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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Vandara Read This As I Own YouDragonblight-US17128Not updated
2Eithne Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US15645Not updated
3Protagonist Crimson FuryDragonblight-US15529Not updated
4Selecao TriariiDragonblight-US15413Not updated
5Teshi Army of HeavenDragonblight-US15202Not updated
6Eviari REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US14476Not updated
7Kaca Severed TiesDragonblight-US14418Not updated
8Jainá ZergDragonblight-US14273Not updated
9Cluey Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US14227Not updated
10Katymcalpin The Radiant OrderDragonblight-US13608Not updated
11Ironcross Grim PromiseDragonblight-US13513Not updated
12Shaqueequee TriariiDragonblight-US13287Not updated
13Balazaar Army of HeavenDragonblight-US12924Not updated
14Rorezi Severed TiesDragonblight-US12247Not updated
15Neytiry SatelliteDragonblight-US12239Not updated
16Icyangel Army of HeavenDragonblight-US12053Not updated
17Nalasmira Drawn TogetherDragonblight-US12001Not updated
18Ikanttype  Dragonblight-US11482Not updated
19Tinkrrgrrl Cake or DeathDragonblight-US11466Not updated
20Tydianll Nescit CedereDragonblight-US11381Not updated
20Glixian Nescit CedereDragonblight-US11381Not updated
22Han Tornado of SoulsDragonblight-US11361Not updated
23Immahealu The ParticularsDragonblight-US11327Not updated
24Ghaelthris Holy CritDragonblight-US11263Not updated
25Neukoln Perpetual DreamDragonblight-US11246Not updated
26Dress Honor the FallenDragonblight-US11223Not updated
27Merexor Homeland SecurityDragonblight-US11219Not updated
28Soleada The MisfitsDragonblight-US11109Not updated
29Blackhearrt Monkey BusinessDragonblight-US11072Not updated
30Chrizzßeatz Space PiratesDragonblight-US10804Not updated
31Redhawktw dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US10801Not updated
32Orambar Shattered WingsDragonblight-US10783Not updated
33Trollolololo REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US10747Not updated
34Dinahmoé DúnedainDragonblight-US10600Not updated
35Blooddragon NorthAmericanPredatorsDragonblight-US10556Not updated
36Lilpint Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US10454Not updated
37Lufa  Dragonblight-US10413Not updated
38Loster UnrivaledDragonblight-US10246Not updated
39Morgannia Space PiratesDragonblight-US10235Not updated
40Leeta SatelliteDragonblight-US10126Not updated
41Bunsplitter  Dragonblight-US10004Not updated
42Howlla Army of HeavenDragonblight-US9866Not updated
43Olaudem Assassination SquadDragonblight-US9856Not updated
44Budsrule FearlessDragonblight-US9712Not updated
45Gunjin The Dark SideDragonblight-US9699Not updated
46Seradanee Knights of LegendsDragonblight-US9669Not updated
47Deathlordraw NorthAmericanPredatorsDragonblight-US9657Not updated
48Lindare RighteousDragonblight-US9610Not updated
49Zydinaar Hisuiryuu Tsuki SeikaDragonblight-US9607Not updated
50Kraza Dark HeartsDragonblight-US9571Not updated
51Stÿgìåñ Monkey BusinessDragonblight-US9494Not updated
52Grumish The FederationDragonblight-US9470Not updated
53Sproingzapa Holy CritDragonblight-US9440Not updated
54Grymlauck Weekend WarriorsDragonblight-US9375Not updated
55Lalwen Divine LegacyDragonblight-US9297Not updated
56Philias  Dragonblight-US9269Not updated
57Starsix Varians Heroic RaidersDragonblight-US9230Not updated
58Meeble Shattered WingsDragonblight-US9226Not updated
59Starflower HereticsDragonblight-US9213Not updated
60Mckennaa NightowlsDragonblight-US9212Not updated
61Gamage Drawn TogetherDragonblight-US9191Not updated
61Tavia Snow GoonsDragonblight-US9191Not updated
63Vaswislor Kirin TorDragonblight-US9147Not updated
64Croup  Dragonblight-US9128Not updated
65Flambeau SchizophrenicDragonblight-US9124Not updated
66Cotonmouth dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US9094Not updated
67Grilka Dread LordsDragonblight-US9067Not updated
68Ooshiny  Dragonblight-US9039Not updated
69Horruslord  Dragonblight-US9015Not updated
70Impatience Monkey BusinessDragonblight-US8954Not updated
71Deadsoul  Dragonblight-US8925Not updated
72Corann Snow GoonsDragonblight-US8891Not updated
73Dew AwakenedDragonblight-US8888Not updated
74Deathsclaws Blazing HordeDragonblight-US8874Not updated
75Kaliman ExodusDragonblight-US8842Not updated
76Druncing Twist of FateDragonblight-US8774Not updated
77Deyna Ministry of DemonsDragonblight-US8744Not updated
78Fancyfletch  Dragonblight-US8742Not updated

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