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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Blackpowders Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US17664Not updated
2Bladezmaster CollectiveDoomhammer-US16685Not updated
3Raythe Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US16615Not updated
4Ebium GeriatricsDoomhammer-US16464Not updated
5Typri MiteeDoomhammer-US15853Not updated
6Baldura  Doomhammer-US15526Not updated
7Etsuka The Free CorpsDoomhammer-US15476Not updated
8Exetrawr RuinationDoomhammer-US15186Not updated
9Hygeiah VesperDoomhammer-US14976Not updated
10Shayrae Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US14897Not updated
11Xezia Cest La VieDoomhammer-US14886Not updated
12Danika RelicDoomhammer-US14476Not updated
13Srluke The NemetonDoomhammer-US14300Not updated
14Funkeymonkey EternityDoomhammer-US14123Not updated
15Grandis KarmaDoomhammer-US13831Not updated
16Kelnazar EternityDoomhammer-US13779Not updated
17Dolleyes Phoenix ResurrectionDoomhammer-US13579Not updated
18Kneechopper  Doomhammer-US13008Not updated
19Theumungus CônvictionDoomhammer-US12797Not updated
20Harlond The Free CorpsDoomhammer-US12792Not updated
21Hellsfallen The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US12650Not updated
21Secondary The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US12650Not updated
23Tenders Red OctoberDoomhammer-US11918Not updated
24Shuub UnsatisfiedDoomhammer-US11822Not updated
25Annick House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US11778Not updated
26Ismena Ancient Order of UMsDoomhammer-US11547Not updated
27Cunning Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US11344Not updated
28Sephie RelicDoomhammer-US11247Not updated
29Shadowllyn Silversight ResourcesDoomhammer-US11122Not updated
30Miesha MiteeDoomhammer-US11062Not updated
31Sartaj Legacy of BloodDoomhammer-US10973Not updated
32Grinxxle Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US10896Not updated
33Bogart windrunnersDoomhammer-US10664Not updated
34Puffi Ordo AstrumDoomhammer-US10643Not updated
35Francaise House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US10492Not updated
36Tiralanna DescendantsDoomhammer-US10237Not updated
37Kelgann Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US10067Not updated
38Phiyoo Bella MafiaDoomhammer-US10037Not updated
39Roninaire Tower of FlameDoomhammer-US10017Not updated
40Dezzaray The Last One StandingDoomhammer-US9959Not updated
41Imo We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US9910Not updated
42Kirzixx zombie raidersDoomhammer-US9907Not updated
43Nandayen ArisenDoomhammer-US9889Not updated
44Suzzey VindicatorsDoomhammer-US9823Not updated
45Teagan Sentinels of RevelationDoomhammer-US9789Not updated
46Tynderwulf Azure KnightsDoomhammer-US9768Not updated
47Palblood Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US9762Not updated
48Ckakhaa VindicatorsDoomhammer-US9744Not updated
49Lypid CovenantDoomhammer-US9735Not updated
50Gbitsi We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US9581Not updated
51Fðxý  Doomhammer-US9550Not updated
52Ajal Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US9543Not updated
53Peeshooter  Doomhammer-US9542Not updated
54Callmestunin  Doomhammer-US9478Not updated
55Thedeadguy FREE Guild PerksDoomhammer-US9394Not updated
56Mooncub House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US9306Not updated
57Dreds House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US9275Not updated
58Channia Insanity for RentDoomhammer-US9220Not updated
59Maizzen RelicDoomhammer-US9172Not updated
60Thewallace ShenaniganzDoomhammer-US9148Not updated
61Stormeyy The Last One StandingDoomhammer-US9146Not updated
62Swordreader Insanity for RentDoomhammer-US9117Not updated
63Mola BioHazardDoomhammer-US9008Not updated
63Sinarya RelicDoomhammer-US9008Not updated
65Hydrostatic Cant Touch ThisDoomhammer-US8987Not updated
66Aviana  Doomhammer-US8967Not updated
67Zukjin ShadowMastersDoomhammer-US8955Not updated
68Gazza CovenantDoomhammer-US8889Not updated
68Gazzra CovenantDoomhammer-US8889Not updated
70Nightwolffe Lies and PropagandaDoomhammer-US8846Not updated
71Captncrush Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US8834Not updated
72Crillantus  Doomhammer-US8818Not updated
73Gregorovich EternityDoomhammer-US8806Not updated
74Emmaleah MiteeDoomhammer-US8797Not updated
75Gilraeens Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US8733Not updated
76Babaddoag Bella MafiaDoomhammer-US8711Not updated
77Xualyn Knights of the Blue RoseDoomhammer-US8693Not updated
78Icefalcon ArisenDoomhammer-US8638Not updated
79Slipton The FamilyDoomhammer-US8551Not updated
80Taekwontroll Iron HexercereDoomhammer-US8549Not updated
81Illfated Iron HexercereDoomhammer-US8541Not updated

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