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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Bolvar EurekaDun Modr-EU20040Not updated
2Pandecenteno La Guardia PhoenixDun Modr-EU18627Not updated
3Karkasnoks Arañas y HeroesDun Modr-EU17699Not updated
4Niba VengeanceDun Modr-EU16892Not updated
5Elysha InnominateDun Modr-EU15138Not updated
6Unirocks El club de la duchaDun Modr-EU14742Not updated
7Maocetun La Guardia PhoenixDun Modr-EU14728Not updated
8Dkapitadorxd InsomnioDun Modr-EU14556Not updated
9Corazón Star RaidersDun Modr-EU14543Not updated
10Bakarett ZeRo RaidersDun Modr-EU14519Not updated
11Perrymanson Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU14198Not updated
12Athronbank Rise AgainDun Modr-EU14125Not updated
13Krysthara InsomnioDun Modr-EU14083Not updated
14Sarcopin The Disband TheoryDun Modr-EU13947Not updated
15Marianh Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU13900Not updated
16Yenje Temple OscuroDun Modr-EU13834Not updated
17Akásha illusiönDun Modr-EU13746Not updated
18Pomarr  Dun Modr-EU13534Not updated
19Shanik Command Fifty OneDun Modr-EU13108Not updated
20Zelvy FuryDun Modr-EU12868Not updated
21One HATEDDun Modr-EU12702Not updated
22Ikkifrith MethodDun Modr-EU12636Not updated
23Orukjotek RENOVATIODun Modr-EU12624Not updated
24Khemia  Dun Modr-EU12616Not updated
25Unäm  Dun Modr-EU12570Not updated
26Fushiawase SlayerDun Modr-EU12424Not updated
27Alatariell  Dun Modr-EU12222Not updated
28Nimriel Rage Dual CoreDun Modr-EU11845Not updated
29Riso Vengeful HordeDun Modr-EU11799Not updated
30Evakim Spectral Korps LegendDun Modr-EU11782Not updated
31Buffala Silver KnightsDun Modr-EU11658Not updated
32Granaino Temple OscuroDun Modr-EU11580Not updated
33Herix Victoria y GloriaDun Modr-EU11484Not updated
34Eowïna  Dun Modr-EU11443Not updated
35Bïo TsunamîDun Modr-EU11428Not updated
36Thorzon ShatteringDun Modr-EU11325Not updated
37Peloalborota SummumDun Modr-EU11222Not updated
38Giovanelly Time LordsDun Modr-EU11200Not updated
39Glariz Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU11143Not updated
40Blazygirl KamikazesDun Modr-EU11132Not updated
41Izildra YKZDun Modr-EU11087Not updated
42Aquiles Vengeful HordeDun Modr-EU10991Not updated
43Cousêlo NemesisDun Modr-EU10895Not updated
44Ares Corsair TimeDun Modr-EU10873Not updated
45Couselð  Dun Modr-EU10799Not updated
45Cousëlö  Dun Modr-EU10799Not updated
47Cousëlo  Dun Modr-EU10786Not updated
48Couselõ  Dun Modr-EU10743Not updated
49Staffz Solaire de AstoraDun Modr-EU10599Not updated
50Gonzalospine ImpurityDun Modr-EU10586Not updated
51Frater  Dun Modr-EU10560Not updated
52Cousêlø  Dun Modr-EU10536Not updated
53Pyanfar AMICUM IN VERITASDun Modr-EU10526Not updated
54Thorse Guardián de los TitanesDun Modr-EU10508Not updated
54Msouto Guardián de los TitanesDun Modr-EU10508Not updated
56Erbijio SiN DioS Ni AmODun Modr-EU10486Not updated
57Corunies Guardián de los TitanesDun Modr-EU10452Not updated
58Monguilla W I N T E R F E L LDun Modr-EU10408Not updated
59Wuyil  Dun Modr-EU10326Not updated
60Rasputya DarkSpiritDun Modr-EU10220Not updated
61Gromtak DarkSpiritDun Modr-EU10130Not updated
62Bowind La RebelionDun Modr-EU10125Not updated
63Köhe CronoDun Modr-EU10119Not updated
64Chuckydeath NamelessDun Modr-EU10095Not updated
65Chiscaldo FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU10085Not updated
66Añico Raiders OffDun Modr-EU10020Not updated
67Bourbons ThE RaIdErDun Modr-EU9954Not updated
68Chubbear Øld GloriesDun Modr-EU9939Not updated
69Valkyux SummumDun Modr-EU9872Not updated
70Kraxyax Angels of DârknessDun Modr-EU9869Not updated
71Ritabarberá Trouchos a MouchosDun Modr-EU9852Not updated
72Dúlahan Forjadores del HonorDun Modr-EU9747Not updated
73Hòudiní WolfsbaneDun Modr-EU9695Not updated
74Tempsei Six N SixDun Modr-EU9482Not updated
75Evileyes High End PvPDun Modr-EU9438Not updated
76Xerox DiscørdiaDun Modr-EU9413Not updated
77Moryel El Renacer de los CaidosDun Modr-EU9405Not updated
78Baffalaa Santo GrialDun Modr-EU9375Not updated
79Shïva PerceptionDun Modr-EU9345Not updated
80Arheis NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU9343Not updated
81Couselö  Dun Modr-EU9339Not updated
82Mimítos Letzte ArtemaDun Modr-EU9289Not updated
83Kmlvirus EclipsionDun Modr-EU9278Not updated
84Ancalagoth Arañas y HeroesDun Modr-EU9258Not updated

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