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Earthen Ring-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Chelydra VeritasEarthen Ring-US24825
2Gildina VeritasEarthen Ring-US22926
3Silverdark The Worgen PackEarthen Ring-US18405
4Dawnwinter  Earthen Ring-US18397
5Spellstone Legacy of the AllianceEarthen Ring-US18295
6Mokoshona STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US18277
7Violiza Angelus MortisEarthen Ring-US18061Not updated
8Bushnug Old Heroes Never DieEarthen Ring-US16249Not updated
9Blackyue Icha Icha ParadiseEarthen Ring-US15758
10Gebreek alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US15460
11Dakhon  Earthen Ring-US15051
12Zugarye DissonanceEarthen Ring-US14976
13Havah alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US14727
14Ahinia alea iacta est comitasEarthen Ring-US14669
15Hateful alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US14358
16Xavarria THE EPIC RAIDERSEarthen Ring-US14079
17Llaotse alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US13856
18Brewd SacredEarthen Ring-US13840
19Flùffy STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13738Not updated
20Orochi STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Nikotora STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Evelectra STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Machural STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Arisia STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Kronøs STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Strictdiet STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
20Wraiyth STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US13519Not updated
28Shiarn alea iacta est invictusEarthen Ring-US13350
29Valorin FateEarthen Ring-US13120
30Keverob Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US13069
31Cyche  Earthen Ring-US13063Not updated
32Vívienne Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US12903
33Moorou Dial M for MurlocEarthen Ring-US12842Not updated
34Khalerys Üntòld ßegïnnïngEarthen Ring-US12839
35Tleilaxu Clan of Darkness iiEarthen Ring-US12290
35Wisdomheart  Earthen Ring-US12290
37Asharas Absolute ZeroEarthen Ring-US12099Not updated
38Kismat The JägermonstersEarthen Ring-US12038Not updated
39Falaeron  Earthen Ring-US11965
40Kittikee Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US11841
41Bakaran Feast of SoulsEarthen Ring-US11799
42Dezoinizz Gods WarriorsEarthen Ring-US11798Not updated
42Minoke Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US11798
44Iola Shadow RemainsEarthen Ring-US11691Not updated
45Xiangshulong  Earthen Ring-US11640
46Dwe Lords of ChaosEarthen Ring-US11295Not updated
46Muuda Lords of ChaosEarthen Ring-US11295Not updated
48Riolith Azeroth RangersEarthen Ring-US11229
49Gobemouche Goons for HireEarthen Ring-US11123Not updated
50Udaliar Midnight MaraudersEarthen Ring-US11067Not updated
51Badshepherd alea iacta est verendusEarthen Ring-US11022Not updated
52Apathee The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US10957
53Evelus Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US10889Not updated
54Frèyja Pax PacisEarthen Ring-US10821Not updated
55Jouglet Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US10655
56Edmure KirinTheDestroyersEarthen Ring-US10573
57Augustiner alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US10567
58Amieko  Earthen Ring-US10557
59Irisen Hells Panty RaidersEarthen Ring-US10530
60Bruelin ClandestineEarthen Ring-US10468Not updated
61Zhilan alea iacta est invictusEarthen Ring-US10267
62Seemless Gords KnightsEarthen Ring-US10262Not updated
63Shaddowsong The Looters GuildEarthen Ring-US10237Not updated
64Gienah KirinTheDestroyersEarthen Ring-US10108Not updated
65Taisetsu Blood FistEarthen Ring-US10101
66Kronwall Tamarack OrderEarthen Ring-US9986Not updated
67Desdeny alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US9927
68Tetromino Altaholics AnonymousEarthen Ring-US9924
69Virtua For the Horde BalloonEarthen Ring-US9919
70Armar  Earthen Ring-US9912Not updated
71Filbetta alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US9887
72Diamondsoul Shadow RemainsEarthen Ring-US9873Not updated
73Shenanagin ReciprocityEarthen Ring-US9846Not updated
74Noxem alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US9797
75Thesilea Draic KinEarthen Ring-US9778
76Tinked PinnacleEarthen Ring-US9767
77Zhuxiong  Earthen Ring-US9749Not updated
78Altyholic Blood FistEarthen Ring-US9693
79Frinka  Earthen Ring-US9668
80Dhanday Cape Breton UnionEarthen Ring-US9560Not updated
81Lekker The Forge of NightEarthen Ring-US9540
82Mollydoll NightlifeEarthen Ring-US9505
83Proteuslux Friends and LoversEarthen Ring-US9475

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