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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eldre'Thalas-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Cherryicee Utsukushii SaiseiEldre'Thalas-US17531Not updated
2Aqurala  Eldre'Thalas-US17292Not updated
3Badjoke Strength of UnityEldre'Thalas-US16713Not updated
4Boochan ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US15689Not updated
5Enkidu PlundercatsEldre'Thalas-US15638Not updated
6Gefion Pax NoviniumEldre'Thalas-US15403Not updated
7Emmakjohnson Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US12943Not updated
8Mattenay Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US12238Not updated
9Bugeye Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US11855Not updated
10Starrlight raiders of da lost arkEldre'Thalas-US11774Not updated
11Heiddi Exercitus TenebraeEldre'Thalas-US11051Not updated
12Gascloud  Eldre'Thalas-US10959Not updated
13Darksolo Covenant of OsirisEldre'Thalas-US10682Not updated
14Tayeris PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US10537Not updated
14Brinela Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US10537Not updated
16Grulthalok Shadow Wolf GuardEldre'Thalas-US10463Not updated
17Cataela Cavaliers of JusticeEldre'Thalas-US10410Not updated
18Rommel Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US10383Not updated
19Helbrecht Pax NoviniumEldre'Thalas-US10328Not updated
20Chrisane PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US10272Not updated
21Baddoggy Gladiators of LightEldre'Thalas-US10240Not updated
22Kareful ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US10095Not updated
23Deathwolf FrostwolvesEldre'Thalas-US9965Not updated
24Shadell PremierEldre'Thalas-US9954Not updated
25Minify  Eldre'Thalas-US9915Not updated
26Wiskabiscuit ArkanumEldre'Thalas-US9905Not updated
27Frostypaws CorazonEldre'Thalas-US9818Not updated
28Christmaseve Too Drunk To CareEldre'Thalas-US9796Not updated
29Majesticrose Too Drunk To CareEldre'Thalas-US9795Not updated
30Decaden The Lights DawnEldre'Thalas-US9675Not updated
31Veenia Shattered Soul SocietyEldre'Thalas-US9664Not updated
32Jatani Dragon PeopleEldre'Thalas-US9544Not updated
33Lilbigdk UberGoobersEldre'Thalas-US9450Not updated
34Umatillaii ArkanumEldre'Thalas-US9447Not updated
35Tovan Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US9442Not updated
36Phobuux DeliriaEldre'Thalas-US9409Not updated
37Bigbearzdk  Eldre'Thalas-US9342Not updated
38Incidious EquilibriumEldre'Thalas-US9337Not updated
39Fechin HecTicEldre'Thalas-US9283Not updated
40Morinda HecTicEldre'Thalas-US9202Not updated
41Cyler Team DeathwishEldre'Thalas-US9131Not updated
42Manawanu Team DeathwishEldre'Thalas-US9119Not updated
43Rigil NemesisEldre'Thalas-US9111Not updated
44Mythhunter Company of WolvesEldre'Thalas-US9091Not updated
45Dawg InciteEldre'Thalas-US8949Not updated
46Satusha  Eldre'Thalas-US8923Not updated
47Bedra Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US8840Not updated
48Katstrider Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US8822Not updated
49Sesheta PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US8771Not updated
50Buddhakhan Strength of UnityEldre'Thalas-US8770Not updated
51Appril The Knights of GoodEldre'Thalas-US8768Not updated
52Stinkbreath ReformEldre'Thalas-US8725Not updated
53Northern Invaders of the PassEldre'Thalas-US8724Not updated
54Ciaphas MétamorphoseEldre'Thalas-US8723Not updated
55Lichette Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US8651Not updated
56Daisukeah BEERRUNEldre'Thalas-US8629Not updated
56Marghanna BEERRUNEldre'Thalas-US8629Not updated
58Rossmoore Blood TideEldre'Thalas-US8493Not updated
59Celesteran  Eldre'Thalas-US8470Not updated
60Qwamaine D E M I S EEldre'Thalas-US8434Not updated
61Beltane Fates DemiseEldre'Thalas-US8405Not updated
62Aaon  Eldre'Thalas-US8384Not updated
63Korzak BEERRUNEldre'Thalas-US8344Not updated
64Judianca Vicious IntentEldre'Thalas-US8320Not updated
65Ineedzmoney DeliriaEldre'Thalas-US8310Not updated
66Huggme The Final SanctumEldre'Thalas-US8308Not updated
67Stroganov Invaders of the PassEldre'Thalas-US8277Not updated
68Addlemixie PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US8234Not updated
69Nass OwnageEldre'Thalas-US8227Not updated
70Nillus Highland RaidersEldre'Thalas-US8225Not updated
71Agyanna Shimmering SamiteEldre'Thalas-US8208Not updated
72Bisous AscendantEldre'Thalas-US8108Not updated
73Jellytroll Dirty Little HordeEldre'Thalas-US8079Not updated
74Tawaka Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US8049Not updated
75Chevynights Indecent ExposureEldre'Thalas-US8046Not updated
76Beastmastir GWAREldre'Thalas-US8025Not updated
77Longbowsings PremierEldre'Thalas-US8012Not updated
78Houdinia The InquisitionEldre'Thalas-US8011Not updated
79Ffej Thud and BlunderEldre'Thalas-US8002Not updated
80Sajax The New Dublin SaintsEldre'Thalas-US7992Not updated
81Alinara  Eldre'Thalas-US7959Not updated
82Golds Organized ReligionEldre'Thalas-US7944Not updated
83Bolaño  Eldre'Thalas-US7920Not updated
84Fáte  Eldre'Thalas-US7919Not updated
84Wolfinger  Eldre'Thalas-US7919Not updated
86Deanwormer The ExaltedEldre'Thalas-US7918Not updated
87Lorenvisser  Eldre'Thalas-US7915Not updated
88Rolderex Dragons BreathEldre'Thalas-US7862Not updated

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