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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Draenor-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shizuka Trial and ErrorDraenor-US16894
2Suzaku Trial and ErrorDraenor-US16588Not updated
3Xenomist Happy Funk BandDraenor-US15602Not updated
4Axu HossDraenor-US15590
5Syllektis Mostly DeadDraenor-US15125Not updated
6Aoinoteki Dropped StitchesDraenor-US15043Not updated
6Tekiherbbank Dropped StitchesDraenor-US15043Not updated
8Meroulix RenaissanceDraenor-US14767Not updated
9Gorodina Twisted stitchesDraenor-US14433Not updated
10Pappynator Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US14368Not updated
11Moravec Dropped StitchesDraenor-US14351Not updated
12Hatahip Blue MarbleDraenor-US14276Not updated
13Balloons Praetorian GuardDraenor-US13997Not updated
14Jazora Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13815Not updated
15Bagocrocs CursedDraenor-US13811Not updated
16Saroiya Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800Not updated
16Lykas Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800Not updated
16Vashtia Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800Not updated
16Devryn Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800Not updated
20Wintermist Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US13496Not updated
21Huntards CommittedDraenor-US13217Not updated
22Oseu Trial and ErrorDraenor-US12730
23Ergroka Will PWN YouDraenor-US12711Not updated
24Sinpan Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US12584Not updated
25Ghostwolf HossDraenor-US12261Not updated
26Nìghtwolf HossDraenor-US12132Not updated
27Lindrene Ministry of PeaceDraenor-US12048Not updated
28Macclaure  Draenor-US11983
29Nahnotyou Blue MarbleDraenor-US11908Not updated
30Insanesanta All ElementsDraenor-US11840Not updated
31Pappydotz Blue MarbleDraenor-US11630Not updated
32Caesaria SixOhFour MafiaDraenor-US11613Not updated
33Sydni Trial and ErrorDraenor-US11549
34Xenalina HomelessDraenor-US11530
35Ahbullro Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US11352Not updated
36Lakhesis The Valiant OrderDraenor-US11334Not updated
37Keahilani HyperionDraenor-US11208Not updated
38Tianth PerfectDraenor-US11181Not updated
39Wishee Follow MeDraenor-US11083Not updated
40Arathël Deja VuDraenor-US10969Not updated
41Mlakaskulog InflictionDraenor-US10884Not updated
41Tenebris  Draenor-US10884Not updated
41Baptiste InflictionDraenor-US10884Not updated
41Pocoyo Order Of DraenorDraenor-US10884Not updated
45Sneakpeak Wicked KnightsDraenor-US10875Not updated
46Fruid Eye of the TigerDraenor-US10873Not updated
47Immanence Ancient LightsDraenor-US10844Not updated
48Avä Gnomeland SecurityDraenor-US10778Not updated
49Telus The Dark New DayDraenor-US10624Not updated
50Obsidia Trial and ErrorDraenor-US10611
50Syniss Trial and ErrorDraenor-US10611
52Bellah WrathDraenor-US10575
53Ozwi Praetorian GuardDraenor-US10503Not updated
54Iceangel HyperionDraenor-US10465Not updated
55Kaisharga Trial and ErrorDraenor-US10379
56Zantalalia DisdainDraenor-US10250Not updated
57Graay DarkfireDraenor-US10200Not updated
58Galletas  Draenor-US10069Not updated
59Zannah The Night ShiftDraenor-US9850Not updated
60Altiholic Dropped StitchesDraenor-US9722Not updated
61Phijen DisdainDraenor-US9692
62Esthite DarkfireDraenor-US9669Not updated
63Sorahn Night ProwlersDraenor-US9622Not updated
64Kittydivine Shattered KnightsDraenor-US9615Not updated
65Bigbadbull InflictionDraenor-US9606
66Phizik DisdainDraenor-US9561Not updated
66Phitod DisdainDraenor-US9561Not updated
66Phiris DisdainDraenor-US9561Not updated
66Phionic DisdainDraenor-US9561Not updated
70Philaria DiscordDraenor-US9560Not updated
71Ardihp Blacksmith Hammer SquadDraenor-US9527Not updated
71Wildwind  Draenor-US9527Not updated
73Phison DisdainDraenor-US9525Not updated
74Phijas DisdainDraenor-US9522Not updated
75Flamze  Draenor-US9520
76Phichi DisdainDraenor-US9516Not updated
76Phidrak Clan Wartooth GrinDraenor-US9516Not updated
78Yijinjing  Draenor-US9442Not updated
79Rodneyjay DisdainDraenor-US9352Not updated
80Aquashaft Shadows MafiaDraenor-US9343Not updated
81Quatrene Prompt CriticalDraenor-US9340Not updated
82Dragonwind  Draenor-US9244Not updated
83Corniy Sentinels of AzerothDraenor-US9241Not updated
84Mckenna Nil DesperandumDraenor-US9211Not updated
85Laefn Prompt CriticalDraenor-US9175Not updated
86Zooey Follow MeDraenor-US9164Not updated
87Shovelface HomelessDraenor-US9150Not updated
88Koratjr DarkfireDraenor-US8997Not updated
89Getretkt HyperionDraenor-US8952Not updated
90Thymelord  Draenor-US8940Not updated

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