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Fenris-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Dené XP MerksFenris-US21174Not updated
2Tinkerdawn Angel SanctuaryFenris-US15687Not updated
3Vendaport Harbingers of DeathFenris-US14870
4Glennhelen The Templar KnightsFenris-US14728
5Hammertagrid The Templar KnightsFenris-US14684
6Sayria i do not want a guildFenris-US14680
7Rudekmage RaidiculousFenris-US14133
8Oliverfarrel Forgotten LegionFenris-US13979Not updated
8Retirednurse Forgotten LegionFenris-US13979Not updated
10Forsythia Forgotten LegionFenris-US13804Not updated
11Nickthenoble Tree FiddyFenris-US13302Not updated
12Gwenevier  Fenris-US13046
13Malefacen VengeanceFenris-US12974
13Garnd VengeanceFenris-US12974
13Mara VengeanceFenris-US12974
16Dross Blood BrothersFenris-US12635Not updated
16Aumark Blood BrothersFenris-US12635Not updated
18Sivak Blood BrothersFenris-US12595Not updated
18Ashon Blood BrothersFenris-US12595Not updated
20Ulteria The DominatorsFenris-US11361Not updated
21Jannic The HoneybadgersFenris-US11348
22Sasche Squirrels With KnivesFenris-US11305
23Adrena Valor AcademyFenris-US11245Not updated
24Ashelley Valor AcademyFenris-US11184Not updated
25Spatter Shades of FutilityFenris-US11137Not updated
26Cathee Eternal ArcanumFenris-US10997
27Relkin Butchers of ChaosFenris-US10778Not updated
27Ravver Butchers of ChaosFenris-US10778Not updated
27Rivet Butchers of ChaosFenris-US10778Not updated
27Cadrio Butchers of ChaosFenris-US10778Not updated
27Aegeus Butchers of ChaosFenris-US10778Not updated
32Sparkky Blood BrothersFenris-US10708Not updated
32Tyrossa Blood BrothersFenris-US10708Not updated
32Annalette Blood BrothersFenris-US10708Not updated
35Purga Blood BrothersFenris-US10684Not updated
35Keera Blood BrothersFenris-US10684Not updated
37Namytri Towards GloryFenris-US10501Not updated
38Zarenistia PulseFenris-US10491
39Rakhark Angels Of ChaosFenris-US10339Not updated
40Cbdruid Palladium ProtectorateFenris-US10331
41Barneescabra  Fenris-US9903
42Chrysanthe  Fenris-US9754Not updated
43Kroner Exalted With The LadiesFenris-US9707Not updated
44Frette The Templar KnightsFenris-US9672Not updated
45Newklear  Fenris-US9658
46Arconian The BenevolentFenris-US9639
47Rín Risen NightmareFenris-US9629Not updated
47Hînata Risen NightmareFenris-US9629Not updated
49Midorïko Risen NightmareFenris-US9622Not updated
50Tassrana RebirthFenris-US9538
51Juanescutia  Fenris-US9496Not updated
52Hópe Forgotten LegionFenris-US9355Not updated
52Steelsong Forgotten LegionFenris-US9355Not updated
52Nightli Forgotten LegionFenris-US9355Not updated
55Phaera Fenris TalonsFenris-US9335Not updated
56Bluepoison That Pet PlaceFenris-US9177Not updated
57Gibbler VengeanceFenris-US9098Not updated
58Altaraa That Pet PlaceFenris-US9076Not updated
59Samioholdem  Fenris-US8959Not updated
60Bloodtracer Keepers of KolvirFenris-US8876
61Ursesa The Crystal DawnFenris-US8864
62Demonize heros of stormwindFenris-US8748Not updated
63Putz The Knights of NiFenris-US8693Not updated
64Ilducé RaidiculousFenris-US8668
65Arcuulo That Pet PlaceFenris-US8626
66Tictactotems  Fenris-US8621Not updated
67Thorasine Graveyard desciplesFenris-US8582Not updated
68Taylana Echoes of FenrisFenris-US8500Not updated
69Taintedsaint BrahminFenris-US8111
70Supertush Chaotic NeutralFenris-US8101Not updated
71Lanarea  Fenris-US7998Not updated
72Valenne  Fenris-US7983Not updated
73Gillie Alternate RealitiesFenris-US7937Not updated
74Taelarn  Fenris-US7903
75Bagofkittens Howlin HurricaneFenris-US7865
76Lunabadmoon  Fenris-US7819Not updated
77Leftoverkrák  Fenris-US7768Not updated
78Benoitt The BenevolentFenris-US7754
79Mzpknut NecroticFenris-US7749
80Tahga BrewmeistersFenris-US7709Not updated
81Blueiz  Fenris-US7707
82Sweetshade UnreliableLaundryServiceFenris-US7684Not updated
83Lindamujer LordsofDarknessFenris-US7673
84Kar End Game TheoryFenris-US7659
85Vandamn The Redemption SquadFenris-US7630Not updated
86Krackow The Templar KnightsFenris-US7573Not updated
87Taerynn Angels Of ChaosFenris-US7550Not updated
88Baristolth Hand of PainFenris-US7495
89Krystalya CheckmateFenris-US7418
90Helsden The DeceiversFenris-US7396
91Effexor UnreliableLaundryServiceFenris-US7389Not updated
92Salizar The BenevolentFenris-US7360
93Prusha Last RitesFenris-US7339
94Ethelynytal Serenity ExiledFenris-US7328Not updated
95Arterek IMMORTALSFenris-US7279Not updated
96Lhiannan The HoneybadgersFenris-US7274Not updated
97Regaris Finnegans WakeFenris-US7233Not updated
98Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US7194
99Raouldook The OutcastsFenris-US7192Not updated
100Lázuriàsi  Fenris-US7177

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