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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Slake The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU17631Not updated
2Halloween The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU10295Not updated
3Powerline The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU7273Not updated
4Ajra The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU6606Not updated
5Iridari The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU6056Not updated
6Almeron The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5668Not updated
7Vrome The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5508Not updated
8Huntia The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5420Not updated
9Kathla The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5371Not updated
10Isabellè The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5279Not updated
11Softmint The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU5205Not updated
12Mashu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4934Not updated
12Døctørwhø The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4934Not updated
14Eithery The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4806Not updated
15Beardgrylls The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4574Not updated
16Zaij The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4523Not updated
17Foxfur The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4428Not updated
18Rainbów The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4337Not updated
19Verreaux The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3998Not updated
20Thundergodz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3889Not updated
21Laxius The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3679Not updated
22Gyroforce The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3451Not updated
23Jancogo The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3449Not updated
24Asupera The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3067Not updated
25Aisy The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2927Not updated
26Xiangyu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2904Not updated
27Nhemai The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2719Not updated
28Lilligant The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2633Not updated
29Bobajob The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2375Not updated
30Patje The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2283Not updated
31Aburre The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2247Not updated
32Volcore The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2227Not updated
33Suwako The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1856Not updated
34Sukyii The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1855Not updated
35Pertu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1839Not updated
36Elexya The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1810Not updated
37Kaahn The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1773Not updated
38ßurn The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1638Not updated
39Xfanta The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1602Not updated
40Arethel The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1520Not updated
41Rhinoa The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1443Not updated
42Oueq The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1339Not updated
43Bunkzì The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1232Not updated
44Sloeberry The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1213Not updated
45Dariela The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1179Not updated
46Taxer The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1176Not updated
47Khristos The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1052Not updated
48Stephÿ The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1041Not updated
49Defearon The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1022Not updated
50Poochey The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1012Not updated
51Giggilebiz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU983Not updated
52Kaetlin The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU841Not updated
53Adimir The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU773Not updated
54Úderiá The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU755Not updated
55Ston The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU743Not updated
56Absu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU686Not updated
57Lastigvéntje The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU678Not updated
58Furion The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU649Not updated
59Smutsig The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU583Not updated
60Lilifae The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU574Not updated
61Baleroce The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU573Not updated
62Halinor The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU565Not updated
63Franzwerra The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU561Not updated
64Centar The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU540Not updated
65Înëx The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU496Not updated
66Forgotenmonk The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU484Not updated
67Samarion The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU479Not updated
68Rogueje The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU416Not updated
69Fatballs The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU410Not updated
70Deathspank The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU403Not updated
71Gnabbe The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU369Not updated
72Elaruna The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU362Not updated
73Galai The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU336Not updated
74Trilogic The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU332Not updated
74Emania The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU332Not updated
76Sonofagun The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU321Not updated
77Éssencetaker The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU312Not updated
78Ceraquil The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU309Not updated
79Wolfshot The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU300Not updated
80Buffmybeard The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU298Not updated
81Kazad The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU291Not updated
82Tecshark The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU290Not updated
83Thropos The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU274Not updated
84Ladoon The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU260Not updated
85Pandamarama The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU255Not updated
86Tubben The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU251Not updated
87Warrkus The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU249Not updated
88Mästerskutt The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU246Not updated
89Aterox The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU241Not updated
90Pepechiringo The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU235Not updated
91Flymn The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU232Not updated
92Jaynia The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU216Not updated
93Leeuk The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU212Not updated
94Pallis The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
95Zoráz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU204Not updated
96Crystallake The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU201Not updated
97Foxerboxer The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU199Not updated
98Fuddyduddy The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU193Not updated
99Arlandra The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU190Not updated
100Dwarflad The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU173Not updated

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