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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Badcredit Contract KillersEmerald Dream-US18162Not updated
2Fluffÿ The Order of OopsEmerald Dream-US17955Not updated
3Heechee Crimson FangEmerald Dream-US16776Not updated
4Bellona  Emerald Dream-US14978Not updated
5Fattiebear Bad SamarìtansEmerald Dream-US14877Not updated
6Tuhli  Emerald Dream-US14814Not updated
7Taser  Emerald Dream-US14670Not updated
8Frump Bronzebeard VanguardEmerald Dream-US14402Not updated
9Sibi  Emerald Dream-US14370Not updated
10Divinaty LegionEmerald Dream-US14340Not updated
11Flidias  Emerald Dream-US14326Not updated
12Sibbi Beers and BgsEmerald Dream-US14253Not updated
12Kalisaphia Blood LotusEmerald Dream-US14253Not updated
14Kumakai The Fallen LightEmerald Dream-US14209Not updated
15Bellãmorte Mog MattersEmerald Dream-US13391Not updated
16Shadric Searing EclipseEmerald Dream-US12989Not updated
17Alouette Eighth LegionEmerald Dream-US12811Not updated
18Vorardor Warforged LegendsEmerald Dream-US12404Not updated
19Golém  Emerald Dream-US12249Not updated
20Reyna Emerald Dream TeamEmerald Dream-US12052Not updated
21Løthela theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US11933Not updated
22Whommper Isle Of Misfit ToysEmerald Dream-US11865Not updated
23Punksta The SicknessEmerald Dream-US11657Not updated
24Palerýder  Emerald Dream-US11470Not updated
25Shugorath Iron LegionEmerald Dream-US11390Not updated
26Sarhlalee Clan BattlehammerEmerald Dream-US11373Not updated
27Saffran Dragonmaw VanguardEmerald Dream-US11334Not updated
28Nanacure LegionEmerald Dream-US11300Not updated
29Gleekin BloodHoodEmerald Dream-US11071Not updated
30Polyvitrus  Emerald Dream-US10967Not updated
31Holypunch Division VIIEmerald Dream-US10896Not updated
32Rizitaz  Emerald Dream-US10873Not updated
33Springfoot Order of the KaldoreiEmerald Dream-US10775Not updated
34Krychen Knights of WinterEmerald Dream-US10726Not updated
35Headdies ChaosEmerald Dream-US10616Not updated
36Sardu Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US10560Not updated
36Revtom Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US10560Not updated
36Deadskinmask MalcontentEmerald Dream-US10560Not updated
39Hotara Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US10515Not updated
39Moktale Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US10515Not updated
39Wylken Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US10515Not updated
42Doome  Emerald Dream-US10467Not updated
43Learka Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US10328Not updated
44Hexxåcute MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US10240Not updated
45Ogaleesha AdventureEmerald Dream-US10194Not updated
46Lobar  Emerald Dream-US10141Not updated
47Vårria  Emerald Dream-US10116Not updated
48Zovie EFFORTEmerald Dream-US10074Not updated
49Tryypod World of WarcraftEmerald Dream-US9844Not updated
50Pipsqueëk  Emerald Dream-US9827Not updated
51Îbeatitup  Emerald Dream-US9811Not updated
52Murglepoof Band of MisfitsEmerald Dream-US9698Not updated
53Nÿmphiniti Bring The RuckusEmerald Dream-US9594Not updated
54Katrael Gamon Body GuardsEmerald Dream-US9586Not updated
55Tayanna  Emerald Dream-US9570Not updated
56Psypurx Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US9495Not updated
57Shazooth RebellionEmerald Dream-US9401Not updated
58Lapaix The TribunalEmerald Dream-US9340Not updated
59Dvs The Red Panda ElitesEmerald Dream-US9326Not updated
60Roshambò Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US9322Not updated
61Qtaco  Emerald Dream-US9216Not updated
62Mceepeepants theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US9183Not updated
63Daahlia theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US9149Not updated
64Othylia Iron LegionEmerald Dream-US9143Not updated
65Mudbone The FluffysEmerald Dream-US9111Not updated
66Neassa The RegimentEmerald Dream-US9072Not updated
67Badattituud Iron LegionEmerald Dream-US9012Not updated
68Eldisgusto Stark Fist of RemovalEmerald Dream-US9010Not updated
69Taolu Dead Parrot SketchEmerald Dream-US9005Not updated
70Morkanze The Blizzard LegionEmerald Dream-US8988Not updated
71Carisse Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US8984Not updated
72Zendarien Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US8955Not updated
73Trenon Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US8915Not updated
74Sneakieme  Emerald Dream-US8789Not updated
75Noxara No Mercy MafiaEmerald Dream-US8787Not updated
76Mzdotsalot Fallen LotusEmerald Dream-US8784Not updated
77Lilpoundtown  Emerald Dream-US8719Not updated
78Namie MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US8686Not updated
79Telma Uninvited GuestsEmerald Dream-US8655Not updated
80Bananä Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US8651Not updated
81Blazeheliski Praetorian GuardEmerald Dream-US8645Not updated
82Yggdracil Druids of the ClawEmerald Dream-US8615Not updated
83Quiznatodd Once More With FeelingEmerald Dream-US8593Not updated
84Deyjapoo Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US8556Not updated
85Navindell Blood Sworn BattalionEmerald Dream-US8548Not updated
86Carbonera  Emerald Dream-US8541Not updated
87Zedrock Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US8529Not updated
88Crëepy Division VIIEmerald Dream-US8506Not updated
89Razmalibul ArvandorEmerald Dream-US8475Not updated
89Vyxee ArvandorEmerald Dream-US8475Not updated
91Muffmuf Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US8466Not updated
92Pozzie  Emerald Dream-US8440Not updated
93Tavross Gamon Body GuardsEmerald Dream-US8422Not updated
94Hitedojo Bold as LionsEmerald Dream-US8417Not updated
95Babykitty  Emerald Dream-US8415Not updated
96Jadelotus A S Y L U MEmerald Dream-US8326Not updated
96Drewbearfl Iron VendettaEmerald Dream-US8326Not updated
98Kyradeath Emerald KingsEmerald Dream-US8320Not updated
99Thundurtits  Emerald Dream-US8316Not updated
100Myseeker ExcelsiorEmerald Dream-US8275Not updated

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