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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Exodar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Sorcaem EpidemicExodar-US18154Not updated
2Krystenn VoltagèExodar-US17657Not updated
3Jaad FatalExodar-US16820Not updated
4Xytan The GorgonitesExodar-US16435Not updated
5Unpoquito EntourageExodar-US16388Not updated
6Gimehli We Cleared KazakhstanExodar-US15641Not updated
7Ashaala Scarlet HighlandersExodar-US15119Not updated
8Soulmourne  Exodar-US14777Not updated
9Allonfire The GorgonitesExodar-US14410Not updated
10Elnara Raiders RebornExodar-US14409Not updated
11Akini Francs TireurSExodar-US13881Not updated
12Obijon The HorsemenExodar-US13548Not updated
13Lucrishia Scarlet HighlandersExodar-US12957Not updated
14Ramir HIERATICExodar-US12793Not updated
15Rork Cheese VendorExodar-US12647Not updated
16Zirima ContingêncyExodar-US12249Not updated
17Gannikuss  Exodar-US12234Not updated
18Mylène The Light Of DàwnExodar-US12123Not updated
19Papyrus Cheese VendorExodar-US11957Not updated
20Nymphis Just for FunExodar-US11778Not updated
21Juliana Belgariad ClanExodar-US11692Not updated
22Blackwyzard ThunderstruckExodar-US11446Not updated
23Moochaccino A New DawnExodar-US11402Not updated
24Gothid Seven Deadly SinsExodar-US11164Not updated
25Hatrin Righteous BladeExodar-US11030Not updated
26Bladarian Punk in DrublicExodar-US10949Not updated
27Vanish Seven Deadly SinsExodar-US10813Not updated
28Rexann Celtic KnotExodar-US10742Not updated
29Tankingneo Francs TireurSExodar-US10430Not updated
30Labella Hells FuryExodar-US10238Not updated
31Ferreii Raiding with HelmetsExodar-US10187Not updated
32Caylalina îcønExodar-US10001Not updated
33Willowspring Belgariad ClanExodar-US9998Not updated
34Caligulan Blade StormExodar-US9869Not updated
35Macator We Cleared KazakhstanExodar-US9818Not updated
36Lesley  Exodar-US9793Not updated
37Tywebb The Moonlit KnightExodar-US9541Not updated
38Khutulun MotherpestExodar-US9515Not updated
39Raralith Sans SouillureExodar-US9394Not updated
40Nona Just for FunExodar-US9391Not updated
41Mochajava The Honored HorsemenExodar-US9362Not updated
42Catmommy  Exodar-US9286Not updated
42Incendria  Exodar-US9286Not updated
44Phaqmi Stormwind Sheriffs DeptExodar-US9276Not updated
45Moreborne Warriors of the MoonExodar-US9228Not updated
46Sydal Just for FunExodar-US9225Not updated
47Stussy Hippie HordeExodar-US9203Not updated
48Glag TemerityExodar-US9097Not updated
49Hyperstate Dead of NightExodar-US8987Not updated
50Hiyoda EpidemicExodar-US8899Not updated
51Sammiegirl Casual AddictionExodar-US8894Not updated
52Flattman MartyrdomExodar-US8877Not updated
53Borinsen DI the HunterExodar-US8867Not updated
54Evistan Just for FunExodar-US8848Not updated
55Ladihawke EntourageExodar-US8791Not updated
56Lidey House of Red DragonsExodar-US8775Not updated
57Deathbydar FatalExodar-US8722Not updated
58Amberstout unfaithfulExodar-US8642Not updated
58Tuomio EntourageExodar-US8642Not updated
60Asherra swords of azerothExodar-US8629Not updated
61Allexxia Violent TendenciesExodar-US8611Not updated
62Nitephoenix Our WorldExodar-US8575Not updated
63Tömmey  Exodar-US8566Not updated
64Ozerum Raiding with HelmetsExodar-US8516Not updated
65Kerlighed The Light Of DàwnExodar-US8445Not updated
66Stonetalon Deathwings FollyExodar-US8373Not updated
67Jacques Francs TireurSExodar-US8343Not updated
68Nightslayer Zerg RushExodar-US8266Not updated
69Amany Life During WartimeExodar-US8237Not updated
70Nérée Francs TireurSExodar-US8193Not updated
71Yummybunny  Exodar-US8165Not updated
72Hrusk WickedExodar-US8134Not updated
72Cennaire WickedExodar-US8134Not updated
74Coralas KindredExodar-US8032Not updated
75Rosalyne Mostly HarmlessExodar-US7987Not updated
76Kaffeine Chaotic NightfallExodar-US7965Not updated
77Edgarapoe Imprisoned MadnessExodar-US7964Not updated
78Zaradradra  Exodar-US7935Not updated
79Ivyheplock The Brown CoatsExodar-US7860Not updated
80Halfsize ArchonExodar-US7855Not updated
81Druddlee Seething VengeanceExodar-US7845Not updated

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