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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Dondruido  Draenor-EU24758Not updated
2Dug QosmioDraenor-EU21082Not updated
3Råtneragnar Rom OterDraenor-EU18144Not updated
4Arnaut AnnihilationDraenor-EU17698Not updated
5Dotath Swords and SpellsDraenor-EU17322Not updated
6Keba Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU16628Not updated
7Estalianta Echoes of HonourDraenor-EU16120Not updated
8Evanhalen Borderland LegionDraenor-EU15352Not updated
9Grandolyn AuraDraenor-EU15241Not updated
10Xaxaz  Draenor-EU15146Not updated
11Yumiya LuceDraenor-EU15135Not updated
12Ruidead Carnage IncDraenor-EU15025Not updated
13Laxesis SoLDraenor-EU14809Not updated
14Dracha AscendanceDraenor-EU14724Not updated
15Angorie PythiusDraenor-EU14687Not updated
16Johnstorm Tigers of faithDraenor-EU14676Not updated
17Meauwhunter The MachineDraenor-EU14657Not updated
18Messiia  Draenor-EU14600Not updated
19Kayrove IllusionsDraenor-EU14588Not updated
20Thewarmonger Requiem SanctusDraenor-EU14503Not updated
21Worstdpseu Old SchoolDraenor-EU14485Not updated
22Caitlins Axe MenDraenor-EU14468Not updated
23Noodlehs ProsperitasDraenor-EU14465Not updated
24Lovelymalle Fifth SinDraenor-EU14448Not updated
25Ragemonger JujuDraenor-EU14394Not updated
26Tontoo HellscreamDraenor-EU14383Not updated
27Lagoig  Draenor-EU14380Not updated
28Shadowmonger CorthexiphanDraenor-EU14371Not updated
29Urumon ReckoningDraenor-EU14351Not updated
30Smrtni HereticDraenor-EU14286Not updated
31Rafflesia Legio pro FenniaDraenor-EU14228Not updated
32Zaicks Requiem SanctusDraenor-EU14102Not updated
33Rutzia  Draenor-EU14080Not updated
34Whispered LuceDraenor-EU14060Not updated
35Golahm The UniqueDraenor-EU14056Not updated
36Léannie  Draenor-EU13970Not updated
37Palaven Eye of the TiggerDraenor-EU13908Not updated
37Bloodypep ControversialDraenor-EU13908Not updated
39Solarblood One Man WolfpackDraenor-EU13901Not updated
40Saurvenu  Draenor-EU13888Not updated
41Treehuggin LazarusDraenor-EU13808Not updated
42Toiseblas DangerousDraenor-EU13696Not updated
43Gobbolino Phoenix LegionDraenor-EU13596Not updated
44Ridai OrdaDraenor-EU13556Not updated
45Ornbalix ØblivionDraenor-EU13500Not updated
46Bagge  Draenor-EU13451Not updated
47Brommy KindredDraenor-EU13167Not updated
48Nemisha Carnage IncDraenor-EU13145Not updated
49Pocl New World OrderDraenor-EU13119Not updated
50Jadelin Dark Blood LegionDraenor-EU13109Not updated
51Lawman Requiem SanctusDraenor-EU13075Not updated
52Strîkë Destiny UnknownDraenor-EU13026Not updated
53Fodjo Weekend WarriorsDraenor-EU12978Not updated
54Tenikaperrin  Draenor-EU12879Not updated
55Nákias Cause We CanDraenor-EU12831Not updated
56Deímos Carnage IncDraenor-EU12801Not updated
56Bòmbermàn Carnage IncDraenor-EU12801Not updated
58Arleá  Draenor-EU12747Not updated
59Ecomage Dark SectorDraenor-EU12740Not updated
60Wyrmiq TraffickersDraenor-EU12679Not updated
61Naninde Conquerors of DraenorDraenor-EU12579Not updated
62Maiie  Draenor-EU12565Not updated
63Amriel Cold LogicDraenor-EU12561Not updated
64Luccas Old DogzDraenor-EU12521Not updated
65Pwnshammy SoLDraenor-EU12514Not updated
66Breenaa Freedom of the AllianceDraenor-EU12513Not updated
67Vårlök CaribouDraenor-EU12494Not updated
68Zephlock The UniqueDraenor-EU12461Not updated
69Zybudra The SaintsDraenor-EU12460Not updated
70Brónach The UniqueDraenor-EU12386Not updated
70Zephadin The UniqueDraenor-EU12386Not updated
72Qrown The PantheonDraenor-EU12277Not updated
73Aur Aut Vincere Aut MoriDraenor-EU12270Not updated
74Qritical The PantheonDraenor-EU12269Not updated
75Akasnailman BehemothDraenor-EU12228Not updated
76Chastised The UniqueDraenor-EU12219Not updated
77Qeltic The PantheonDraenor-EU12207Not updated
77Qidney The PantheonDraenor-EU12207Not updated
79Qracie The PantheonDraenor-EU12203Not updated
79Quietorian The PantheonDraenor-EU12203Not updated
79Qatana The PantheonDraenor-EU12203Not updated
82Elenthal  Draenor-EU12133Not updated
83Deathdawnz Fifth SinDraenor-EU11969Not updated
84Shinikeru AiaoDraenor-EU11964Not updated
84Ravenja AiaoDraenor-EU11964Not updated
86Shinoh The UniqueDraenor-EU11943Not updated
87Shamurai NosferatumDraenor-EU11928Not updated
88Tinypapabear The UniqueDraenor-EU11916Not updated
89Mcgonagall  Draenor-EU11908Not updated
90Nimrih AiaoDraenor-EU11900Not updated
91Necromaniac MythDraenor-EU11808Not updated
92Purplebanana The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU11776Not updated
93Sneezefreeze The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU11772Not updated
94Thilen Sober KannibalsDraenor-EU11669Not updated
95Kackerlackan The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU11583Not updated
96Ranglefant Titan SoldiersDraenor-EU11559Not updated
97Hårdrockaren Siege EngineDraenor-EU11525Not updated
98Ellyriia Siege EngineDraenor-EU11457Not updated
99Ohyeh JadedDraenor-EU11388Not updated
99Vulker Roll ClubDraenor-EU11388Not updated

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