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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Hoocker  Eredar-US18373Not updated
2Jottemtrot The DropoutsEredar-US15857Not updated
3Walkêr HiveEredar-US14093Not updated
4Gonnashadeya Fridge RaidersEredar-US12432Not updated
5Kaludo SuperMoJoEredar-US11466Not updated
6Lacunacoìl FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US10145Not updated
7Hopehunter Touch Not The CatEredar-US10063Not updated
8Tiinkerbell ABANDON ALL HOPEEredar-US9892Not updated
9Clo OblivionEredar-US9863Not updated
10Sariannah Capital VicesEredar-US9836Not updated
11Brynia  Eredar-US9654Not updated
12Rentard  Eredar-US9526Not updated
13Corthander DiscordEredar-US9406Not updated
14Monito Capital VicesEredar-US9297Not updated
15Instantque  Eredar-US8989Not updated
16Cassiell CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US8930Not updated
17Iownahorse Perfect InsanityEredar-US8573Not updated
18Druis The DropoutsEredar-US8542Not updated
19Pidan Para Los MuertosEredar-US8424Not updated
19Moldilocks Para Los MuertosEredar-US8424Not updated
19Misbeheifer Para Los MuertosEredar-US8424Not updated
22Ayawaska Para Los MuertosEredar-US8399Not updated
22Polliwog Para Los MuertosEredar-US8399Not updated
24Kugua Para Los MuertosEredar-US8395Not updated
24Nirriti Para Los MuertosEredar-US8395Not updated
26Allspice  Eredar-US8390Not updated
27Malvolo Dark Knight AllianceEredar-US8378Not updated
28Argante Para Los MuertosEredar-US8345Not updated
29Drizzella  Eredar-US8308Not updated
30Holedog DogpoundEredar-US7923Not updated
31Married Game OvérEredar-US7867Not updated
32Vomas Second NatureEredar-US7844Not updated
33Pureprincess Apathy IncEredar-US7760Not updated
34Pristann  Eredar-US7742Not updated
35Collem Chaotic NightfallEredar-US7740Not updated
36Nudist Game OvérEredar-US7716Not updated
37Chopstikz  Eredar-US7676Not updated
38Serenûs Touch Not The CatEredar-US7672Not updated
39Knou  Eredar-US7666Not updated
40Bidish Months BehindEredar-US7645Not updated
41Kurri Sacred VowEredar-US7616Not updated
42Bellevue ABANDON ALL HOPEEredar-US7607Not updated
43Satsui Capital VicesEredar-US7464Not updated
44Soulpower Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US7457Not updated
45Hyperbolic  Eredar-US7449Not updated
46Belisyndra Months BehindEredar-US7437Not updated
47Shadowslol  Eredar-US7399Not updated
48Dathao Months BehindEredar-US7356Not updated
49Panderra Kings Of OldEredar-US7346Not updated
50Quellious Capital VicesEredar-US7294Not updated
51Cenedrah Grumpier Old MenEredar-US7284Not updated
52Osica FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US7266Not updated
53Rose The UncrunchablesEredar-US7230Not updated
54Smashei DestinatusEredar-US7179Not updated
55Forestmouse PredominantEredar-US7173Not updated
56Kuriara Months BehindEredar-US7158Not updated
57Qp  Eredar-US7072Not updated
57Deliver  Eredar-US7072Not updated
59Drdark FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US7049Not updated
60Popcorn  Eredar-US7021Not updated
61Rummin Dark Knight AllianceEredar-US7011Not updated
62Poppyseed  Eredar-US6986Not updated
63Cátseye  Eredar-US6982Not updated
64Cauthon Inappropriately MisusedEredar-US6973Not updated
65Wadangbaihu DogpoundEredar-US6961Not updated
66Bedroom Months BehindEredar-US6953Not updated
67Centigrade Months BehindEredar-US6950Not updated
68Intimacy Months BehindEredar-US6944Not updated
69Psyhard Capital VicesEredar-US6935Not updated
70Jalisa Crystal DragonsEredar-US6910Not updated
71Ivork Perfect InsanityEredar-US6908Not updated
72Ilex Almost HeroesEredar-US6872Not updated
73Alerazue  Eredar-US6811Not updated
74Temnota Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US6791Not updated
75Interjection DestinatusEredar-US6788Not updated
76Cycolpley  Eredar-US6787Not updated
77Construction Months BehindEredar-US6779Not updated
78Epsii Troll HarderEredar-US6754Not updated
79Veganzombie  Eredar-US6718Not updated
80Waylen  Eredar-US6695Not updated
81Boas YouDieNowEredar-US6693Not updated
82Maeyla PredominantEredar-US6677Not updated
83Zulataki FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US6652Not updated
84Januu All American FarmersEredar-US6619Not updated
85Magdalina Wu Tang FinancialEredar-US6562Not updated
86Barbiespool Capital VicesEredar-US6508Not updated
87Ragnarök  Eredar-US6486Not updated
88Mistmedic Capital VicesEredar-US6464Not updated
89Drakeiron Sacred ProphetsEredar-US6442Not updated
90Mãilia Fates furyEredar-US6424Not updated
91Dmaze  Eredar-US6419Not updated
92Dragunov Bacon is deliciousEredar-US6407Not updated
92Omotsmemory  Eredar-US6407Not updated
94Starlyn DestinatusEredar-US6383Not updated
95Keles Dirt DogsEredar-US6363Not updated
96Maliciouskil Capital VicesEredar-US6331Not updated
97Thundagut Squirrel ChaosEredar-US6327Not updated
98Lobelia Plus Five To AwesomeEredar-US6303Not updated
99Tokenazn PredominantEredar-US6286Not updated
100Josieh CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US6267Not updated

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