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Doomhammer-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Nightsbane CollectiveDoomhammer-US16680
2Esrun Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US16381
3Tyderium BløødsongDoomhammer-US15852
4Mupre GeriatricsDoomhammer-US15321Not updated
5Kandaya The Free CorpsDoomhammer-US15277Not updated
6Deathkat Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US14998Not updated
7Hygeiah VesperDoomhammer-US14976Not updated
8Exetwrath RuinationDoomhammer-US14900
9Miamini Pocket AcesDoomhammer-US14592Not updated
10Paeton Lost SoulzDoomhammer-US13976Not updated
11Srluke The NemetonDoomhammer-US13916
12Jenton EternityDoomhammer-US13702
13Funkeymonkey EternityDoomhammer-US13584
14Sharky Phoenix ResurrectionDoomhammer-US12866Not updated
15Theumungus CônvictionDoomhammer-US12797Not updated
16Shadowbob RelicDoomhammer-US12670
17Hellsfallen The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US12650Not updated
17Secondary The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US12650Not updated
19Tenders Red OctoberDoomhammer-US11918Not updated
20Shaeelo Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US11913
21Elmdahl House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US11716
22Shayrae Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US11636Not updated
23Ismena Ancient Order of UMsDoomhammer-US11547Not updated
24Cunning Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US11344
25Polyphasic RavenGuardDoomhammer-US11091Not updated
26Jknyxie Silversight ResourcesDoomhammer-US11067
27Miesha MiteeDoomhammer-US11041Not updated
28Sephie RelicDoomhammer-US11015
29Grinxxle Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US10842
30Dotbenji ConclaveDoomhammer-US10757
31Bogart windrunnersDoomhammer-US10664Not updated
32Puffi Ordo AstrumDoomhammer-US10643Not updated
33Kelgann Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US10065Not updated
33Warrand Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US10065Not updated
35Phiyoo Bella MafiaDoomhammer-US10037Not updated
36Imo We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US9910
37Suzzey VindicatorsDoomhammer-US9823
38Maribelle Sentinels of RevelationDoomhammer-US9784Not updated
39Ckakhaa VindicatorsDoomhammer-US9744
40Dezzaray The Last One StandingDoomhammer-US9724
41Shuub UnsatisfiedDoomhammer-US9716
42Fðxý  Doomhammer-US9550Not updated
43Ajal Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US9543
44Bebock Physc WardDoomhammer-US9475Not updated
45Yarilyn ArisenDoomhammer-US9459
46Barbyblitz House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US9401Not updated
47Thedeadguy FREE Guild PerksDoomhammer-US9394Not updated
48Eford House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US9194Not updated
49Nashomi Reign of ValorDoomhammer-US9186
50Palblood Trained MonkeysDoomhammer-US9154
51Maizzen RelicDoomhammer-US9151Not updated
52Stormeyy The Last One StandingDoomhammer-US9146Not updated
53Channia Insanity for RentDoomhammer-US9089
54Dreds House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US9067Not updated
55Mola BioHazardDoomhammer-US9008Not updated
56Hydrostatic Cant Touch ThisDoomhammer-US8987Not updated
57Aviana Steel LegionDoomhammer-US8956
58Quil RelicDoomhammer-US8938
59Cowbar Physc WardDoomhammer-US8922Not updated
60Zukjin ShadowMastersDoomhammer-US8910Not updated
61Gazza CovenantDoomhammer-US8889Not updated
62Crillantus  Doomhammer-US8818Not updated
63Grandis SanctumDoomhammer-US8806Not updated
64Peeshooter BestOfTheBestDoomhammer-US8782Not updated
65Emmaleah MiteeDoomhammer-US8694Not updated
66Giantgoat Red OctoberDoomhammer-US8645Not updated
67Carilyn Knights of the Blue RoseDoomhammer-US8637
68Dalbeth ArisenDoomhammer-US8553
68Aloralyn Knights of the Blue RoseDoomhammer-US8553Not updated
70Illfated Iron HexercereDoomhammer-US8541
71Decline RuinationDoomhammer-US8527Not updated
72Quelosong FREE Guild PerksDoomhammer-US8491Not updated
73Babaddoag Bella MafiaDoomhammer-US8458Not updated
74Kirzixx ShadowMastersDoomhammer-US8389Not updated
75Ebonmane House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US8383
76Bludnthunder Red OctoberDoomhammer-US8382
76Sunnflower Red OctoberDoomhammer-US8382
78Maltharius Red OctoberDoomhammer-US8381Not updated
78Obsidias Red OctoberDoomhammer-US8381Not updated
80Ldygray Azure KnightsDoomhammer-US8380
81Arthuritis VileDoomhammer-US8370Not updated
82Bigshotz Legion of PainDoomhammer-US8356Not updated
83Mwane RelicDoomhammer-US8312
84Slizzia Iron HexercereDoomhammer-US8229
85Hybyscus SerendipityDoomhammer-US8203
86Nodachi MotorboatinDoomhammer-US8135Not updated

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