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Detheroc-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Vissel SufferDetheroc-US13497
2Venividivici Twisted DreamsDetheroc-US9968
3Sinlyn Team IIDetheroc-US9748Not updated
4Hefferwolf Praetorian GuardDetheroc-US9747Not updated
5Zanguine ExiledDetheroc-US9640Not updated
6Five FirewaterDetheroc-US9623Not updated
7Catsmeow S E V E NDetheroc-US9037Not updated
8Kathieanne ExiledDetheroc-US8998Not updated
9Nykl  Detheroc-US8587
10Killthatas ExiledDetheroc-US8412Not updated
10Agamesh Praetorian GuardDetheroc-US8412Not updated
12Bloodbister ExiledDetheroc-US8401Not updated
13Vispilio RiotDetheroc-US8392Not updated
14Fryed Prowlers of the NightDetheroc-US8057
15Detrinion IDrunkBetterPlayDetheroc-US8047Not updated
16Killiansred SufferDetheroc-US7900
17Ergonomic Praetorian GuardDetheroc-US7820
18Loner Bovine InterventionDetheroc-US7441Not updated
19Sliperyfish ExiledDetheroc-US7418Not updated
20Lillianvoss The Fellowship of HerosDetheroc-US7378Not updated
21Corporeal  Detheroc-US7363Not updated
22Moondragonz NobilityDetheroc-US7234Not updated
23Yoshima DingDetheroc-US7182Not updated
24Solkinar Legends of ExileDetheroc-US7159
25Scarletsky Team IIDetheroc-US7149Not updated
26Croutonia FirewaterDetheroc-US7091Not updated
27Lightyouup Invalid TargetDetheroc-US7037Not updated
28Pandathefree Ganked RevengeDetheroc-US6943Not updated
29Zanas Servants of BloodDetheroc-US6926Not updated
30Foxfoot Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US6918Not updated
31Frostpyro SufferDetheroc-US6906
32Niceshort ExiledDetheroc-US6853Not updated
33Cute  Detheroc-US6764
33Wuxian Apocalyptic IntentionsDetheroc-US6764Not updated
35Bebad BloodbathDetheroc-US6738Not updated
36Burninshaman SufferDetheroc-US6656
37Ayepapi SufferDetheroc-US6619
38Yamah SlainteDetheroc-US6614Not updated
39Yhate The Other GuysDetheroc-US6545Not updated
40Igotmadhealz Twisted DreamsDetheroc-US6474
41Warlocklol SufferDetheroc-US6473
42Valdr RacecaRDetheroc-US6465Not updated
43Weiden Legends of ExileDetheroc-US6435
44Aundrea  Detheroc-US6340Not updated
45Sugawallz Bad WolfDetheroc-US6314Not updated
46Zanian Prowlers of the NightDetheroc-US6312Not updated
47Heist SufferDetheroc-US6287
48Finalgodfury SufferDetheroc-US6247
49Willamina BrokenDetheroc-US6238
50Aennalise IronbornDetheroc-US6152Not updated
51Beotchdaysha  Detheroc-US6039Not updated
52Daentee Invalid TargetDetheroc-US6035
53Gettobetty  Detheroc-US6023Not updated
54Larnie The War LordsDetheroc-US5947Not updated
55Roxomd Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US5943Not updated
56Petsfordead UndauntedDetheroc-US5913Not updated
57Ravad The Other GuysDetheroc-US5875
58Grindhouse NIDetheroc-US5854Not updated
59Sempersniper Apocalyptic IntentionsDetheroc-US5810Not updated
60Tuari NobilityDetheroc-US5789Not updated
61Allreetus The War LordsDetheroc-US5787Not updated
62Mummrah The Other GuysDetheroc-US5727Not updated
63Sorinn NobilityDetheroc-US5714Not updated
64Burñ Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US5711Not updated
65Yùna Minions of MugatuDetheroc-US5670
65Ryoma SufferDetheroc-US5670Not updated
67Andwho Invalid TargetDetheroc-US5641Not updated
68Rikkù  Detheroc-US5634Not updated
69Thurga IDrunkBetterPlayDetheroc-US5579Not updated
70Zxaltan House of WrathDetheroc-US5520Not updated
71Yasmy Hordeland SecurityDetheroc-US5504
72Spunknik Invalid TargetDetheroc-US5490Not updated
73Jinsu Savage BloodDetheroc-US5412Not updated
74Stardancèr DILLIGAFDetheroc-US5392Not updated
75Kaemi  Detheroc-US5344
76Anthemetra The Fellowship of HerosDetheroc-US5330Not updated
77Lovecraft FirewaterDetheroc-US5268Not updated
77Jimthepriest Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US5268Not updated
79Avatarstate Spec to KillDetheroc-US5252Not updated
80Vaerolaeli Minions of MugatuDetheroc-US5239
81Stoneheart The Fellowship of HerosDetheroc-US5221Not updated
82Karmafoyoo  Detheroc-US5220Not updated
83Shadowbladez SufferDetheroc-US5200Not updated
84Lladnar The Dark MenaceDetheroc-US5166Not updated
85Zugdar Team IIDetheroc-US5088
86Tannerthekng Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US5066Not updated
87Ogopogo Rogue AngelsDetheroc-US5064Not updated
88Yellowbeard BrokenDetheroc-US5042Not updated
89Dudeimblack NIDetheroc-US5022Not updated
90Arionustwo Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US5020Not updated
91Mypreciouss  Detheroc-US4987Not updated
92Sasquach ExiledDetheroc-US4964Not updated
93Darksharbear FirewaterDetheroc-US4948Not updated
94Sillveria Rogue AngelsDetheroc-US4883Not updated
95Widowermaker Trailer Park BoyzDetheroc-US4872Not updated
96Captsparkles FatKidsClogTheStairsDetheroc-US4820Not updated
97Mutsumi  Detheroc-US4812Not updated
98Saluman Legends of ExileDetheroc-US4808

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