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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dethecus-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Hîkaru  Dethecus-EU17658Not updated
2Maiké  Dethecus-EU16877Not updated
3Jindor RuinDethecus-EU14537Not updated
4Treibhausgas InciteDethecus-EU14376Not updated
5Newnexthero RecklessDethecus-EU14050Not updated
6Heimí EvolutionDethecus-EU13850Not updated
6Cashandbash EvolutionDethecus-EU13850Not updated
8Tjard DestinationDethecus-EU13160Not updated
9Nubekha Khazad dûmDethecus-EU13047Not updated
9Firnkha Khazad dûmDethecus-EU13047Not updated
11Pradeshus HöllenlegionDethecus-EU12796Not updated
12Svenner ExtinctionDethecus-EU12005Not updated
13Bigmike Shroud of the WindrunnerDethecus-EU11723Not updated
14Maagmaa ZDF CritparadeDethecus-EU11468Not updated
15Iolo Last ChanceDethecus-EU11429Not updated
16Carval Last ChanceDethecus-EU11413Not updated
17Jangus HöllenlegionDethecus-EU11009Not updated
18Quoc Deo VolenteDethecus-EU10962Not updated
19Nafriza Arkane MachtDethecus-EU10852Not updated
20Sinai EvolutionDethecus-EU10689Not updated
21Judásjin last man standingDethecus-EU10565Not updated
22Eágle ZAPDethecus-EU10068Not updated
23Xaggrella ExtinctionDethecus-EU10023Not updated
24Erfu Blutige EngelDethecus-EU9852Not updated
25Anvilandi HarlequinsDethecus-EU9739Not updated
26Sahirá FunEliteTeamDethecus-EU9651Not updated
27Zämänta uniquezDethecus-EU9640Not updated
28Kaazu InciteDethecus-EU9610Not updated
29Dafight Legends of HellDethecus-EU9439Not updated
30Léah Mara LivanDethecus-EU9252Not updated
31Zorbass  Dethecus-EU9149Not updated
32Mk Die schwarzen RobenDethecus-EU9145Not updated
33Dumpman ImmortelsDethecus-EU9132Not updated
34Grauerwolff High FidelityDethecus-EU9056Not updated
35Grêen  Dethecus-EU9019Not updated
36Verruga TranqDethecus-EU8872Not updated
37Calianti LostDethecus-EU8794Not updated
38Khazerak ImpecsDethecus-EU8657Not updated
39Vivinchen HöllenlegionDethecus-EU8636Not updated
40Musculusmus  Dethecus-EU8582Not updated
41Musmusculus  Dethecus-EU8548Not updated
42Nili awesomeDethecus-EU8543Not updated
43Rînderbuenô  Dethecus-EU8538Not updated
44Sweetrain Sol InvictusDethecus-EU8537Not updated
45Cèéjay seiKenDethecus-EU8459Not updated
46Mickmick  Dethecus-EU8350Not updated
47Cascade superiorDethecus-EU8317Not updated
48Cherisa  Dethecus-EU8287Not updated
49Dreads ExtinctionDethecus-EU8229Not updated
49Undread SkilloutDethecus-EU8229Not updated
51Inderpizza ExtinctionDethecus-EU8223Not updated
52Tamoration MassaKaDethecus-EU8110Not updated
53Drouz InciteDethecus-EU8102Not updated
54Predatore  Dethecus-EU8082Not updated
55Dendrigo Bund der KlingenDethecus-EU8014Not updated
56Zardisa ExtinctionDethecus-EU8001Not updated
57Phântômás PerditusDethecus-EU7940Not updated
58Igrainé  Dethecus-EU7886Not updated
59Sungshin OsirisDethecus-EU7879Not updated
60Sôla GhostStanceDethecus-EU7816Not updated
61Funkstyle LapdanceDethecus-EU7804Not updated
62Necareon InciteDethecus-EU7736Not updated
63Pizzainder OMG ICH ZERHACK DICHDethecus-EU7724Not updated
64Zularak ShakuruDethecus-EU7683Not updated
65Irú  Dethecus-EU7655Not updated
66Carista MooDethecus-EU7653Not updated
67Maryluna  Dethecus-EU7620Not updated
68Odinja DragonlanceDethecus-EU7558Not updated
69Alamari EvolutionDethecus-EU7542Not updated
70Falazure  Dethecus-EU7541Not updated
71Dogson  Dethecus-EU7527Not updated
72Isilar EvolutionDethecus-EU7518Not updated
72Leene EvolutionDethecus-EU7518Not updated
74Teja DragonlanceDethecus-EU7517Not updated
75Creativê seiKenDethecus-EU7512Not updated
76Mopenga EvolutionDethecus-EU7507Not updated
77Alya Diamond PartyDethecus-EU7488Not updated
78Petronas Rage againstDethecus-EU7412Not updated
79Luxaeterna Die schwarzen RobenDethecus-EU7331Not updated
80Ddi ExtinctionDethecus-EU7313Not updated
81Garry non Omnis MoriarDethecus-EU7291Not updated
82Mekso ExtinctionDethecus-EU7279Not updated
83Rhaegan The Unguided CallboysDethecus-EU7157Not updated
84Buchsbaum somebody likes meDethecus-EU7135Not updated
85Boxxsack RespawnDethecus-EU7088Not updated
86Cursia PerditusDethecus-EU7070Not updated
87Rûbennase ExtinctionDethecus-EU7063Not updated
88Warrock ExecutionDethecus-EU7010Not updated
89Nilina LichtkriegerDethecus-EU6991Not updated
90Klöschen Age of ShadowDethecus-EU6967Not updated
91Kamikøn  Dethecus-EU6941Not updated
92Mýssi RuinDethecus-EU6925Not updated
93Thrakon  Dethecus-EU6871Not updated
94Mabruck I Love UnicornsDethecus-EU6821Not updated

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