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Draenor-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Arcaness OrionDraenor-EU5115
2Kishka OrionDraenor-EU4851
3Hugedeal OrionDraenor-EU4000
4Koruzuka OrionDraenor-EU3748Not updated
5Whítefàce OrionDraenor-EU3286
6Asakúra OrionDraenor-EU2156
7Holyfizz OrionDraenor-EU1955Not updated
8Fallka OrionDraenor-EU1737
9Furling OrionDraenor-EU1578
10Prellee OrionDraenor-EU1547
11Reaperofdead OrionDraenor-EU1278Not updated
12Shampaiine OrionDraenor-EU1102
13Mentoe OrionDraenor-EU1079
14Kodris OrionDraenor-EU884
15Ezraeil OrionDraenor-EU857
16Snitta OrionDraenor-EU737Not updated
17Scradarash OrionDraenor-EU730
18Locuswins OrionDraenor-EU703
19Zwaresjenk OrionDraenor-EU605Not updated
20Eiji OrionDraenor-EU584Not updated
21Shifthäppens OrionDraenor-EU501Not updated
22Sathes OrionDraenor-EU435Not updated
23Tienke OrionDraenor-EU407
24Mõõdyßõõ OrionDraenor-EU391Not updated
25Kéldar OrionDraenor-EU329Not updated
26Lerna OrionDraenor-EU289
27Paulzen OrionDraenor-EU288Not updated
28Radahan OrionDraenor-EU275
29Arkhoul OrionDraenor-EU256
30Driebander OrionDraenor-EU253Not updated
31Lerisha OrionDraenor-EU212Not updated
32Smeagøl OrionDraenor-EU202
33Blindsoul OrionDraenor-EU187
34Bloodbasher OrionDraenor-EU170Not updated
35Kweeniet OrionDraenor-EU168
36Adventure OrionDraenor-EU163Not updated
37Wowrock OrionDraenor-EU160
38Kalekaaskop OrionDraenor-EU153Not updated
39Inkazia OrionDraenor-EU142Not updated
39Hanenwurger OrionDraenor-EU142Not updated
41Kunstarm OrionDraenor-EU139Not updated
42Ginfish OrionDraenor-EU138Not updated
43Uglykaj OrionDraenor-EU128Not updated
43Snukz OrionDraenor-EU128Not updated
45Iosef OrionDraenor-EU119
45Hermionex OrionDraenor-EU119
47Myez OrionDraenor-EU111
48Maxedrogue OrionDraenor-EU109Not updated
49Progenius OrionDraenor-EU101Not updated
50Diddypuff OrionDraenor-EU82Not updated
51Nezhus OrionDraenor-EU77Not updated
52Averone OrionDraenor-EU64Not updated
52Chela OrionDraenor-EU64Not updated
54Tàwa OrionDraenor-EU63
55Zhondan OrionDraenor-EU58
56Ghuk OrionDraenor-EU57
56Darkforzar OrionDraenor-EU57Not updated
58Garoshh OrionDraenor-EU54Not updated
59Scóút OrionDraenor-EU52
60Varkheyn OrionDraenor-EU44Not updated
61Sasokii OrionDraenor-EU39
62Qrazy OrionDraenor-EU38Not updated
62Toebes OrionDraenor-EU38Not updated
64Mishâ OrionDraenor-EU37Not updated
65Coldmemory OrionDraenor-EU30
66Vcom OrionDraenor-EU28Not updated
67Frepya OrionDraenor-EU24Not updated
67Ellyse OrionDraenor-EU24Not updated
69Nixilaas OrionDraenor-EU23
70Snuttak OrionDraenor-EU20Not updated
71Langelars OrionDraenor-EU19
72Hakaishin OrionDraenor-EU18Not updated
73Chaadoo OrionDraenor-EU13Not updated
74Brutalisher OrionDraenor-EU11Not updated
74Sjacie OrionDraenor-EU11
76Lisonna OrionDraenor-EU4Not updated
77Bouncelight OrionDraenor-EUNot updated
77Riftarn OrionDraenor-EUNot updated
77Goblie OrionDraenor-EUNot updated
77Eiln OrionDraenor-EUNot updated
77Bubbletrix OrionDraenor-EUNot updated

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