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Elune-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Yogg Afraid of ElementalsElune-US17244
2Vanas  Elune-US15806
3Chablis DamnationElune-US15376
4Grimrage stalk adn killElune-US15049
5Michone MSTiesElune-US14914Not updated
6Maladriel Reality CheckElune-US14902
7Mystake SOKElune-US14828
8Oipunxx AxisElune-US14664
9Daevas Happy EndingElune-US14577
10Macguffin DamnationElune-US14544
11Presto Tempted KillersElune-US14448
12Piow VindicationElune-US14353
13Alathis Just CrusadeElune-US14039
14Loadflayler FusionElune-US13823
15Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US13213
16Hamath  Elune-US12822Not updated
17Cocoapuffs Better Part of ValorElune-US12518
18Pandaturk  Elune-US12474
19Môôn  Elune-US11974Not updated
20Doxology Better Part of ValorElune-US11508Not updated
21Stephanie  Elune-US11462
22Râzzee Tempted KillersElune-US11262
23Razzette EigengrauElune-US11254Not updated
24Legunner FidelisElune-US11217Not updated
25Celestial Rise of MayhemElune-US10827
25Tylandria  Elune-US10827Not updated
25Ethereality  Elune-US10827Not updated
25Ethereal  Elune-US10827Not updated
25Engelic Mercs For HireElune-US10827Not updated
30Yarro Better Part of ValorElune-US10713
31Kysam unguildedElune-US10643Not updated
32Boberto Gates of HellElune-US10213Not updated
33Worganeater CritterliciousElune-US10198
34Roojon Knights of the Cleav AgeElune-US10045
35Tiklemebimbo House of PendragonsElune-US9983Not updated
36Cynlyn InstabilityElune-US9980
37Koristil The Lords of AggroElune-US9954
38Gizzybee AmnestyElune-US9886
39Elunarius Entil zha VeniElune-US9767Not updated
40Tarex Better Part of ValorElune-US9747Not updated
40Zilaryx Better Part of ValorElune-US9747
40Xivelar Better Part of ValorElune-US9747
43Felaara The Great White NorthElune-US9685Not updated
44Albe Acta SantiElune-US9441
45Droodigator EPluribusUnumElune-US9381
46Jeric Questers RunElune-US9331Not updated
47Shadumactoo Purple NurplesElune-US9301
48Maioyin Gates of HellElune-US9048Not updated
49Gauza LNCElune-US9003
50Minicarol Pwn me I get my MainElune-US8955
51Mirelle VindicationElune-US8953
51Aoji I See Dead PicklesElune-US8953Not updated
53Bahots Guardians of MordorElune-US8818Not updated
54Illblack CasualsElune-US8816Not updated
55Nhan Twilight CrusadersElune-US8811
56Galen The Ebon GuardElune-US8794Not updated
57Razorthornz Chambers of ShaolinElune-US8735Not updated
58Fizzlepix Tempted KillersElune-US8716
59Samoreye Children Of LokiElune-US8708
60Varraline Pyreal DreamElune-US8678
61Shuggypie  Elune-US8666
62Junedo  Elune-US8595
63Knotthead Challenge ModeElune-US8594
64Thai InvalidTargetElune-US8584
65Lameche La Fin du MondeElune-US8542
66Jerajuana From AccountingElune-US8514Not updated
67Amorality PHOElune-US8511
68Nimnim Guerreros de la NieblaElune-US8504
69Bruiser exodusElune-US8501Not updated
70Kasual HecateElune-US8480Not updated
71Qrystal Gates of HellElune-US8478Not updated
72Vulfie  Elune-US8367Not updated
73Discette Twilight CrusadersElune-US8339
74Joñsnow Reign of the ExiledElune-US8314
75Cordelle AmnestyElune-US8306
76Brionus Midnight CartelElune-US8286
77Peering  Elune-US8250Not updated
78Gengrel Questers RunElune-US8232Not updated
79Scyrekhan Acta SantiElune-US8193
80Venomys  Elune-US8177
81Takethefifth Guilty as ChargedElune-US8163Not updated
82Selini Reality CheckElune-US8069
83Virusgt Purple NurplesElune-US8015
84Freakytwist JusticeLeagueOfAzerothElune-US8000Not updated
85Warlocknload NightfaIIElune-US7995
86Latheran Acta SantiElune-US7959
87Sabelle LNCElune-US7895
88Torynn DamnationElune-US7812
89Mostro Children Of LokiElune-US7795

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