8005Not updated
29Homenubs Clan DerpwolfFiretree-US7861Not updated
30Cranmer The Wild GeeseFiretree-US7836Not updated
31Root  Firetree-US7821Not updated
32Vievictus Ex NihiloFiretree-US7800Not updated
33Autismo  Firetree-US7550Not updated
34Dreamcrush Take TwoFiretree-US7531Not updated
35Damascis Harbingers of DeathFiretree-US7445Not updated
36Zukkie Crimson BloodlineFiretree-US7436Not updated
37Justincase  Firetree-US7321Not updated
38Offphelia  Firetree-US7297Not updated
39Astatorr Power FriendsFiretree-US7275Not updated
40Machinebow  Firetree-US7238Not updated
41Fangz Soap on a RopeFiretree-US7221Not updated
42Vertu The Wild GeeseFiretree-US7208Not updated
43Teenypix SuffrageFiretree-US7182Not updated
44Steps Mountain MenFiretree-US7054Not updated
45Velishel AbsolutéFiretree-US7051Not updated
46Torfinna Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US7026Not updated
46Nusubito Take TwoFiretree-US7026Not updated
48Xyssa Dark SanctumFiretree-US7012Not updated
49Orbie SHANKEDFiretree-US6959Not updated
49Woofenstein RazerFiretree-US6959Not updated
51Lungrez InsomniaFiretree-US6920Not updated
52Vhaerunshade tlcFiretree-US6783Not updated
53Shamshamm After PartyFiretree-US6762Not updated
54Shockeddown Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US6748Not updated
55Toshia We Run With ScissorsFiretree-US6746Not updated
55Tinyfab Soap on a RopeFiretree-US6746Not updated
57Kickin ONEFiretree-US6737Not updated
58Vellalol AbsolutéFiretree-US6673Not updated
59Iara Hidden GemFiretree-US6653Not updated
60Shanamae Night HoodFiretree-US6633Not updated
61Foursquare Legion of the ApocalypseFiretree-US6629Not updated
62Webeshammy For HireFiretree-US6624Not updated
63Maewest Riders of RohanFiretree-US6617Not updated
64Llinda UnsacredFiretree-US6601Not updated
65Linnda UnsacredFiretree-US6599Not updated
66Darntreefell CritheadsFiretree-US6531Not updated
67Swampie Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US6528Not updated
67Sabrinamoon Bow Chicka WOW WOWFiretree-US6528Not updated
69Ulcastor Mature ContentFiretree-US6526Not updated
70Trägedy Army of the DeserterFiretree-US6525Not updated
71Chickpriest The Barrens CrusadersFiretree-US6517Not updated
72Bobbalicious DelusionalFiretree-US6494Not updated
73Rashelle Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US6480Not updated
74Holyfirebalz CatharsisFiretree-US6478Not updated
75Raelena tlcFiretree-US6462Not updated
75Tombombadil Army of the DeserterFiretree-US6462Not updated
75Staycool Army of the DeserterFiretree-US6462Not updated
78Seraphin Risen From the AshesFiretree-US6456Not updated
79Våssìld VassildFiretree-US6448Not updated
80Wulfmane Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US6430Not updated
80Steamwulf Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US6430Not updated
82Bluetear UnsacredFiretree-US6339Not updated
83Harmoni InsomniaFiretree-US6318Not updated
84Chinzo Joint VentureFiretree-US6310Not updated
85Bramnoir  Firetree-US6291Not updated
86Karailiyam The Players ClubFiretree-US6223Not updated
87Houndd tlcFiretree-US6212Not updated
88Ellros tlcFiretree-US6204Not updated
89Eatdung  Firetree-US6198Not updated
90Gafgarîon JustFiretree-US6179Not updated
91Ellebishop SolidarityFiretree-US6146Not updated
92Elendrosa Come Click ThisFiretree-US6141Not updated
93Vardamir tlcFiretree-US6136Not updated
94Wetashame No ThanksFiretree-US6128Not updated
95Nby  Firetree-US6123Not updated
96Nolatefees  Firetree-US6111Not updated
97Arcsin  Firetree-US6109Not updated
98Morpheus EllipseFiretree-US6108Not updated
99Sidioüs InsomniaFiretree-US6104Not updated
100Beastybest SolidarityFiretree-US6098Not updated

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