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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draka-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Faeld SanctuaryDraka-US14575Not updated
2Barnite Lets not be hastyDraka-US14456Not updated
3Castis Hunters of AzerothDraka-US14450Not updated
4Grimmaxjr Order of IlluminatusDraka-US14385Not updated
5Spagh  Draka-US14345Not updated
6Holyjoe  Draka-US14339Not updated
7Dascrubster hardcore killersDraka-US13844Not updated
8Ragu hardcore killersDraka-US13830Not updated
9Dement Ancient Hall Of HeroesDraka-US12442Not updated
10Southknight MortiferaDraka-US12212Not updated
11Talyst Ancient Hall Of HeroesDraka-US12198Not updated
12Tarador  Draka-US12024Not updated
13Vallynne  Draka-US11451Not updated
14Ozix Eternal RetributionDraka-US11333Not updated
15Laughsalot Kitty Cat Death SquadDraka-US11005Not updated
16Devotîon SanctuaryDraka-US10833Not updated
17Kanyonreighn Sursum VestriDraka-US10534Not updated
18Deadputtytat Death comes RegardlessDraka-US10376Not updated
19Xenjai Game of thronesDraka-US10134Not updated
20Schmidts Mystic WarriorsDraka-US10013Not updated
21Katius Breed of BrutalityDraka-US9896Not updated
22Crushhunter hardcore killersDraka-US9830Not updated
23Gnomemad WisdomDraka-US9808Not updated
24Iceinveins Game of thronesDraka-US9790Not updated
25Barahir The Iron BrigadeDraka-US9708Not updated
26Dohni The UNTOUCHABLESDraka-US9611Not updated
27Brachetto  Draka-US9525Not updated
28Adjara AnemiaDraka-US9516Not updated
29Totemoneil Order of IlluminatusDraka-US9452Not updated
30Talor No One Left BehindDraka-US9274Not updated
30Bigtate  Draka-US9274Not updated
32Adoeette AdultPlayHouseDraka-US9216Not updated
33Anidis The Brute SquadDraka-US9157Not updated
34Boogly AwakeningsDraka-US9146Not updated
35Dolem Code of SilenceDraka-US9034Not updated
36Furyslayer Burning SensationDraka-US8963Not updated
37Baphomet The LionheartedDraka-US8895Not updated
38Smidgel SanctuaryDraka-US8855Not updated
39Hornyme The Ravens NestDraka-US8840Not updated
40Cyracrusher Game of thronesDraka-US8779Not updated
41Fenella The ExperienceDraka-US8766Not updated
42Texasgator CheersDraka-US8689Not updated
43Lyncoln MortiferaDraka-US8672Not updated
44Itsdave AnemiaDraka-US8613Not updated
45Armymp Sursum VestriDraka-US8568Not updated
46Outwar RicochetDraka-US8514Not updated
47Broll Order of IlluminatusDraka-US8507Not updated
48Stundead The Unstoppable ForceDraka-US8445Not updated
49Orisha  Draka-US8419Not updated
50Karynos Clean SlateDraka-US8400Not updated
51Snooptrogg  Draka-US8396Not updated
52Meatboot SoulboundDraka-US8378Not updated
53Sarist mercenaries for hire rbDraka-US8373Not updated
54Papabear Søuthern ComfortDraka-US8319Not updated
55Dannique Narcotics AnonymousDraka-US8305Not updated
56Grezzin THE ELITEDraka-US8290Not updated
57Darrendar Ad NauseamDraka-US8216Not updated
58Ravenuss Dead RabbitsDraka-US8206Not updated
59Muertehime RetàliàreDraka-US8165Not updated
60Matvi AwakeningsDraka-US8159Not updated
61Matvip AwakeningsDraka-US8150Not updated
62Surtur Burning SensationDraka-US8142Not updated
63Stalora The Gears of HordeDraka-US8133Not updated
64Zeddzurander Death RowDraka-US8129Not updated
65Boochacca Game of thronesDraka-US8097Not updated
66Istariel Dark ChampionsDraka-US8074Not updated
67Liarrandra Death RowDraka-US8050Not updated
68Foreverheals Halls Of ValhallaDraka-US8024Not updated
69Dosei  Draka-US8016Not updated
70Fixxu Death comes RegardlessDraka-US8012Not updated
71Mckinley Death RowDraka-US7995Not updated
72Airreona The UndyingDraka-US7953Not updated
73Chanheri Desert WindsDraka-US7946Not updated
74Stariel RespectDraka-US7930Not updated
74Caristine Nordrassil LegendsDraka-US7930Not updated
74Catrille Nordrassil LegendsDraka-US7930Not updated
74Luriel Nordrassil LegendsDraka-US7930Not updated
78Imrelentless The UndyingDraka-US7927Not updated
79Vanderlock Limited EditionDraka-US7917Not updated
80Meristine Nordrassil LegendsDraka-US7915Not updated
81Thetaris Nordrassil LegendsDraka-US7903Not updated
82Chibears One ExodusDraka-US7776Not updated
83Akatu SanctuaryDraka-US7719Not updated
84Kope AnemiaDraka-US7692Not updated

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