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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Búrzghâsh Herp DerpDun Modr-EU6550Not updated
2Frostrune Herp DerpDun Modr-EU5907Not updated
3Rátigan Herp DerpDun Modr-EU5329Not updated
4Selordin Herp DerpDun Modr-EU5178Not updated
5Papimeigo Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4965Not updated
6Goaty Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4761Not updated
7Masamurai Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4721Not updated
8Jârlaxle Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4474Not updated
9Kûrco Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4457Not updated
10Lukkine Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4227Not updated
11Näntz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU4189Not updated
12Isonix Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3949Not updated
13Xøchîtl Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3941Not updated
14Chibiados Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3909Not updated
15Mordìsquitos Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3859Not updated
16Lignd Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3838Not updated
17Cártman Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3820Not updated
18Niddalae Herp DerpDun Modr-EU2975Not updated
19Threki Herp DerpDun Modr-EU2869Not updated
20Trênka Herp DerpDun Modr-EU2792Not updated
21Ketyuskita Herp DerpDun Modr-EU2604Not updated
22Rasputinä Herp DerpDun Modr-EU2464Not updated
23Tmwstw Herp DerpDun Modr-EU1319Not updated
24Ghada Herp DerpDun Modr-EU1175Not updated
25Cleaveage Herp DerpDun Modr-EU802Not updated
26Cucha Herp DerpDun Modr-EU787Not updated
26Pakka Herp DerpDun Modr-EU787Not updated
26Elenyah Herp DerpDun Modr-EU787Not updated
29Notimetöcry Herp DerpDun Modr-EU708Not updated
29Pantina Herp DerpDun Modr-EU708Not updated
31Dhassy Herp DerpDun Modr-EU650Not updated
32Pollodots Herp DerpDun Modr-EU589Not updated
33Tons Herp DerpDun Modr-EU549Not updated
34Rivs Herp DerpDun Modr-EU523Not updated
35Hitö Herp DerpDun Modr-EU489Not updated
36Oðæ Herp DerpDun Modr-EU474Not updated
37Seah Herp DerpDun Modr-EU462Not updated
38Âerith Herp DerpDun Modr-EU455Not updated
39Manchuá Herp DerpDun Modr-EU408Not updated
40Saramonkiel Herp DerpDun Modr-EU345Not updated
41Alpanda Herp DerpDun Modr-EU335Not updated
42Munakras Herp DerpDun Modr-EU289Not updated
43Xenophz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU285Not updated
44Showchito Herp DerpDun Modr-EU270Not updated
45Critikalx Herp DerpDun Modr-EU240Not updated
46Aranti Herp DerpDun Modr-EU231Not updated
47Axia Herp DerpDun Modr-EU211Not updated
48Dáãth Herp DerpDun Modr-EU196Not updated
49Álex Herp DerpDun Modr-EU171Not updated
50Synycyenta Herp DerpDun Modr-EU167Not updated
51Anestesia Herp DerpDun Modr-EU154Not updated
52Pyritte Herp DerpDun Modr-EU141Not updated
53Zërok Herp DerpDun Modr-EU139Not updated
54Bigplays Herp DerpDun Modr-EU135Not updated
55Coldmyst Herp DerpDun Modr-EU130Not updated
56Supersdw Herp DerpDun Modr-EU126Not updated
57Oznako Herp DerpDun Modr-EU123Not updated
58Teviapinchal Herp DerpDun Modr-EU121Not updated
59Igly Herp DerpDun Modr-EU117Not updated
60Churizard Herp DerpDun Modr-EU102Not updated
60Relesaurio Herp DerpDun Modr-EU102Not updated
62Ðaræ Herp DerpDun Modr-EU95Not updated
63Xargoth Herp DerpDun Modr-EU82Not updated
64Redfor Herp DerpDun Modr-EU79Not updated
65Lalplz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU77Not updated
66Döcta Herp DerpDun Modr-EU69Not updated
67Andreaj Herp DerpDun Modr-EU61Not updated
68Ronha Herp DerpDun Modr-EU54Not updated
69Sparr Herp DerpDun Modr-EU41Not updated
69Ninetime Herp DerpDun Modr-EU41Not updated
71Reidx Herp DerpDun Modr-EU40Not updated
72Kämï Herp DerpDun Modr-EU39Not updated
73Akilyz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU35Not updated
74Rendos Herp DerpDun Modr-EU28Not updated
75Huras Herp DerpDun Modr-EU19Not updated
76Laîrion Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3Not updated

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