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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Angílama  Drak'thul-EU19580Not updated
2Schízulka Lost KittyDrak'thul-EU19510Not updated
3Kirlen RaidersDrak'thul-EU17068Not updated
4Chachulienka Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU16829Not updated
5Paroznatec Wings of darknessDrak'thul-EU15835Not updated
6Yessica Wings of darknessDrak'thul-EU15570Not updated
7Napakung WaywardDrak'thul-EU15443Not updated
8Hexman Lost KittyDrak'thul-EU14271Not updated
9Fensi Infinites RebornDrak'thul-EU13920Not updated
10Challenge The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU13850Not updated
11Redeg Sarcasm SocietyDrak'thul-EU13475Not updated
12Mudy Master ExplôderDrak'thul-EU13355Not updated
13Jiesaj LemmingsDrak'thul-EU13316Not updated
14Alexejj Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU13252Not updated
15Jahutka SandstormDrak'thul-EU13095Not updated
16Asiya GOTTA GANG EM ALLDrak'thul-EU12873Not updated
17Zerozeroone Braterstvo KrnovDrak'thul-EU12805Not updated
18Dualagent  Drak'thul-EU12754Not updated
19Perún CHEN MISSDrak'thul-EU12683Not updated
20Remm WaywardDrak'thul-EU12568Not updated
21Legas BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU12491Not updated
22Penezenka Bøss MødeDrak'thul-EU12433Not updated
23Maegera Braterstvo KrnovDrak'thul-EU12380Not updated
24Darins ParadoxxDrak'thul-EU11914Not updated
25Meduusa ApocalypsoDrak'thul-EU11718Not updated
26Uvvecz Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU11406Not updated
26Rubysh Banana IncDrak'thul-EU11406Not updated
28Vakovlk Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU11403Not updated
29Czek CHEN MISSDrak'thul-EU11400Not updated
30Anyt Knight of the Holy OrderDrak'thul-EU11391Not updated
31Harishka BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU11245Not updated
31Shando Ohniva BoureDrak'thul-EU11245Not updated
33Inuavincia AndílciDrak'thul-EU11154Not updated
34Harah  Drak'thul-EU11122Not updated
35Skrkavka Je Dark Pact ZlatickoDrak'thul-EU11077Not updated
36Kailea Ohniva BoureDrak'thul-EU11057Not updated
37Airashi EmbodyDrak'thul-EU10831Not updated
38Denlor Guild of LexwelsxDrak'thul-EU10692Not updated
39Virrea  Drak'thul-EU10605Not updated
40Averella Fish BiscuitDrak'thul-EU10555Not updated
41Firehand ArchanadDrak'thul-EU10429Not updated
42Staffordcz CoHDrak'thul-EU10334Not updated
43Aroya Prepare to DieDrak'thul-EU10325Not updated
44Dennenalita Nukleární MedvídciDrak'thul-EU10262Not updated
45Diiablik Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU10205Not updated
46Kungfumela Alone in the DarkDrak'thul-EU10183Not updated
47Acemann R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU10160Not updated
48Xyloh  Drak'thul-EU9973Not updated
49Radji Cirkus AlienDrak'thul-EU9914Not updated
50Svijanis Evil ChildsDrak'thul-EU9900Not updated
51Smrtihlavec The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU9874Not updated
52Söra Less is MoreDrak'thul-EU9794Not updated
53Adlatus JZD Chvojkovice BrodDrak'thul-EU9783Not updated
54Issithith The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU9660Not updated
55Keträ The Fire ClanDrak'thul-EU9535Not updated
56Misslock Refused RisesDrak'thul-EU9531Not updated
57Eritrea Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU9420Not updated
58Pandanicka  Drak'thul-EU9382Not updated
59Ginázan Healers FaultDrak'thul-EU9370Not updated
60Steeledge JZD Chvojkovice BrodDrak'thul-EU9336Not updated
61Tetkasmrtka BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU9256Not updated
62Rumicek AndílciDrak'thul-EU9195Not updated
63Normalstyl  Drak'thul-EU9161Not updated
63Pandernik Je Dark Pact ZlatickoDrak'thul-EU9161Not updated
65Irilie Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU9079Not updated
66Dodoleatza Demons CrowdDrak'thul-EU9076Not updated
67Outsmarted Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU9035Not updated
68Doom Abyssal MermaidsDrak'thul-EU9027Not updated
69Aeronwen Defense Of The AncientsDrak'thul-EU8995Not updated
70Dayna Defense Of The AncientsDrak'thul-EU8988Not updated
71Nartix Proper GamingDrak'thul-EU8968Not updated
72Vyr The Death ItselfDrak'thul-EU8960Not updated
73Nyux AshbringerDrak'thul-EU8908Not updated
74Morducha Braterstvo KrnovDrak'thul-EU8894Not updated
75Auressellë PraetoriaDrak'thul-EU8878Not updated
76Tigriscz the big bang theoryDrak'thul-EU8860Not updated

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