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Draenor-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shizuka Trial and ErrorDraenor-US16437
1Suzaku Trial and ErrorDraenor-US16437
3Xenomist Happy Funk BandDraenor-US15620
4Schatten Mostly DeadDraenor-US14850
5Chowphat HossDraenor-US14466
6Aoinoteki Dropped StitchesDraenor-US14436
7Gorodina Twisted stitchesDraenor-US14433Not updated
7Tekiherbbank Dropped StitchesDraenor-US14433
9Hatahip Blue MarbleDraenor-US14276Not updated
10Moravec Dropped StitchesDraenor-US14126
11Ahnyka Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800
11Lykas Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800
11Malakka Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800
11Vashtia Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800
11Devryn Voluntary ExileDraenor-US13800
16Yoshiums LegionDraenor-US13778Not updated
17Balloons Praetorian GuardDraenor-US13603
18Rahna Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US13492
19Huntards CommittedDraenor-US13217Not updated
20Ergroka Will PWN YouDraenor-US12711Not updated
21Pappynator Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US12405
22Sinooby Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US12119
23Lindrene Ministry of PeaceDraenor-US12048Not updated
24Asra Trial and ErrorDraenor-US12024
25Minderaser PremonitionDraenor-US11952
26Nahnotyou Blue MarbleDraenor-US11908Not updated
27Pappydotz Blue MarbleDraenor-US11630Not updated
28Insanesanta All ElementsDraenor-US11569
29Ratel Night ProwlersDraenor-US11304
30Lethalshade PALIDRONSDraenor-US11300Not updated
31Alamahr HomelessDraenor-US11254
32Keahilani HyperionDraenor-US11208
33Caesaria  Draenor-US11194
34Glorethe RelentlessDraenor-US11136Not updated
35Sneakpeak Wicked KnightsDraenor-US11103
36Wishee Follow MeDraenor-US11083Not updated
37Mlakaskulog InflictionDraenor-US10884
37Tenebris ObsoleteDraenor-US10884Not updated
37Baptiste InflictionDraenor-US10884Not updated
37Pocoyo Order Of DraenorDraenor-US10884
41Zandalady Eye of the TigerDraenor-US10867Not updated
42Slycer Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US10847
43Immanence Ancient LightsDraenor-US10844
44Telus The Dark New DayDraenor-US10622
45Iceangell HyperionDraenor-US10441
46Cynnda Trial and ErrorDraenor-US10264
47Misae DarkfireDraenor-US10114
48Galletas  Draenor-US10069
49Ozwi Praetorian GuardDraenor-US9870
50Zannah The Night ShiftDraenor-US9850
51Kaisharga Trial and ErrorDraenor-US9774
52Syniss Trial and ErrorDraenor-US9773
52Obsidia Trial and ErrorDraenor-US9773
54Esthite DarkfireDraenor-US9665
55Kittydivine Shattered KnightsDraenor-US9615
56Sorahn Night ProwlersDraenor-US9589
57Phidra DisdainDraenor-US9505
58Phizik DisdainDraenor-US9504
58Philaria DiscordDraenor-US9504
60Zacura Gnomeland SecurityDraenor-US9493Not updated
61Flamze The Brew CrewDraenor-US9467
61Wildwind The Brew CrewDraenor-US9467
63Phitod DisdainDraenor-US9423
64Phijas DisdainDraenor-US9422Not updated
64Phijen DisdainDraenor-US9422Not updated
66Phionic DisdainDraenor-US9410Not updated
67Phison DisdainDraenor-US9402Not updated
68Phiris DisdainDraenor-US9400Not updated
69Phichi DisdainDraenor-US9393Not updated
70Kylann Blood BrothersDraenor-US9372
71Aquashaft Shadows MafiaDraenor-US9343Not updated
72Quatrene Prompt CriticalDraenor-US9340Not updated
73Welcomehome Follow MeDraenor-US9239Not updated
74Lacieladyace Shadows MafiaDraenor-US9221Not updated
75Mckenna Nil DesperandumDraenor-US9211Not updated
76Charl Dropped StitchesDraenor-US9205
77Szandora AbsolutionDraenor-US9096Not updated
78Rodneyjay DisdainDraenor-US9069
79Korat DarkfireDraenor-US8987
80Thymelord  Draenor-US8940Not updated
81Ricnor  Draenor-US8936Not updated
82Whitefyst Trial and ErrorDraenor-US8866
83Laefn Prompt CriticalDraenor-US8865Not updated
84Azzalia West Coast WarriorsDraenor-US8864
85Vark Dropped StitchesDraenor-US8807
86Vengencé Follow MeDraenor-US8781Not updated
87Pvaegu DarkfireDraenor-US8710

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